A Quick Wing Clip Tip

Lienna of Lienna’s Log managed to hide a great little tip in a recent post about the Ice Barbed Spear.

In short, when you are trying to level up a new melee weapon skill (say polearms or staves), try spamming Wing Clip. It’s an instant melee attack so it gives you extra chances to skill up! And it doesn’t do a lot of damage, so you can keep your poor victim alive longer if that’s your goal. For example, if you put your pet on passive and attack an enemy well below your level with Wing Clip (Rank 1), you can wring quite a few skill-ups out of one enemy before it dies.

Alternatively, you can do what I’ve been doing: killing my normal enemies (in this case for my daily quests) in melee and spamming the highest level of Wing Clip while my pet tanks. If we start losing the fight, I just back up a step and slaughter the enemy the normal way.

Now why didn’t I think of that!

16 thoughts on “A Quick Wing Clip Tip

  1. Vronak

    I usually use the immortal humanoids near the portal to Outland in Blasted Lands, around 56, 45 if you have coordinates, just off the main road if you don’t.

  2. Mordreade

    Another great place to skill up is the entrance to Mana Tombs, where the NPC’s are constantly battling. Usually, you wont take aggro and can skillup without taking any damage at all.

  3. Mikeoneal

    Blasted Lands is by far the best, they cant die and dont do anything for damage, well atleast for like an hour or so (1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 5 crit,) it builds up over time lol. Lvling my druids staves i did that and asked a priest friend to check up on me in a lil while so i could go pick up some lunch LOL.

  4. Darkhallow

    I agree, the ones in the Blasted Lands are great for weapon skills. They do very little damage, at least at level 70, but it adds up over time since you don’t regenerate health in combat, like Mikoneal said. To work around that you can equip some items with health regen, that usually should do the trick (like the AV trinket). You could also buy some intelligence gear so that you level weapon skills up even quicker.

  5. Lienna

    Well those invincable mobs do hit quite hard if your below level 60 or so, not everything happens at 70 and quite a few people want to get all thier skills up before heading into outland. Even on them using rank 1 wing clip is a mana effecient way to get 2-3 times as many hits on them which skills you up much faster, I doubt you will ever go out of mana doing that with aspect of the viper.

  6. Tsani

    You could also buy some intelligence gear so that you level weapon skills up even quicker.

    Didn’t they change that a few patches ago making weapon skill up dependant on (max skill-current skill), making extra INT no longer helpful in weapon training? My little mage hasn’t been asked for a INT buff by warriors and rogues in ages. Of course that last point of your level is always hours of work, with or withour INT boosts.

    BM hunters can get all the healing they need in Blasted Lands if they have Spirit Bond. “No Asha… you can’t play. Will an extra fish make you less annoyed at me? No? Fine, then you can that ogre all by yourself when he returns.”

    Another trick I use when training is getting the lowest/cheapest weapon I can find. I even trained up daggers with my skinning knife!

  7. Autumnn

    If you are a hunter you dont need to worry about healing. Have your pet tank it and throw it a mend pet every 5 minutes or so. 2 guildies and I went out there one day and was leveling up wep skills for 3-4 hours with the pet tanking the whole time.

  8. Messyah

    Another great place to skill up is the entrance to Mana Tombs, where the NPC’s are constantly battling. Usually, you wont take aggro and can skillup without taking any damage at all.

    Is it Mana Tombs, or Shadow Labs? Either way, great suggestion. I was going to post the same one. I use that all the time. I even had loving guildies escort my low-level toon there to train up his weapons. :-)

    When you get a low-level Alliance toon to Shattrath, you can immediately fly to Honor Hold and Allerian Stronghold. My Horde toons on the other hand, get “no connecting flights”. What’s up with that?

  9. Mania Post author

    *nods at Lienna* One of the things I really liked about this tip is that it is useful even if I don’t buy special stuff or go anywhere special (or have a certain level). I can just do it.

  10. Friik

    I’m surprised none of you thought of this, but here we go.

    Head to Shadowmoon Valley, and head to the guys surrounded by 3 Totems.

    Simply hit them, not the totems and PROFIT. They wont die, they wont fight back, unless totems are killed, and you can go AFK for half an hour, if that’s what is needed.

    Cheers. :P

  11. Jerobaum

    Another good place is by the orc quest-giver in SMV… Ornok Torn-Heart. He is surrounded by neutral boars, you can auto attack them, and walk away… when you get too low on health, the orc will heal you back to full again.

    Dunno if this works on alliance, but I would assume so.

  12. Clawhammer

    One small addition to the hint.. if you’re higher level and you’re spamming Wing Clip, make sure you’re using WC lvl 1. No point in spending the extra mana, the low level one works just as well and the reduced cost means you can spam it a lot longer.

  13. gundorith

    what is a good way 2 get weapon skill up is like said spam wing clip i just learned this works great for 2h weapons but if its a duel weild try gettin ur pet 2 get aggro puttin pet on passive stopin pet from attackin and then attackin repeatly until target is killed or u get aggro if u get aggro just repeat this works well but like all skills takes some time 2 get up

  14. Lovemypet

    To skill up your weapons in Blasted Lands (You’ll need to be about level 58 or so): Not far from the dark portal there’s a bunch of ogres around a cave (you can see the cave on the map of BL, right in the middle). Patrolling in and out of the cave is a much smaller mob called Servant of Grol. The simplest thing to do is run into the cave and feign death. The ogres don’t come into the cave so you’ll have the servant all to yourself. You can’t kill him (unless you have the quest), so you can fight him forever. Let your pet tank him, and use Mend Pet whenever necessary. Be warned, though: It’s boooooooooooooooooooring!

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