Name That Pet: Elunare’s White Tiger

Elunare, a Night Elf hunter from the server Bloodfeather (EU), wrote to me recently in the hopes that we could help her find a name for her white tiger.

Elunare wrote:

I really need help naming my new pet. The pet involved here is King Bangalash. I noticed him following the hunting chain in Stranglethorn Vale, for which I needed to kill him, but I just couldn’t because he is to cute. He is the perfect pet for me – strong and fast, and above all pretty. He also fits my character well. I don’t really know why but the elegant cat and the supple Nightelf just seems right.

However since I got him to be my pet I can’t decide on his name. Its name will be forever so I want a nice name that I won’t regret calling him. Because “cat” is not really what I had in mind and since I’m horrible at making up names I thought I’d try this. I hope you can help me. I would be in your debt. Thank you in advance.

Elunare And Unnamed White Tiger

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  1. Yvelle

    Whenever I see a tiger, I think of Shere Khan from “The Jungle Book.” Of course, Blizzard doesn’t allow spaces, so it’d have to be ShereKhan or maybe just Shere or Khan. (I can see all the Star Trek fans screaming “KHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”)

    Or you could try something a little lighter, like Stripes. :P

  2. Messyah

    Here’s a few suggestions…

    1.) Tamora, which is the first name of one of the creators of the Marvel Comic, “White Tiger”. Click here to see White Tiger.

    2.) Tundra

    3.) Avalanche

    4.) Sekhmet, once the evil counterpart of Bastet until Ra tamed her. She then became the High Protector of Humans.

    5.) I always thought that Dreamcatcher would make a great pet name.

  3. equiraptor

    I’d named mine “Glacier,” as the hunter’s name was equice (emphasis on the “Ice” part) and the dark stripes were like cracks in a glacier to me. I do feel the ice theme is fitting for King B, somehow, maybe because I’ve spent too much time in Winterspring. :)

  4. Etona

    Ahh, I remember the joy of finally getting to L42 and taming the mighty King B.
    I named him Frostmourne, keeping with the “ice” theme of his skin, and of course a reference to one of the mightiest weapons in Azeroth!

  5. Wolfington

    My main has King B main pet, and (If you have read my posts before you have heard this a million times..) I named mine Sorrow. The color, the look… Just looks right to me. Frostmourne is good to though, and Eclipse.

  6. Sasha

    I suggest “Sterling” (means little star)

    Goes with your celestial theme, hes white like silver, and its a male kitty name.

  7. Leuko

    Yvelle – The hunter class leader in our guild has only one pet–an orange tiger, and its name is SheerKhan. :) Just thought I’d bring that up.

    If you want to go with the whole Disney thing, Jasmine from “Aladdin” had a tiger named Raja. Also, if you want to go with a name that might match its personality, you could go with characters that weren’t tigers but had similar temperaments– Bambi (naive, innocent), Figaro (mischievous but adorable), Bongo (independent, loving), Lucifer (conniving, cold-hearted), the list goes on.

    Just please… I BEG of you… don’t name it Tony. TOO MANY TONY THE TIGERS! *sob*

  8. sandralover

    I am not great at names of pets but with your name i would say “grace” a little bit of a pun ? i guess on your name but fits well .

    I guess sometimes the names get far to involved but i always think the best ones are the first thing you think of… grace is strong fast and pretty and Elunare’s Grace fits well

  9. Ryno

    I always want to name white cats “Prime” for some reason… but there’re some others I have:
    Shalurahak >> made up just now, sounds good I think.
    Somethingpaw >> Something could be fang, stripe, etc.
    Boar >> “Hey, that hunter has a boar, hah-…wha?” (or any other pet family name.)
    SonicRipper >> I usually use this on blue raptors on hunter alts and such, but could work here…
    Hmm, that’s all for now I think. Hehe. Plenty of good suggestions here.

  10. b moody

    i feel that u should keep the cats i have rak shiri the rare out of winterspirngs and i believe that they should keep there ingame names.

  11. Pat

    I tamed Bhag Thera for my pet, and that is what I named him “BhagThera”. If I were to tame King Bangalash … I’d name him “KingBangalash”. If the pet has a special name, I like to name them that. I also have a hunter who tamed a Kurzen War Tiger … I named him “Kurzen”

  12. Seidouyumi


    My Troll hunter’s cat is named Greebo in honor of the Pratchett character. In the books, Greebo is a small killing machine who Nanny Ogg always sees as being cute and cuddle. Which is typical for all cat owners.

  13. Rezina


    Here are some of the Names, that i gave my pets during my way to lvl 70

    Garrett (sounds a bit like stealth i think)
    Gus (good old Gus… my King B. is called “Asparagus” from the musical “Cats”)
    Ramses (sounds really good)
    Grisou (i named a dragon-looking pet that way)

    ok i wanted to post round about ten names, but i don’t remember all the names i gave my pets ^^

    bye for now and greetings from germany

  14. Concrete

    @ Tower

    The name “Kimba” should be kept for Echeyakee and Sian Rotam only!
    I leveled Echeyakee to 60 under the name “Winter” I then wanted a name change so got a nice hordie to call out Sian Rotam (whilst it was a Horde only quest and then a very rare pet for Alliance to have) and named Sian Rotam “Kimba”

  15. Wolfington

    Scrappy is the sweetest name. Scrappy or Scruffy. (ALthough I think its better for Black Wolfies ^^)

    Random names –

    Silaan (don’t ask me)
    Anything that starts with S. Sounds right to me.

  16. Anhuret

    Since you’re a Night Elf, how about using the Elvish Name Generator? ( )

    According to it, Bangalash would be Maedhros for a male tiger, and Anaranë for a jungle huntress. (you can type the ë character by holding down the ALT key and press 0235 on the numpad)

  17. HDubNZ

    I named my King Bangalash on my old main “Sultan”.

    Because white tigers are rare and prized by royalty, and would have been sought by the princes and kings of the meditarranean, North Africa and Mid East, the title for King seemed appropriate.

    I look at where these animals come from in the “real” world and try to find an appropriate name for them from that area.

  18. Dvorkin

    Name this pet? But wait, he already has a name!

    Bangalash only, no alternatives. ;)

    P.S. Hope you got matching mount as well.

  19. Gaethilana

    I tamed Ressan the Needler and called him (now her) “Moonslayer”. I saw that Wintersbite was suggested – perhaps Icecap might work for you. I think Silver is appropriate too. I hope that helps.
    Ignore the sillies who insist on names from Disney etc. You should also be aware that this business of ALT-0235/0236 and so forth is contrary to the Blizzard naming policy!
    Good luck!

  20. Sherbet100

    Ok, best name: Frostbite. cuz you know, Frost cuz hes all white and stuff, and then bite… well, its a cat. maybe even Frostbyte to get some of the computer nerds in on the joke ;)

  21. mike

    maybe you should keep his part of his name like Bangalash so his original name is known and feared but maybe look for something cool and exotic like Zyzera or snowfall,snowflake,snowball just throwing out some names but this is kinda random dont use this but i just felt like saying STEVE!!!

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