A Note on E-Mail

If you’ve ever e-mailed me, you probably know that I am not the fastest person to respond to a message. It often takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to get back to everyone who has written me. It’s awful.

Unfortunately, the problem is not that I am lazy or that I procrastinate — unfortunate because those (theoretically) can be fixed — but that I get too much e-mail to answer it all on a daily basis. It doesn’t help that from day to day I don’t know whether I am going to have 12 yawning deliriously free hours to play and work on Petopia and respond to e-mail and comments, or 30 minutes to eat half a grilled cheese over my keyboard while working on some urgent contract or other.

I love the fact that people e-mail me. I do my best to respond in a timely fashion, but … I know that I often fail. So I’ve added a warning to the Contact page here and to the About page on Petopia letting everyone know that I fail. That way, at least you are forewarned. *grin*

Seriously, I will read every e-mail (and comment!) that I get. And I will do my best to respond. But I may not always be able to.

8 thoughts on “A Note on E-Mail

  1. Lure

    Too much mail and too little time just goes to show how much this work means to a lot of us. Thanks a lot, again, for doing it, but remember, eating is important. Just try and keep the cheese out of the keyboard, it’s such a mess…

  2. shibumi

    You’ve done well, in respect to my communications with you, I”m impressed. by the nature of what I do on the side (not my Day Job) I have email accounts that are intentionally not filtered at all – to trap and deal with malware delivered by email. These accounts get upwards of several hundred emails a day – thankfully NONE of them need be answered :)

    Now, I’m not an object of desire or a Famous Person on the Internet, like some blog writers are (smiles at Mania) – I sympathise with your popularity :)

    shibumi the mostly unknown

  3. Wolfington

    See, this is why I never want to be a blog-star like you, Mania(Although it is seriously cool!)
    I understand not answering for a long time. I think I have some last-year christmas cards I haven’t yet sent. Oops.

  4. Rienk

    Jaguero Stalker level 41 should be Jaguero Stalker level 50

    you know.. perfection comes after alteration. Keep up the mice work! ^^
    /pat /pet

  5. Mania Post author

    Thanks for the suppoty, everyone. I appreciate it.

    Gauntlet: That’s because I get very little e-mail from Warcarft Mounts. No one uses the site yet. :> But you’re right — I shouldn’t forget it.

    Rienk: They were 50 before Patch 2.3, but when Blizzard redid Dustwallow Marsh and un-elited a bunch of outdoor areas, they also dropped the level of all the creatures on Jaguero Isle for some reason.

  6. batgrl

    I can’t imagine how much mail you must get – I spend so much time culling through mine but that’s mostly thanks to spam.

    I’m still mourning the loss of the lvl 50 Jaguero Stalker – that was going to be my fallback cat if I ever could manage to give up one of my two Must Keep pets – and it’s a much longer leveling up from 40 to 60+ than it is from level 50. Sigh.

  7. Etona

    Seriously? They dropped the level on the Stalker? So lame! I was thinking of raising one myself on my Troll Huntress- well, not now. :x

    You do a great job at replying, Mania, considering the sheer amount of stuff in your life. Not just the blogging, playing, researching, etc- but you have work, a family, and you have to squeeze in many other things as well.
    The fact that you dedicate so much love to this site (and to us Hunter and Petopia fans) is a wonderful gift! I don’t think any of us ever mind that your emails are not instantaneous. :) Keep up the excellent work!

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