Arena Tournament Pets

As you may know, Blizzard is planning a 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament in which players can win real money (and lots of it) by beating other players in 3×3 Arena matches. These matches will be played out on special Tournament realms with special pre-made level 70 characters. All the tournament characters have access to the same equipment — which in the case of hunters, includes pets.

And what pets does Blizzard offer for the Tournament hunter? Here’s a list from Blizzard’s Tournament Information page:

  1. Bat
  2. Boar
  3. Carrion Bird
  4. Cat
  5. Dragonhawk
  6. Nether Ray
  7. Owl
  8. Raptor
  9. Ravager
  10. Scorpid
  11. Serpent
  12. Spider
  13. Warp Stalker
  14. Wind Serpent
  15. Wolf

This list matches the pets currently available for hunters on the Tournament Test Realm (TTR), so it seems pretty well set. But this means that the following families will not be available for Tournament hunters:

  1. Bear
  2. Crab
  3. Crocolisk
  4. Gorilla
  5. Hyena
  6. Sporebat
  7. Tallstrider
  8. Turtle

And this opens up a couple of interesting questions:

Why only 15 families? Why not all 23?

Unless there are data space reasons we don’t know about, it would seem to be easier for Blizzard to offer all 23 pet families to hunters then to spend the time figuring out which ones to include and which ones to drop. Sure, including all of the families means that some wouldn’t get used, but so what? Why waste the time figuring out what Arena hunters might want, especially given that they have eliminated only a handful of choices?

Why these families?

Now, I’ll admit up-front that I know less than nothing about Arena strategy. (Expect another RFC feature on Arena pets later this week.) But I have to say that I was surprised by some of the pets on the Tournament list.

Boars, Cats, Raptors, Ravagers, okay. Nether Rays?! Well, they do have really high base health, but with only Bite and Dive for skills I wouldn’t have thought them anything more than a novelty Arena pet.

Likewise, Spiders have better than average damage, but no skills besides Bite. I can only assume that they are on the list for those players hoping to exploit their opponents’ arachnophobia. (Maybe that’s why the spider on the TTR is a big furry tarantula — although personally I find the Wetlands model much creepier.)

The rest of the included pets either have very high damage or a special skill, which makes sense. But look at who’s been left out: Gorillas (with Thunderstomp) and Turtles (with Shell Shield). Okay, Shell Shield is probably useless in the Arena, but is a Gorilla really less useful than a Spider?

And while Bears don’t have any special skills, I am surprised that they’ve been skipped as well. They are a solid, rugged pet with both Bite and Claw, and used by a lot of hunters. Okay, they have no Dash — but again, neither do Spiders.

I feel like I am harping on Spiders, and yeah, I probably am. If it weren’t for Spiders and Nether Rays on the included list, and Gorillas on the excluded list, I’d be a lot less confused.

Is Blizzard catching on to our pet family woes?

Arena battles are a specialized type of fighting, it’s true, but I hold out hope that dividing the families up into “useful” and “not-so-useful” categories will help drive home to Blizzard how deep the functional divide between families can be.

Yes, you can level just fine with a crab. Yes, you can do group content with a Turtle. But why would you when there are better families out there? When Blizzard themselves have said that some pets are good and others aren’t?

I’m the last person to tell you not to use any given pet — I love all my furry and leathery and scaly children equally. But I’d really prefer if I didn’t have to work so hard at it sometimes. All it would take is a couple of simple tweaks to make the most unwanted pet families wanted, at least sometimes, at least by somebody.

So I hold out hope that this Arena Tournament list may serve as a flag to some designer at Blizzard, prompting him or her to buff up those lowly excluded pet families at least a little. (Or, you know, they could always hire me to do it. My contract rates are very reasonable!)

39 thoughts on “Arena Tournament Pets

  1. Qix

    The only reason i can think of to not have all pets available is for the player who plays in the tournament, but has little or no knowledge of hunters and their pets. True these are not the players that are going to win, but (like all of WoW) the tournament is for everybody, not just the elite.

    But Mania’s point holds a lot of water here. If this is in fact the reason, Blizzard needs to improve those pet families that were deemed so useless they would be a hinderance in a tournament.

  2. batgrl

    Spiders do seem a totally weird choice, and yeah I can only agree that it has to be the ick factor. The bear part confuses me – there are a lot of people with bear pets who will be confused over this too. I’m a long time puzzler over the whole sporebat thing. They’re one of the most unique, alien looking critters available to tame and do…nada. Eventually I’ll go tame a high level one just to do some screenshots with – I’ve actually seen a few other hunters with them as pets so I’m betting there are a lot of others who would love to see the poor sporebats get some love. And I can say nothing about tallstriders because I’m just too biased in their favor!

  3. batgrl

    Forgot to add – are nether rays that popular? I don’t see to many of them as pets around the place. True I rarely do arenas – but I can’t remember ever seeing them in a battleground. Or even around town – maybe once or twice, tops. The others I at least see around from time to time.

  4. Palladiamorsdeus

    Hunters have been asking for tweaks for years now, Mania. It wouldn’t be that hard, your right. A lot of people have suggested things that would help make every pet viable, generally something along the lines of a focus dump like claw. I’ve suggested several more unique pet family skills several times on the forums, both hunter and suggestion. No dice. Here’s hoping for more in the expansion.

  5. Amber

    I hate looking at things from a negative perspective, but given Blizzard’s track record, I tend to see the list of ones not included as their effective way of alerting us that those pet families will no longer be supported by their developers. They may not eliminate them entirely, but they probably won’t bother to look at them at all unless someone manages to openly break something using one. They’re likely to be abandoned like all the old pre-60 content.

    I don’t like to be such a downer. But the Ghost Wolf fiasco has all but convinced me that we can’t rely on what they say to be accurate, or even that they’ll tell us any plans at all. The promise that every family would have a unique ability was made back around, what, 1.7? And the last family-specific ability was added in 2.0. (And even then the only pre-2.0 pet to get a new skill was boars, whose Gore was added for ravagers and they share it.) I don’t know what else to conclude from this other than they won’t be continuing with this line of development. And they certainly haven’t shown any inkling of telling us anything.

    Will it drive home how deep the divide is, like you’ve suggested? Probably it will. In fact, by excluding several, they’ve probably already got the point. But will they do anything about it? I doubt it. If they make any move at all, it will probably be just to kill off the “not-so-useful” families of pets.

    Don’t mean to rant, Mania. And I certainly don’t want to go off on you, when you do so much goodness for all of us in the greater WoW community. But it’s going to take a lot more than they’ve done so far to restore any confidence I used to have in Blizzard’s developers.

  6. Jayhawk

    Interesting, definitely food for thought. Thanks Mania.

    As for abandoning pre-60 content, I guess that’s why they spent time on revamping loot, quests and adding content to complete an existing zone ;) As long as people have to level their characters they will have to keep at least an eye on the pre-60 content. If not all bets are off.

  7. Cfang

    Hello, the pets selected are for a reason it seems to me. Ive done a bit of arena and really u need dps and speed. So the pets above are all the dps pets (inc spiders with +7 damage), the ones with dash/dive, a dot (great in arena as hard to dispell) and whats left is the boar (awesome charge skill). All the others are low dps, tanky types that are tbh useless in arena.

  8. Fish

    Any hunter, that’s done Arena, in the mid, to semi high rating – 2100/2400 will know that the only two pets are needed, are Scorpid – Marks, Drain team, or a Cat/Ravanger for BM – Although, BM isn’t the prime spec for high rated arena teams, it can hold it’s own on the lesser known BG’s.

    Pretty sure, i don’t need to point out the need for more pet skills to any of you lot.

    Love the site, you can tell the sites ran by a fan, for the fans.


  9. Wolfington

    I seriously know nothing about areanas, but in a few duels/BG’s I have fought Ravagers… And get brutely “gored to death” by it. Seriously, those things rip people appart!
    Cats, not so much. (But that doesn’t mean I am getting a Four-leg spider with spikes instead of my Sorrow!)

  10. Mantis

    I don’t understand why they can put a Serpent and Spider in there and not a Crab! I mean, c’mon! Crabs can out DPS them both and have massive armour too. Poor crabby’s not getting enough love : (
    I really wish they’d sort out Sporebats. Why would Blizzard make it so you can tame such a nice looking creature and then make it so it’s utterly useless?? I don’t get it.

  11. Dvalin

    TBH Sporebats are far from useless, I used one for a few levels as a tanking pet and since all they need to do is growl, you can speen all your other points stacking stamina and resistance, makes them one hell of a personal tank.

    (on a personal note I found Lord Condar in Loch Modan the other evening, thats another one off the list :D )

  12. Zalthor

    I dont think sporebats are utterly useless. I agree that they arent good for higher end stuff, but I found that once I was high enough to train one, he made a great lvling pet. Since they dont have extra skills, you can always train them in more armor/stam/resists. Mine wouldnt ever die lol. I used him till I hit 70, then of course went to a Ravager for pvp etc.

  13. Shrubbery

    Nobody will be using anything but a scorpid, to be quite honest. MAYBE a very few burst teams will take a DPS pet, but 20 out of the 23 pets offered are absolutely useless in arena.

  14. Ansawa

    Wind Serpents are horrifying in arenas if you’re running a high-crit surv build with Go for the Throat. Nature damage = ftw since it’s not getting mitigated by armor like a Ravager’s Gore or a cat’s Claw would.

    Also, they added Fire Breath and Warp as family-specific skills, but those were for two entirely new pet families.

    But yeah. I’m trying not to be pessimistic about Blizzard’s promises to get all pet families their skills. I know a lot of people commented about this when they asked for hunter feedback for Wrath, so here’s to hoping they’ll do something about it.

  15. Palladiamorsdeus

    *Chuckles* You guys are giving Mania a bad view of pets in the arena. Unless your aiming for masking your mana drain with a scorpids poison, honestly, the difference isn’t that great. Believe me, I’ve tested this in BGs, arenas, and PvP. The place where it makes the least difference? Arenas. The place where sustained DPS takes second place to burst DPS. ((I can hear it now…. ‘What the crap are you smoking?!” )) My arena team wasn’t the best in the world, but gear considering, we were far from the worst. I experimented with a wolf, a cat, a ravager, a warp stalker, a croc, a scorpid, and a tallstrider. I’ve even tested with a dragon hawk and a nether ray. A serpent too, that one was actually a lot of fun. Currently planning on testing with a gorilla too, but that ones not done yet. Anyway, my experiments obviously varied depending on BG and arena, but PvE I was able to do fairly consistently. Anyway, PvE, the difference between lowest DPS and highest DPS was generally around three to four thousand damage difference. In sustained BGs, ranging from thirty minutes to an hour, only about two thousand damage difference, with a five hundred variance. In Arenas? In a 2 vs 2, less then a thousand damage difference. Keep in mind, this is as a beast master build.

    Now, in the arena, the cat actually had a distinct advantage for me personally. Being a night elf, we developed a stealth strategy revolving around shadow meld and prowl that was extremely effective. I was able to duplicate that by not summoning my pet, but that ways a bit edgier. ANYWAY, on with the ramble. Scorpid and serpent both were good harassment pets, with the scorpid just barely beating the serpent in damage. The warpstalker made people break into hives, I think. The wolf kept my partner, a warrior, fairly happy, even if the increase does seem slight. The ravager was always close, if not a small margin ahead of my cat in damage. And finally, the rest of the crew were pretty close to each other, but still farily lethal. ((For example, my croc killed a paladin, all on his lonesome. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this paladin run past me screaming, almost dead, and little Zilon hot on his heels.))

    Anyway, long story short, unless your just feeling elitist and NEED the ‘best’ of the ‘best’, out side of caster and ((I am sorry, sporebat lovers)) sporebats, pretty much anything can do you for end game.

  16. Palladiamorsdeus

    Er, apologies for the long, rambly post. As a side note, I have to in general agree with the pessimists. Blizzards solution for things that are ‘wrong’ are generally to either ignore them, or remove them entirely. Never fix.

  17. Etona

    I have to agree with Palladiamorsdeus. After all the pet nerfs and generalizations that have gone on in the last year or so, pets are not much different from one another. More often than not, the skill of the Hunter determines how effective the pet is in PvE or PvP (not the actual pet family itself).
    As a long-time BM huntress (Dec 04 saw the birth of my first huntress and I’ve had her ever since), I’ve always been a big advocate of using a pet you enjoy- not the “flavour of the day” pet. I’ve spent countless, frustrating hours waiting for that special rare spawn, only to have them generalized and made into clones of other families. Through it all, it comes down to if you enjoy seeing that critter beside your Hunter through the game. I’ve watched time and again people grab a certain pet, and have it nerfed to Hell and back shortly afterward. *shakes head*
    Blizzard doesn’t want our pets to be unique anymore, so go for one that has a type and skin (and abilities) that works with your playstyle- not because someone else says “that pet is uber in pvp!” After all, it may not be uber for you and your playstyle!

  18. Drakkena

    1. Bear – Bears are WAY more useful than a few of those pets up there =/ Though I have noticed, that… since Burning Crusade you have YET to see any high level 61+ Bears in the Outlands area. So I think Blizzard is saying this, the highest bear you can get is in Winterspring.
    2. Crab – Crabs are freaking cool! They deserve more credit, they are good tanks and especially if you get one of those people who munch on the pet in a BG they are worthy of it. But like the bears, they got killed off even before the BC came out.
    3. Crocolisk – Bite is a good move, they may not dish out damage but unlike the Bears the Crocolisk has been deemed with a few higher level buddies in the BC. I can understand why they are on the useless list, with only Growl and bite as useful moves but still… better than a spider in looks.
    4. Gorilla – Like Bears and Grabs there aren’t any high level Gorillas past level 55, maybe its because people just don’t like apes or something or Blizzard staff just don’t enjoy them. I personally would rather have a Gorilla over a Nether Ray or Spider. Thuderclap/stomp wins out over something that does nothing.
    5. Hyena – Dash, Bite, Growl… WHY dock the Hyena!? Unlike Spiders it has Dash, its more fitting for an Arena than anything. But just like those other ones, you rarely see a High Level Hyena in game to tame.
    6. Sporebat – They do Nada but look cool. Only show up in BC but I don’t see why Blizzard made them Tameable when they don’t do JACK! I can see why they aren’t on the list.
    7. Tallstrider – Dash, Bite a good pet if you want something that looks funky and everything. And its still better than any Spider that lacks a speed skill. I personally would like them over Spider.
    8. Turtle – I can see why a Turtle would be here, they are meant for tanking but I do see people with them from time to time. And, like others they don’t have very High Leveled mobs, and none were made in the BC.

    As far as the main 15 list goes, Dock the Spiders out of it. Dock the Nether Rays =/ I don’t see them in High Levels and well they are just useless pets. But I think Blizzard Staff are trying to say something to us. With those on that list, those 8 (Especially those you DO NOT see anymore of) will no be coming out in Lich King’s expansion @_@ I have no hopes for seeing more tameable Bears, Crabs, Gorillas, Hyenas, Sporebats or Turtles unless Blizzard finally decides to get off their duff and give them moves and see that all pets are Useful.

  19. Nick

    Pet families with unique skills are nice for variety, but hardly *needed* to make different families viable. Cats and raptor are two of the most viable pet families, despite often being trained only in Claw/Bite/Dash (unless you’re a night elf that likes Prowl for PvP). Ravagers with Gore/Bite/Dash don’t have any truly unique abilities either. A few families could become quite viable just by giving them access to some of the existing skills:

    Adding Movement Skills:
    E.g. Charge to Bears, Crocolisks and Gorillas
    E.g. Dash to Crabs and Spiders (possibly rename as Skitter)
    E.g. Dive to Spore Bats

    Adding Damage/Focus Dump Skills:
    E.g. Gore to Spiders
    E.g. Claw to Tallstriders and Hyenas
    E.g. Snap (renamed Claw or Gore) to Crocolisks, Nether Rays, Turtles, Spore Bats, Hyenas
    E.g. Bite to Spore Bats

  20. Anaughtybear

    Blizzard doesn’t give a damn about what hunters want. They all play Warriors and paladins, and feel that working on hunters is a nuisance. Pretty soon you will be assigned a brown cat at level 10 and be unable to tame anything else.

  21. Emowin

    I’m with ya. Personaly I have a BE hunter that uses a Turtle. I love him dearly I would not trade him for the world but he does have a tendancey to be rather useless in groups, but for solo gaming his shell shield has saved our butts many times. I think they do need to re-do or rev up a few of the pets, Salty longs to come to dungons with me and be of more use. And the sporebats beauty is nice but geeze give the poor critter some thing. I know many a hunter would love to have one as a compaion but their lack of skills is appaling.

    Come on Blizzard rev up some of our little friends we the hunters who care demand it. (and I dont mean make other usefull pets useless to even the score I mean give the more useless pets a hand up. WHOS WITH ME?)

    I like haveing some pets who are more saught after or are more usefull but to give other pets absolutly no appeal but their skin is just a bit crazy to me. Bah! I think I’m done ranting now. I leave the flore open to other comments. Its not like Blizzard is listening to me any way. (lol)


  22. Palladiamorsdeus

    There is actually another problem that might be even bigger to worry about. Consider the usefulness of pets, and how close they were to the hunter pre-BC. Even in leveling, a pet stays fairly consistently ahead of you in hit points, and generally their DPS is fair. In BC, pets gained maybe a thousand hit points, at most two if your epicly geared out. Fourty to seventy DPS, depending on the pet. Their armor did proceed upwards at a fairly nice pace, but even that can’t make up for their low hit points, and a lousy mend pet.

    Now, he who said Blizzard only plays paladins and warriors was only half right. Paladins are still screwed, and now that they are listening to the retribution morons, even more so. Blizzard plays warriors and CASTERS. And tend to listen to both. A caster should never, EVER win against a hunter, unless its a warlock who gets off a lucky fear. That tends to bring the entire caster community to whine and cry about hunters being over powered. Any melee class, our counter, worth their salt can tell you a that a hunter in melee range is, 9-10 against a skilled opponent, screwed.

    But I digress. The point I was trying to make was that since we’re declared to be so ‘OP’ and the easiest class to level with ((False, thats a paladin. Just, they take more patience.)) we are not going to get the right buffs that we need. What we need is a way for our pets to gain progressively more of our stats as we gain more stats, so they aren’t left behind. What we need is more pet skills. What we need is 23 diverse pet families, and not 23 clones, with slight differences in stats, and a few different abilities. What ALL the hunter trees need is better Attack power scaling for ALL of our shots, and definitely all of our traps. We need, need need NEED for mend pet to scale off of attack power.

    I love my hunter. I do. But hunters, in all honesty, take the most skill to play well. I can play my seventy warlock while asleep and still do reasonably well, but you always have to be on the ball with a hunter. No other class HAS a weakness like hunters ((In other words, get into melee and watch a hunter wilt.)) Every other class can effectively either perform their duty point blank, or can attack while moving to make up for it. Hunters get stings, and the occasional arcane shot while moving, and decidedly lack luster melee. Yes, we have a pet. I love my pets. My pets are lethal, and often more feared then me. But on a target that knows what its doing, they are easily countered or killed.

    I rambled. Again. Mania is going to kill me. *hides* Anyway, the whole point of this was to say, we need buffs!!

  23. Durathor

    Although I agree with the sentiment of the above posts, and there are definitely problems with Hunters, I don’t see why everybody is ” QQ ” ing about it. If you truly like the Hunter class, then it would be great if you could stop complaining. If you want to get something done, go the way of the Shaman and do mass jumps of something high. Zepplin Towers for the Horde, obviously… And maybe into the Ironforge Smelter for Alliance?

  24. batgrl

    I have to say I’m really happy to see so many making use of sporebats as pets, even if not as “keepers” – such a unique look. (Again makes me annoyed at lack of stable slots so as to more easily try out such pets.) Am probably going to have to try one out myself for a while, just to watch the fight animation. And I’m with Drakkena – where are all the bears at higher levels? I used to hear so much praise for bears being tough and favorites.

  25. Durathor

    Edit: BTW the ONLY class with a weakness???? Have you ever gotten a decent crit on a mage??? I’m only level 46, and thus not the optimal in my BG bracket, but I’ve regularly been beating mages into the ground.

  26. Palladiamorsdeus

    Thats not the same thing, Durathor, and you know it. A mage is squishy, but their in cloth, and they have ways around it. A hunters crowd control is on a thirty second cooldown, a bit less if specced. And I said before that a hunter should never, ever lose to a caster, sans a warlock who gets off a lucky fear. Might be nice if you, ya know, payed attention. A class weakness is totally different from an all out weakness. And as for ‘QQ’ing as you put it? Have you been paying attention to whats been done to the class? No, obviously not, your level 46. I’ve been around since shortly after the game came out, and have watched as Blizzard beat one of my two favorite classes with hammer, and gave other classes all manner of buffs. The hunter class is home to nerf, after nerf. I’m ‘QQ’ing as you put it, because I am sick of the class being done wrong. Hunters, and more so their pets are the single most over looked class and class aspect in the game.

    Don’t like the ‘QQ’ing? Don’t read.

  27. Kelesaria

    great big /agree with Palladiamorsdeus!! I’ve had my hunter since right after the game came out & I HATE the way pets are always getting nerfed (who remembers Lupos?).

  28. Blood God

    I also agree with the the posts above me…im a huge fan of aquatic(turtle; crab; crocks) and alien(Nether Ray; Spore bat) pets and i even own some.
    It hurts me that Blizzard tends to ignore our request, just look at caster pets and you will figure it out that they didnt gave a damn about this problem.
    One question before i end:
    Do you think the second expansion will solve some of these problems or will we be seen with Shoveltusks from Northrend as “Northrend trophys”?

  29. Emowin

    Blizzard, listen to a gaggle of hunters?! I doubt it, they are to busy craddleing their “more important classes” to their bussoms and singing them lullabys, and changing their butts to pay atention to us.

    (sorry bout the spelling not my strong point)

    And for gods sake make calling a hunter ANY hunter, even the less skilled ones, a “huntard” a banning offence. Or am I the only one who HATES that, my husband (a tank but I wont hold that aganst him) calls me that all the time simply because I am a hunter and pet adict the only other class I seam to be skilled with is the warlock, heaven knows I have tryed the other classes and my heart still belongs to the hunter.

    Oops I’m rambeling again


  30. Etona

    Lupos? Bah, try Snarler. Snarler was one of the most awesome pets before all the pet nerfs started. :)
    I still miss having a bear with lower than 3.0 attack speed. God, the crits that guy could pump out!
    Once they “normalized” attack speed for all pets, originality and diversity of pets were doomed.
    Still, the Hunter class is amazing in the hands of a skilled player. I’ve taken every nerf and buff with a straight face, because with all the changes implemented, if something isn’t to your liking, don’t worry! Most likely it’ll get changed in the next patch. XD
    Saying that Hunters are the least-loved class is false. It’s still one of the most popular classes made and leveled, and with such a large fanbase, Blizzard cannot ignore the class to the point you’re making it out to be. Imagine trying to satisfy every Hunter player- it’s just not possible.
    Be happy with what you have, look forward to what we will get, and be patient. It’ll come. :)

  31. Wolfington

    Power to the squishy pets, too. God I love squishys.
    My brother is the kind of person that says hunters are getting all of the praise and rogues need more. He also says I am to obsessed with pets. There is something wrong with that boy…

    Hunters need more stalbe slots. BIG TIME. I want my Ravager, and owl, and cat, and snake, and wolf, and tallstrider… =D

  32. Wolfington

    Oh yeah. I was thinking about pet skills for Sporebats…
    The reason I don’t think they have Claw/bite is because they have no claws and no mouth. But they SHOULD get something special, like “Mana Ray” or something… MAybe something that shoots out like a laser, channel spell, that drains mana or does damage, maybe slows the target. That would ROCK!

  33. Noba

    For the unloved pet families, they should just add one creative skill to each. Spiders should really get some form of poison, it makes no sense that they don’t have it.. crocolisks could have something fun like ‘death roll’ that does heavy damage but only becomes available once the mob is at a low % of health. definately agree that spore bats need something. maybe they give off area-effect spores that either slightly buff the party, or slightly reduce emeny’s chance to hit? a focus dump for all offensive pets would be nice,too.
    really hoping the new expansion gives us even just 1 additional stable slot. im worried i’ll have to trash one of my 3 pets in order to learn new skill ranks when it comes out…

  34. Ryno

    Hehe, I like the idea for crocolisk and sporebat skills Noba. Sporebat, imo, needs an aura, that heals group members and damages foes, but takes about 5 focus per second or something, so you’d have to toggle it quite a bit.

  35. Patrick

    There are only 3 pets with the 10% bonus to dps. No other pet can compete with that without having some special skills. I prefer spiders and carrion birds, but their stats stink. Spiders could be fixed by adding gouge, skitter (dash), and net (trap). Carrion birds would need more work. Owls are nice too but their stats and skills keep them not one of the best options. And leveling with a dps pet is better and easier than level with a pet tank such as a turtle. I have two 70 hunters and a three twink hunters. Other special skills could be: mana drain, life drain, stun, silence, cyclone, freeze, blind, disorient, sleep. Pets with poor stats need something to make them more viable. All pets need some form of dash, dive, or skitter. But we need more pet slots even more and Bliz simply does not care. Bliz cannot even figure out that people like to collect things like vanity pets. Duh, then why wouldn’t hunters want to collect real pets!?

  36. Noba

    For some reason, the suggestion of a pet sleep ability brings to mind a pet sheep with an ability like ‘count me!’ XD hmm, but really, carrion birds should get a short blind. after all, if there is a bird flying in your face, why can’t it claw up your eyes? even if blizz is feeling lazy, they can just copy some wild animal abilities and slap on a focus cost and give it to the tamed version as well. While i do want them to do more for us, WoW hunters have it MUCH better than other games. EverQuest ”hunter” aka beastlord, got 1 pet you dont get to choose, cant name it (it gets titled “‘s warder”), cant teach it anything. rangers in Guild wars get 1 pet of your choice, but only one, and i dont believe you could name or customize it..

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