Name That Pet: Thalestris’ Owl

Final Name: Shiraha

Thalestris, a night elf hunter from Bloodhoof PvE (US), has asked for our help naming her new Owl. I don’t need to add much of an introduction here — Thalestris is a very eloquent night elf!

She writes:

At level 52 I put aside everything to tame Olm the Wise, and spent several days in the process. Now I have this beautiful white bird at my side with the less-than-beautiful name of ‘Owl’. I dont usually have a problem naming my pets, but this time…I’m stumped! I was hoping your readers could help me out.

I chose Olm for his gorgeous white plumage, which matches my hunter’s pale hair and skin. I’m looking for a more elegant name in any language, any gender, etc, that might sound like something an elf would really name her pet owl. I’m a roleplayer at heart but have never stepped in-character in the World of Warcraft. Thalestris, my hunter, is a bubbly and cheerful young lady with a heart of gold. My play-style centers around PvE, just for reference.

Here is Thalestris with her owl:

Thalestris and her unnamed Owl

Suggestions? I know you guys can come up with some exceedingly elegant possibilities!

Update: Thalestris let us know that she’s decided to go with Shiraha for her new white owl!

53 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Thalestris’ Owl

  1. shannon

    i would try this, take a variety of things you like and try to make a suitible name or name her after somthing that you think sound nice or intresting…or take one of these names


  2. Amber

    I dressed up as a witch from Hogwarts this past halloween(I call myself Ambrietta Keeper. And anyway, I received an owl for Christmas this year and thought that I may name her Snowbell or Sagewing as I saw in this blog recently. I am sorry that I did not offer any other names. Hope it helped!

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