Ackis Recipe List — Not Just For Recipes

In an interesting confluence of information, I was catching up on my blog reading this evening when I noticed a post on Amava Knows Aggro that mentioned a handy add-on called Ackis Recipe List. This add-on scans your recipes and tells you which you haven’t yet learned. “That sounds really handy,” I thought to myself. “I should check that out.”

A little later, I was catching up on my e-mail when I came across a message from Ackis himself/herself, letting me know that Ackis Recipe List can also scan hunter pet skills and tell you which ones you don’t know. “I definitely have to check this out now!” I thought. So I did.

And indeed, as I suspected this addon is very handy. Open your Beast Training window, hit the scan button, and you get a side-by-side window with a list of the pet skills you don’t know, sorted by level. (There are all sorts of options; this is just the default behavior.) Each missing skill has an expandable (+) that lists the creature who can teach you the skill when you expand it. (For recipes, this is information about where to find the recipe.)

The command /arl filter skill will toggle whether you see all the skills you don’t know regardless of level, or just the ones that you could theoretically learn at your level. (I say theoretically because this add-on uses the required pet level of the skill, not the level of the lowest level pet that can teach you the skill. In other words, Screech Rank 2 shows up at level 24 because you can teach it to a level 24 pet, even though you can’t actually learn it until level 32 from a Salt Flats Vulture. However, expanding the (+) for the skill will tell you where you can learn it, which includes the levels and locations of the creatures involved.)

Now you may be wondering why you would need this add-on if you are already using Gazmik Fizzwidget’s Hunter’s Helper. For me, at least, the point of these two add-ons is quite different. I leave Hunter’s Helper running all the time — when I happen to mouse across a beast with a green skill (meaning that I don’t know it yet) I decide whether I want to learn that skill now while it’s handy or make a mental note to learn it later, depending on what I’m doing at the time.

Ackis Recipe List, on the other hand, I use very deliberately. When I have the time and inclination to set out on a big taming run, I log in and explicitly scan my skills to see what I am missing. Then I plot a course to pick up everything and set off. When I get to each location, I use Hunter’s Helper to make sure I have the right beast before starting the tame.

(I’m also getting good use out of the recipe portion as well, although I have to admit that it doesn’t quire replace my complicated alchemy recipe list cum shopping list cum price list.)

10 thoughts on “Ackis Recipe List — Not Just For Recipes

  1. Kurdor

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, ever sense I was looking for new ranks of bite and claw, and Good Intentions was down. Thanks Mania. <3

  2. Jayhawk

    Interesting, I’ve been using RecipeRadar, which has a slightly different focus, i.e. it shows you all the vendor available recipes in your zone. Or a list with all vendor recipes per profession. No pet support, though.
    I’ll give this one a spin. =)

  3. Ackis

    Thanks for the wonderful write-up. :)

    I’m trying to make ARL better with each implementation. I found it very helpful in leveling up my pet and getting new abilities for it, ironically better than recipes aquisition (I don’t have vendor information added yet).

    It’s still in a development stage and I plan on adding a lot of features to it once I get time. :)

    Feel free to toss comments on the curse DL page for it, or over at the forums. :)


  4. Mania Post author

    Thanks for dropping by, Ackis!

    And honestly, just seeing “Uncommon World Drop” vs. “Vendor” on the 80-million tailoring recipes I’m missing is a big help. Now I know 1) which ones I need and 2) which ones not to bother looking up on Thotbott immediately. *grin*

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