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Swift Zulian Tiger, courtesy of WarcraftMounts.com

There was a time, long ago, when hunters could have a lot of fun coordinating their mounts with their pets. In some cases, you could even get non-combat pets into the mix, say with a Black War Wolf mount, a Blackrock Worg hunter pet, and a Worg Pup.

Alas, now that pets are automatically unsummoned when we mount up, that particular hunter mini-game is gone. But there is still a lot of thought that goes into choosing a mount. What does a hawkstrider say about you? Will a flamboyant Cenarion War Hippogryph clash with your favorite purple cloak? Is it better to show off your evil nature or your devotion to beer?

If those are the kinds of questions that keep you up at night, then have I got a site for you! Warcraft Mounts is a visual database of mounts in the World of Warcraft — very similar to Petopia in many ways, but focused on the mighty beasts available (as steeds, if not companions) to all the classes in WoW. In addition to a searchable database, you can also browse the library of mounts — or look at all 139 of them at once!

Warcraft Mounts is just getting started. It contains all the currently extant mounts that I know about, but there’s a good bit I’d like to add, including Druid flight forms, retired mounts, a FAQ, resources for mount-seekers, and a bunch of other features. I’ll also be adding a blog there for mount news so that Mania’s Arcania can stay focused on hunter pets and Petopia.

So go on — go check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. hyena84

    its nicer then the official one.i like the blue color used for the background.will you be adding the mounts like the ones outside gadgetzan and everlook that are not currently avalable to (grey skeletal horse,purple kodo,arctic rideing wolf,ect…)?

  2. shibumi

    Very nicely done Mania. I sigh when I see some of these in game – saw a raven lord being ridden by a Tauren druid the other night. impressive.

    Not doing PvP, or BG, nor do I ever get into groups for raids, so generally speaking my characters tend to ride what they can afford. Though I have been known to slowly wittle down the winterspring faction with my dwarf hunter. key word is slowly. I hate all the ‘pie plates’ they put on the swift cats – or most of the armored critters for that matter. just looks silly to me. then again, so does giant swords with whirling googahs and electric sparkles. so it goes. Some very nice mounts in there.

    this is a good site. well done. btw, I have a bit of angst calling a druid flight form a ‘mount’. yes, I know, in order to fly epic you have to pay 5000 gold to learn to ‘ride a mount’. who are you mounting? yourself? I think this is very poorly done, and if they wanted to charge the 5k they could find a better way to do it for druids – it’s a SHAPESHIFTING skill, not a ‘mount’ skill. This isn’t my only complaint with how something is done but it’s one of the more obvious.

    Thanks again Mania – always look forward to hitting the mania’s arcania link in my tool bar. daily.

  3. Bobo & SgtPork

    Sweet! But, uh, you’ve got the speeds reversed for the Flying Machines. The Turbo one is the epic. Love this tho! I love getting different mounts!

  4. Pike

    Oooh, great idea!

    You know, the other night I had a dream that I got a super-rare owl mount. It looked just like my owl Tux, so it matched perfectly, and in my dream it was the rarest mount in the game.

    So what did dream-me say?

    I said “I don’t think I should ride it, it would be too out-of-character.”

    I woke up thinking maybe I roleplay too much…

  5. Mania Post author

    hyena84: Many of those mounts you see standing around are retired, so if I can get a retired mount page up that will probably include many of them.

    shibumi: I know what you mean about the Druid flight forms. But since the flight form replaces the need for a mount for druids, it seems that I should at least show the option somewhere.

    Bobo & SgtPork: Good catch! Thanks — I’ve got that fixed now.

    Pike: Maybe. :>

  6. Linluin

    Nice job Mania, I’ve been looking for a site listing all the mounts for a while now, and turned up absolutely nothing – keep up the good work :)

  7. Rikaku

    Ahh great site, especially for a mount collector such as myself. I own many many of these mounts (that the alliance can ride) other then the Baron’s mounts and the ZG mounts. My favorite mounts overall though, is my Azure Netherwing Drake. Nothing makes my outland exprience more surreal then riding atop my companion Suraku. Which oddly enough my constellation is “Phoenix” and as anyone knows in japanese, the phoenix is known as Suzaku, another reason I had to choose Suraku <3! My favorite ground mount for Azeroth though, Winterspring Frostsaber. With such a unique look amount the epic cats, you always get a second look ^^

    There’s just one thing that needs to be added for this mount site. The Felsteed image for the 40 Warlock mount, is the wrong Felsteed image =3 Thats the Felsteed from the Shadowfang Keep instance. The Warlock’s felsteed has like, skeletal hooves that are on fire. XD

    Great site nonetheless, now I just have to finish farming Baron.

  8. Ralowae

    Now we need a place to collect guides for farming for those rare mounts. If anyone on zangermarsh server wants a ZG raptor or tiger, I’m wanting to put a 5 man team together to pick a day of the week and hit that instance till it gives us the mounts. Mail me in game.

  9. Wolfington

    Awsome site! I, like many others, have been looking for this site exactely.

    Pike — I had a dream like that! But I found a realy realy rare mount VENDOR that sold realy realy rare mounts. (I think i got a bat, a parrot, and a raptor of some sort.) Of course, I am tauren, and I looked Butt-ugly on them all. *sigh*

    A guide of how to get the Zulian TIger (I obsess about that mount) and raptor would be sweet, but I am loving the site even now!

  10. shibumi

    agreed Mania – if it travels and it isn’t you running, then it’s prolly a mount of some sort, even if we can argue that with druid flight forms ‘mounting’ yourself is a bit of a strange image. :)

    I like the site. it’s a wonderful Idea. If only it could help shave off days of winterspring grinding … sigh.

  11. Vronak

    You’re missing the Ivory raptor and I believe the other one was a Mottled Red raptor, the original epic mounts for trolls. They were retired when the original honor system was introduced and the mounts had armor added. Owners were given the option to turn the original mounts in for the newer models – but not everyone did. My son still has his original Ivory raptor and gets comments/questions all the time. I can get you a picture if that helps :)

  12. Mania Post author

    Vronak: *nod* I wanted to get something up, so I started with mounts that you can conceivably get in game right now. (The Arena mounts end up being an exception to this, but what I started I thought each season would reward the same mount.)

    But I definitely want to get the retired mounts up next — especially since it’s quite possible to see one in game and really, really want one. *grin* And please tell your son that I am very jealous of his raptor.

    Cybele: Thanks for the catch on the Amani War Bear. And I’ve got the Merciless Nether Drake added now also.

    Rikaku: Ack! I thought that ‘felsteed’ looked a little chunkier than normal. :> I had to dig through the bowels of the model viewer, but I think I have the right one up now.

    Thanks again, everyone. :> I really appreciate your feedback and your encouraging words on this new site.

  13. Schadenfreude

    Awesome! You should scour WoWWiki and so on to make sure you get all the old mounts–there’re some really old ones still in the game files that no one has anymore. And you should put the old designs up too, like the old felsteed model. Go Mania!

  14. Ametrine

    Small hiccup with the “Spotted Nightsaber” alpha mount page… the pic you have is the wrong cat. the Alpha mount looked similar, but was yellow, resembling a Druid’s travel-form.

  15. MK

    It would be really awesome if your could collect screenshots of mounts in shadowform, namely the special instance/raid drop mounts. I wouldn’t want to roll on them if they look like crap in shadowform, but it is so hard to find screenshots to know.

    WTB screenshot of Ashes of Alar in shadowform. PST!

  16. Mania Post author

    Schadenfreude: Old felsteed? I wasn’t aware it had changed at any point.

    Ket Shi: The Riding Turtle is under Card & Code mounts.

    Ametrine: Hmm .. was there more than one alpha mount? I found some screenshots that seems to have the white one. But I wasn’t there, so it’s quite possible I’m wrong.

    MK: I think that’s beyond me right now, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

  17. Wolfington

    There was an old succubus model? Geeze, I am behind the times. (of course, that was a “times” a long time aggo I take it.)

  18. Menoseloso

    Back when pets rode next to your mount I had never considered making a hunter. Now I do have a hunter which I mainly PvP on. Now a quick question. Before this was nerfed (or fixed, however you view it), would pets attack rogues that keep you stun locked on your mount? Seems unfair when they catch you mounted and you the first thing you have to do out of stun is dismount.

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