Kaet: Level 60!

Frore is huge now!

I’ve continued playing my dwarven lass Kaet as much as I can between tasks over the past few weeks, and slowly but surely she’s continued to progress. Then somehow, suddenly, I realized today that she’s level 60!

There have been some setbacks over the past 10 levels, to be sure. The saddest is that I have given up one of my three lovely crabs. At level 56 I decided that I could no longer do without upgrades to Claw, so I released Niffis (the white crab) back into the wild.

See, one of the problems with keeping three pets simultaneously is that you don’t have a free stable slot for taming temporary pets in order to learn skills. So you either stop learning new skills or you release one of your pets. Of course I knew when I started that this would be a problem. My plan was to quietly switch out my existing crabs for new ones of the same color at those levels when I had to learn a new rank of Claw. Claw is the only skill crabs learn from the wild, and at low levels there are plenty of crabs to tame, so it wasn’t that bad.

But I knew that Claw 6 at level 40 would be my final rank under this plan. At 40 I released my blue crab Frore, tamed a Silt Crawler from the Swamp of Sorrows to learn Claw 6, release the Crawler and tamed a new blue Southern Sand Crawler from Stranglethorn Vale — and named it Frore. (Unfortunately, Silt Crawlers are drab bronze — the one color crab I don’t like. Otherwise I could have just kept the Silt Crawler.)

But Southern Sand Crawlers are the highest non-bronze tamable crabs in the game, so this was the last time I could pull of that kind of a switch. After that, it was either skip new ranks of Claw or release one of my crabs for good. Oh, I suppose I could laboriously level one up from under 40 every time I learned a new rank of Claw, but honestly keeping all three level with me was bad enough. If I had to pause every 8 levels to bring a crab up from 40, I’d probably stop playing Kaet all together.

So I was planning to just forgo the Claw ranks. I figured I’d be okay. But … I was wrong. By level 56 it was becoming very clear to me exactly how important Claw is for a crab. Claw provides extra damage, which is nice, but much more essential is the threat! Without an updated rank of Claw, my crabs started to struggle. They lost aggro. I couldn’t hunt with them.

So I choose my least favorite of my three favorites, and said a temporary farewell to Niffis the white crab. Well, I hope it’s a temporary farewell — if I have the opportunity, I will eventually tame another Niffis and level her up to 70 — or 80! But I admit it might be awhile before that happens. In the meantime, the other two (Tibri and Frore) are back to being solid little tanking champs with Claw 8. It’s just amazing to me how well they hold up against everything I throw at them.

In other news, I headed to Outland for the first time with Kaet. My very first kill there dropped some nice green replacement gloves for me, and by the time I finished my first three quests at Honor Hold I’d raised my ranged DPS by almost 33%. Truly, Hellfire Peninsula is the land of milk and honey! (By then I had also died to the Fel Reaver three times, but hey — it’s a rite of passage. Or at least a rite of passing … )

Once I looked around a bit, however, I headed back to Azeroth to tramp about raising my reputation with the Gnomeregan Exiles. See, although I really love my little Stormwind pony, I’m not so fond of the armored warhorses they have there. But while wandering through Dun Morogh one day I fell in love with the sunniest, most cheerful mount ever — a Swift Yellow Mechanostrider.

Unfortunately, the gnomes aren’t yet willing to sell me one, and tramping around making them happy is taking a long time — and requiring a lot of travel. So in the meantime I bought myself a Swift Gray Ram.

Now normally I really like the look of the rams (Mania rides a Swift Brewfest Ram when she’s in Azeroth), but I’ll be very happy to get my mechanostrider. Oddly, there’s something about the ram that just doesn’t work with Kaet. I think it may be the way that the damned thing bleats when I mount up. I understand that from the Brewfest rams with Mania — they weren’t raised to carry orcs and they are understandably a little nervous. But with Kaet, it just makes me think she must be a lot heavier than she looks. Or — and this seems more likely — I bought a lemon ram.

But soon I will have a zippy yellow mechanostrider — a mount that should stand out very well against the red plains of Hellfire Peninsula, thus allowing the Fel Reaver to locate and kill me even more easily! Hurray for level 60!

18 thoughts on “Kaet: Level 60!

  1. Leviath

    If you can put up with it a little longer, I believe you can get Gnomers rep from the quest hub in Blade’s Edge Mountains; that might save you a pile and some of Runecloth.

  2. Resk

    Haha, what a coincidence. I just got my own Hunter, Resk, to level 60. She’s almost 61 though, and sporting a gorgeous purple undead pony. I just love watching the pastel flames trail on the ground as she gallops head-first into battle, only to realize a moment too late that Hunters are supposed to be at the back of the line as archers. Poor Resk.

    And I’m sorry to hear that you have to release one of your wonderful gems. I sure wish Bliz would fix the Hunter’s ability to learn new skills like they said they would (using some tactic involving Beast Lore). I would probably try and keep another pet up to speed with me instead of constantly trading out. As it is, I’m entertaining the idea of heading to Blade’s Edge for one of those sporty rainbow Ravagers, despite the fact that I hate ravagers, or to tame a lynx. I’m rather sad how used King B’s skin is, or else I’d keep my wonderful Dagger who’s been my partner from 43 til 57 when I braved the colds of Winterspring to hunt Rak’shiri, now named Akuma. Still not an uncommon look, but I’m rather proud to know that most other “Akuma”s out there are really Shy-Rotam. ;) Keep up the hunting!

  3. Nina

    Congrats on Kaet’s milestone!

    I’ve never been one for cross-race mounts. A Swift Mech’strider is the same as a Swift Horse to me — they both go the same speed. That being said, the yellow ‘strider is indeed adorable and good luck on avoiding the Fel Reaver in it! =D

    Also, I’m always sad when I have to let a pet go. I feel like I’ve abandoned him/her to the cold, cruel world. But I /cuddle up to my new pet to make myself feel better. *grin*

  4. Znodis

    Grats on 60.

    BW’ed crabs at level 70 are a thing of beauty, and the stuff mounts should be made of. (Let’s hope the Tuskarr ride them :) ) Don’t know why but the bronze skin was always the least likable to me too. Too bad you had to let one go, but the reality is that claw is the only thing keeping crabs as decent pets. IMO, they fall behind again once you start getting past green level 70 quest gear. A tank that can’t hold agro, isn’t a tank no matter how much hp and armor.

    Since level 70 is in sight, what will be the next pet/hunter?

    PS: Did you know there’s no link to petopia on your blog’s main page?

  5. Kestrel

    Huge congrats to Kaet! I’ve really enjoyed reading of her adventures.

    Because I had 50 AV marks in my pocket, I got Talonis a Battle Ram the other night. While from my perspective, it looks just fine, when you see a Night Elf on a Ram, it’s…amusing, at least. I kinda look like Shaquille O’Neil stuffed into a VW Beetle. ;)

    Gotta say though, I don’t much care for mech-striders: Too noisy and smoky. (Which are also the reasons none of my characters has ever fired a gun in game.)

  6. Wolfington

    Robo chickens are great mounts, although I do not like the swift ones — took the sleek pretty model and added to many things, don’t have enough colors,and WAY to much smog out the back.. (Kinda like what they did to Outland Windserpents… To much filler!)

    My hunter got a Tallbuk a while aggo, loves it to death. Do alliance get Tallbuks, I wonder?

    So sorry that you had to loose a crab, although personaly I do not favor white crabs. I looove blue ones though! (and red ones of course!)

    You level way faster than I, btw. But I did stop playing for a while. Bluefur is only 52!

  7. Kanaan

    Yes, alliance can get talbuks via the pvp rewards in halaa or the long, long, long rep grind with the mag’har. I recently got the pvp talbuk for my belf hunter, Kanaan, and love it to bits.

  8. Concrete

    Grats, the crab looks really quick big at 60.
    My guildies are pestering me to get my Ghost Wolf up to 70 but atm i’m still working on getting my White Windserpent up.

  9. Jayhawk

    Congrats to Kaet. =)
    Shame you had to let go of the crab, but who knows, maybe by the time she gets to 71 there are crabs up north.

    (My poor ol’e Khavir probably has lichen growing on him now…)

  10. Maevet

    I ride a Swift white stride… mostly because I couldn’t stomach the BG’;s for the black one.

    2.4 though I’ll not stop til I have a white chocobo

  11. Wolfington

    Thanks for answering my question, Kanaan and Kestrel! I do wish I had gotten off of my lazy butt at low levels and gotten some of the greatest pets in the game — the ones at low levels!
    Crabs, of course, are on the list.
    Along with alot of other pets. Like bears, and boars, and tallstriders, and turtles, etc.
    And pretty raptors without the unneeded spikes.

  12. Korrupted

    I finally got Cakes, My Red Rare spawn Crab (aka Crusty), up to 62. Took me and my husband, Trisian FOREVER..alot of grinding in Shadowmoon. I loves Cakes alot..so It would break my heart to free him!

  13. Farli

    I feel for you. I am deciding right now which cat to abandon to learn the level 9 skills and it’s killing me. I’ve become fond of the cool roar and interesting face on my Sian-Rotam, esp since alliance couldn’t get it till recently so it’s pretty rare still. But on the other hand I died so many times at level 13 sneaking into horde territory to get Dishu and she’s an old friend. I could abandon the red bat but then I’d have to train another one up. It would be so much better if we could quest for skills or learn them directly.

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