Auctioneer Extraordinaire

I don’t talk about it much, but one of the few things in WoW that almost comes close to my pet obsession is my obsession with the Auction House. It’s not that I’m very good at playing the market — I have a terrible habit of gambling on the wrong items and losing everything I’ve made — but there’s something about the whole system that gives me as much satisfaction (and gets my heart racing as much) as any instance.

At any rate, I recently ran across a blog that may, one day, help me actually make money at my second-favorite obsession: Og’s Ledger. I’ve been following this blog for a short while and I’m impressed with the quality of Og’s writing and the information he’s sharing. So I’ve added Og’s Ledger to the short list on my blogroll.

6 thoughts on “Auctioneer Extraordinaire

  1. Messyah

    OneAmongMany and myself started a blog as well. Not so much as just playing the Auction House, but more of a place to share information on how to make money in the World of Warcraft.

    I had emailed you about it in the past, Mania… but as always, it was probably printed, stomped on, burned and the ashes scattered among the homeless. LOL

    Anyway, our site is WoW Jones

  2. Mania Post author

    That’s odd, Messyah — according to GMail, I never receieved any e-mail from you about that site (although I notice now that you’ve been using it in your comments for awhile). Anyway, thanks for the link! I will check it out immediately.

  3. Edarran

    Not that it matters, but didn’t you already have Og’s Ledger on your blogroll 0_o? In Fact I remember being turned onto his blog by your website a few days ago. Although I am a new reader so maybe that explains it.

    Eh, Og deserves a proper introduction anyway, He has some great advice for regular players and AH moguls alike. Definitely worth keeping an eye on ;)

  4. Og

    Mania – Thanks for the link and the props! I was wondering were all those hits were coming from :) Of course my head is so big I won’t be able to fit through the AH doors now.

    /cast [Back to Reality]

    Better :) Just glad that what I’m writing about is helping folks out. Heck, if I can do it I know anybody can :)

    Edarran – A big THANKS to you too.

  5. sandralover

    thanks for the reminder of Og’s ledger , it is a useful site for those learning to make gold and other fun reading.

    i have used auctioneer both classic and advanced suite for a long time now , best part is when your bags are getting full you can mouse over stuff in your bag and see exactly what its worth , sometimes i just delete some vendor trash just to get some extra gold in my bags , at present i am on that long grind to get the epic flier as the one i have is way to darn slow , hehe, but still better than riding through mobs to get to the ones you want .

    i guess i should just keep an alt working in the auction house as i have seen many others do , as so often i see stuff being sold way way under the real price , but i also see on my server almost no reasonable priced armour or weapons for those under about level 40 , , my guess is all the cheap stuff is being re-sold or disenchanted ? which is great for the gold farmers but not for new characters trying to level and keep decent armour and weapons……

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