PTR 2.4.0: More Random Notes

NPC on an orange dragonhawk mount.

I’m not real happy posting repeated “Random Notes” about the Public Test Realms, but unfortunately the entire process of discovery on the PTR is rather random, so this is the best I can do. :> Now let’s take a look at the tidbits that might concern hunters and their pets …

Progressive Testing

In a thread on the PTR forum, Nethaera let us know that this PTR will be using a more progressive form of testing:

With the release of patch 2.4.0 for testing, many players have questioned whether or not this is the extent of changes for this patch. Please be aware that we have changed how we are developing and testing this patch by adding to it progressively. What this means for players is that more additions, changes and even the possibility of removals can occur as the patch is tested. The current patch notes will be changing over time and are not finalized in their current incarnation. We have more planned for this patch and would ask everyone to please feel free to test the new changes as we go and provide feedback.

I’m hoping that this means we’ll see more changes to classes and existing content. (Like, say, more pet skills.) But … I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quel’Danas Liberation Event

I mentioned in my last PTR2.4.0 post that there seemed to be a decent amount of solo content in this patch, including a couple of daily quests. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was only seeing a fraction of it — and that I had walked into an event!

It appears that as you complete the daily quests on the new isle, you help the Shattered Sun Offensive liberate parts of Dawnstar Village. As those areas are liberated, more NPCs spawn who have other daily quests. So far, the original daily quests have not disappeared, which means that instead of two dailies on the island I now have four. And there may be more tomorrow — the liberation still seems to be in progress! Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath tells me that our efforts to take the Sun Reach armory at at 3 percent, and our efforts to bring down the first barrier at the Sunwell Plateau are at 17 percent — whatever that means.

In addition, one of the early quests I did on Quel’Danas unlocked a couple of daily quests in the Throne of Kil’Jaeden north of Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula. (One of these gives a random item as a reward — I got a Badge of Justice, which as someone who doesn’t group is rather flabbergasting. I had to go look up what to do with it!) Plus, there are more daily quests in Shattrath City itself. Overall, I feel like I am drowning in daily quests! But in a good way …

Dragonhawks Galore

Mania on a red dragonhawk taxi.

In my last post about the 2.4.0 PTR, I also mentioned two untameable dragonhawks from the Shattered Sun Offensive standing guard at the flight master when you first land on Quel’Danas. It turns out that those aren’t just guardians — they are also the mounts that the Quel’Danas flight mater uses. In other words, if you fly back to the mainland you will do so on the back of a beautiful dragonhawk.

In addition, the same mounts are used for a really annoying bombing run daily quest called “Distraction at the Dead Scar”. And the NPC who hands out the daily quests at the Throne of Kil’Jaeden is riding on an orange dragonhawk. (You can see her at the top of this post.) Could it be that we will be seeing dragonhawk mounts soon?

Our enemies on Quel’Danas also ride dragonhawks — silvery grey ones! What’s more, when you kill a Dawnblade Hawkrider, the rider and their mount fall to the ground as seperate entities. Unfortunately, since you can’t tame a dead beast, the gorgoeus grey dragonhawks can’t be tamed. But perhaps there are live versions somewhere? I can’t wait to see!

The poor dead mount of a Dawnblade Hawkrider.

12 thoughts on “PTR 2.4.0: More Random Notes

  1. Kurdor

    I think that’s the same skin as is used in the Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling purchasable in or around Silvermoon. So those of us sad that we can’t tame them at least can get some consolation having a teeny tiny version of one following us around, being perky yet entirely useless.

  2. Gauntlet

    Aw man. That would be super-fantastic, but I wish they’d add some of the flying mount variety to the initial regular speed ones too… that way my (and my wife’s) hordies could skip the fairly hideous wyverns. Bleagh.

  3. Ansawa

    As a dragonhawk hunter (falconer?), I find this excellent news, even if they’re not tameable. (And who knows, there may be a new tameable skin somewhere inside one of the instances…I plan to find out as soon as I get my computer back and can transfer over to a PTR to go check things out.)

    I really hope the dragonhawk mount turns out to be an exalted purchase from the Shattered Sun Offensive, or maybe a reward from the event opening the plateau…

  4. Wolfington

    Wyverns defentely are NOT my favorite, and I would be much happier with a gryphon if I could get one. That would mean making an ally, though, and thats not in my taste =/. I can live with my nice purple battle Wyvern though, he is nice. (other than the nasty eye covers!!!)
    I wonder how Trolls, with huge sticking out legs, and tauren, just being huge, would look on Dragonhawks. Not very good I am thinking… And of course my bro would get one and brag because he is undead and looks “cool” but he cant be a hunter…

    I realy hope they make silver dragonhawks tameble. I could use the Trollish word for Statue… So cool! ^.^

  5. Palladiamorsdeus

    A progressive update of the patch notes would be nice, Mania, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve never seen patch notes amended once they are posted, even in bug fixes. Still, we can hope. If I had to wager, I’d say Blizzard realized they’d need at least one more content patch to toss people before Wrath goes live, so they held out on any large changes to classes. Just my guess.

  6. Yossir

    If the silver dragonhawks become tamable at some point, im ditching that crappy frostsaber that everyone seems to like so much. im not even sure why i have it…

  7. batgrl

    I am SO hoping for a dragonhawk mount in the next patch! I’d love one as a pet but just never can get used to how much space they take up in flight – and plus I’m already max’d out at my two “must keep” pets. Though if the silver ones are tamable I’m going to get all dithery over “wait, should I try to juggle 3 pets.”

    Oh and Wow Insider posted this today on crabs and I immediately thought of Maria!

  8. Wolfington

    If the silver dragonhawks are tameble.. DAng, I already HAVE 3 pets. Hmmmm…

    Well, anyway, I would name it something like “Statue” but maybe in Trollish…

    Of course, maybe they are not tam eble! We will just have to see ^.^

  9. Messyah

    One patch change that they are making that really disturbs/angers me is the fact that Resilience will now reduce mana-draining effects such as the way it reduces damage from criticals. Viper Sting is very useful in BGs and Arena and now players with high Resilience will now retain more mana, making Viper Sting far less useful. GAY GAY GAY!!!!!

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