Help Needed with Karazhan Pets

I realized yesterday when I was working with the Petopia pet database that I have contradictory notes on some of the Karazhan beasts. Since I’m not able to go in there myself to check, I was hoping that perhaps some of you might know — or be able to check for me.

I have the following Karazhan pets in my database:

For each of these, I need to know:

  1. Is the level range correct? (I check the levels against Wowhead and Thotbott, but sometimes they disagree or have old info.)
  2. Does Beast Lore say the beast can be tamed? (Obviously the level 71+ beasts can’t be tamed (yet!), but it’s still useful to know what Beast Lore says.)
  3. Does Beast Lore show any innate skills?

In addition, am I missing any Karazhan beasts?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

17 thoughts on “Help Needed with Karazhan Pets

  1. Chainsore

    Tito is part of the Opera event and won’t be tamable. Neither will Jermaine, Michael or Randy.

    I’ve not seen the ones at the start of the list so I’m assuming they’re the trash you see on the way to the cellar so could probably be tamed I’d imagine.

  2. Hua

    yeah Tito isn’t tameable, he can be feared via ‘fear beast’ tho (so can latoya, fyi). We never do the animal boss either, so no help there, sorry!

  3. Celeglad

    As far as I can tell the animal bosses are generally ignored by most if not all raiding guilds… So yeah, sorry, no info on them here either… :(

  4. golden_hell

    The spiders from karazhan ARE tamable (I have one)
    The bats from karazhan ARE tamable
    The beast boss are not tamable (and are 73 :))
    Tito is an invocated pet and so not tamable
    The ghost wolf invocated while going to the maiden of vertue are not either tamable.

  5. Fafhrd

    I actually got a Shadowbat my self so yes it can be tamed. I dont think you could solo get him though beside that you need to be in a raid to enter kara you also need one or a couple to clear the way to the bats.

  6. Cfang

    Hi, you can solo tame the bats. I did got one before we’d even killed attumen and I put something on thotbot under bats when i did it. You basically go right through the door then dirnk an invisibility potion and run past the spider and go left and through to the ramp before where the bats are, FD, then come out , wait and lay a trap and one of them will come and be tamed. You have to be careful of the spider pat though so use track basts so u can see him coming.

    Ofc I’ve since ditched my bat due to the running/flapping issues large pets have at the moment as he was dam annoying.

    Mania…..could yu add something on the site about this issue as blizz dont seem to want to do anything about it. All the B windserpents dont flap right, bats as well and the 70 tallsriders dont right run either – its very annoying. Much thanks.

  7. Leuko

    My guild has only run the animal bosses once, and when we did, we didn’t get through the whole thing. However, while we were there, I was considering taming one of the spiders, and almost all of them were level 71. There were a few level 70s, but I didn’t see any level 69s. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see any level 69 anythings.

    I suppose there could be some on different instance resets, but I’d go with the assumption there probably aren’t any level 69s in that area.

  8. Wolfington

    I have never been in Kara, (But I plan to change that next patch!) but I have seen the bats as pets. So sad that they have a screwy run animation, my hunter loves bats.

  9. batgrl

    Actually Wolfington you could get similar looking bats to tame and try out without going to Kara – just check Petopia under bats for ones with similar looks.

  10. Mikeoneal

    I dont know exactly what other people know but beast lore does list Tito as tameable.
    When we were doing kara i did attempt to tame him but it always seemed i had my good pets with me when OZ was the choice of the week, so was never able to acctually try it.

    Obvious problems is that, yes he may be conisdered Dorothy’s pet but other mobs have pets that clearly list them as untameable. He is a 70 elite that does fairly good damage compared to all other wolves. And his “annoying yipping” i believe is a silence which would break our taming or atleast prevent us to do it again if we fail.

  11. Awl

    Tito isn’t tameable, you’ll get an error message if you try to tame him. Think of it like he’s already someone else’s pet.

  12. Ansawa

    Mike, it’s probably like the Scarlet Hounds in WPL–they come up in Beast Lore as tameable, but they can’t be tamed because they’re “already controlled”. So.

  13. Drakkena

    * Shadowbat (69-70 Elite)- Tameable, No moves on them from what I know (Unless that has been changed) There are level 69′s I’ve had the chance to see one, once. But that was it.
    * Greater Shadowbat (70-71 Elite) – Tameable, but only if they are level 70 since we can’t ding to level 71 yet ;) As far as I know, no moves to begin with on them.
    * Vampiric Shadowbat (70-71 Elite) – Tameable, but same as the Greater xD and I don’t think these have any moves on them. I am not too sure as I never got to the part with them (I only went to tame a Greater Shadowbat, not the Vampiric)
    * Shadikith the Glider (71-73 Elite) – I’m not exactly sure, I never had the advantage of going to see Shadikith, but I am guessing. That since he’s a boss its a No-Tame thing.
    * Coldmist Widow (69-71 Elite) – Tameable as far as I know, not sure on moves as I never Beast Lored one but and I’m pretty sure the range is 69-70 I’m not sure if I saw any 71s.
    * Coldmist Stalker (69-70 Elite) – Tameable, same as the Coldmist Widows ^^ Not sure on moves
    * Hyakiss the Lurker (73 Elite) – Boss Mob so No-Tame on this guy (Too bad, I really like that skin)
    * Tito (70 Elite) – Says it can be tamed, but like so many other pets he cannot due to being controlled by someone already.

    That’s my run down on them all. I need to do a more advanced look into Kara to see just what’s going on with a few pets and I’ll update ya on my findings ^^

  14. Kurasu

    I just want to point out that everyone is saying ‘Boss mob, so not tameable’.

    One word: Ghamoo-ra.

    Yeah, OK. It’s a very *minor* boss monster. But it *is* a boss monster that can be tamed. So I suggest at least giving Beast Lore a try on her, if someone can get to her. Yeah, probably not tameable, but ‘probably’ and ‘definitely’ are two different things.

    Who knows? You might be able, when WotLK comes out, to be the first person to say ‘Yeah, I tamed a Kara boss’.

  15. Aethidd

    It’s quite easy to solo tame a shadowbat, all you need is some patience and one invis pot, (either greater or lesser, doesnt matter at all). When you enter Karazhan, turn right at the spider, (You cannnot solo tame this one as he spawns adds as far i know). So anyway, turn aspect of the pack/cheetah on and use your invis pot. Now run as fast as you can forwards to the door, quickly move yourself to the right side of the door and feign death if needed. Place a trap in front of the door and get your tame ability ready. Wait till the bat comes out of the door and start taming, there you go.

    (Karazhan doesnt have to be cleared, you can totally do this on your own).

  16. Znodis

    I tamed a shadowbat for my project last night. I saw both level 69 and 70, but no 71′s. Vampiric Shadow bats showed ‘cannot be tamed’ with beast lore. It might have changed with 2.4, or I might just be crazy. I will definitely go back for a spider so I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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