PTR 2.4.0: Tiny Tauren and Giant Pets

What a cute tiny ogre!

The Public Test Realm updated again today. This progressive testing is … interesting … but it makes it hard for me to keep up.

The biggest (*cough*) news on the PTR is a bug that was just introduced with scaling. Many pets (non-combat, warlock, and hunter) are larger than normal, while Taurens and ogres are apparently smaller than normal. While amusing, this bug should be short-lived.

I suspected that the issue might have something to do with the base size of creatures — my cats both seemed a little smaller than normal, while my new ravager was about a foot taller than I — so I set off to tame my favorite oversized pet, Lady Sathrah. Unfortunately, I got distracted and the entire journey was for naught. (Kids, remember: RELOG before you talk to the Spirit Healer!)

Dispirited, I headed to Bladespire Mountains to tame one of them ginormous Scalewing Serpents, but unfortunately they’ve shrunk — tamed or wild, both versions were only a bit taller than me. I did, however, run into Maggoc — who, despite being an incredibly petite (and cute!) 5 feet tall, still killed me in two hits. Ah, well …

I’ve also been keeping an eye on the progress of the patch notes, at least as far as hunters are concerned. Since the last notes I posted, we seem to have picked up the following:


  • Improved Mend Pet now has a 50/100% chance to remove one Curse, Disease, Magic, or Poison effect, up from 15/50%.
  • Hunters will no longer spin around if they cast Aimed Shot or Steady Shot while facing away from their target.

However, I’m not actually seeing those numbers on Improved Mend Pet yet in-game.

15 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.0: Tiny Tauren and Giant Pets

  1. Dvalin

    I really don’t see the need to nerf the movement with aimed and steady shot, its like you are tracking your target and makes more sense than it not being there, someone probably said it was imba for pvp :(

  2. Knotbeard

    The auto-spin for Steady-Shot was a great tool to use when in instances that get out of hand. For this of us that have been using it to great advantage and do not PvP, it will be a sore topic on our lips for some time. The game mechanics should not revolve around PvP, and if that is the way the developers are heading with their changes, my account is soon to be short-lived.

  3. Yossir

    Praise Blizzard for stopping that spin-around! That is so annoying when you’re kiting some in PvP and even in some PvE cases. Oh, and is there any news about the silver dragonhawks being tamable?

  4. Deathbang

    Well I’m ecstatic about mend pet! Finally my anti caster build is complete! Look out casters there’s a ghost saber coming and he doesn’t like you one bit.

  5. llyllianna

    the movement change is bull, even in pvp it only changed your direction not chnaged it and fired that shot, therefore yes it could help u position yourself but using it on a target that was behind u did not actualy use that ability. blizzard needs to re-evaluate changes to classes in general if they are attempting to level the field for pvp.

  6. Messyah

    I’ve never NOT had Imp. Mend Pet (2pts) not cleanse, but it often takes multiple ticks. I wonder if that will still be random, at a set position or right from the git-go. It will be yet another thing that has mobs screaming, “Hunters are OP!!!” o_0

  7. MelRedcap

    Try taming Zarakh if the scaling thing is still active – she starts out absolutely immense, and shrinks like a popped balloon to this absolutely tiny cute thing :D

  8. Ansawa

    But I’ve never actually spun around to FACE a target that was behind me when I started my aimed shot, the spinning was to follow a target that moved passed me.

    If they’re taking that out, I’ll be very annoyed. That’s more of a nerf to PvE than PvP.

  9. Lonewolf

    Blizz are so full of it, cant believe they want to nerf one of our abilities that just let us turn around!?!?!

    What about pally’s bubbles? When I battle pallies with my hunter, I get them low low hp and then *plop* they put invulniribility bubble on, full heal/hearth. Is bs.
    I’m sorry, But there ARE other classes needing to be nerfed alot more then Hunters with their turn thing.

    Unbelieveble Blizz, thumbs up for you!! *NOT*

  10. Etona

    I’m highly disappointed in the “move to aim” nerf. As someone stated, it IS more of a PvE nerf than PvP.
    I use Steady Shot to orient myself in instances, especially if I have several party members near me, mobs are highly mobile, or I am backed against a wall and playing in 1st person to see better.
    However, with this change to Mend Pet, I am bouncing off the walls. Did anyone else notice that Imp Mend Pet was NOT working as it should? 50% chance EACH tick should almost ALWAYS remove a debuff- sometimes I could go through two full rounds of Mend Pet and it wouldn’t remove a debuff it was supposed to. Thank goodness, this should work much better now.

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