Name That Pet: Sekhmet’s Frostsaber

This episode of Name That Pet comes to us courtesy of Sekhmet from The Venture Co (US-RpPvP) server. She has achieved her goal of taming a Frostsaber Pride Watcher, one of the very lovely lavender cats of Winterspring — but she doesn’t know what to name it! I hope we can help.

Sekhmet writes:

I can’t figure out what to name my FrostSaber! Sekhmet is my second Hunter I’ve leveled up and a Troll I configured to match specifically with the Frostsaber Pridewaters of WinterSpring, so when I dinged 60 this weekend I was ecstatic to go tame one. Now I’m stumped for a name. I’m a bit too into naming my pets, but I’ve never actually taken more than an hour to name a pet-let alone two days! I come to you and your blog for aid on this matter.

I’ve been bounching between Moth or rapture as a name, but I can never push myself to click accept on either and it’s driving me up the wall. As for types of names? Something pronounceable would be nice… I’d love to go with an Egyptian theme, but most of those names are not very fluid and i think I’ve combed through almost every one anyway by now.. ^-^; RP friendly is a must as well since I’m on a Rp-PvP server, so nothing to off the wall.

Sekhmet and her Frostsaber

And wow — she does coordinate with the cat! So what will it be, everyone? Moth? Rapture? Or something else? What do you think?

40 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Sekhmet’s Frostsaber

  1. Shanrei

    Bastet/Bast – the egyptian catgoddess
    Gekigami – if you have ever played Okami, you know its the tiger-god/thundergod. In Okami it presents the Tiger of the chinese zodiac signs.
    Kabegami – again, from Okami(God I love that game!) this is Catwalk God and the zodiac that didnt make it to Budha

    and if you like something a bit more random, Frostfang

  2. Lure

    Also from egypt, there’s Tefnut and Shu, the mother and father of earth and sky.
    Tefnut is moisture, but portrayed with the head of a lioness and said to take the form of a cat.
    Shu on the other hand is air (fitting for fast attacks and swift running?), and also the father of all, a real pride-watcher. Also I think your pet is more masculine.

  3. Aok

    BY the way, I love the format of this web page, simple to navigate and easy to use. AND my work blocker does not block it cause it is not listed as a GAME web site!!!


  4. Messyah

    Here are my suggestions…

    1. Sinh, the sacred cat of Birma.

    2. Sitteth, written to be the soul of Aegyptus by H.P. Lovecraft.

    3. Pharaoh, an Egyptian king.

    And for a few fun suggestions…

    4. Chaoticat

    5. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil’s cat (Mr. Bigglesworth).

  5. Gebeorgan

    I like the backstory on Shu, it suits the purpose of the cat and the lifestyle of a hunter. If the cat were female, I would suggest “Lavender” as a light-hearted, endearing name – perhaps “Bluebell” if that’s not too cutesy – depends if you want to strike fear into people’s hearts or make them reach out and give your cat a big ol’ scratch behind the ears :)

    From Sekhmet’s shortlist though, I would choose “Rapture”.

  6. Faeldray

    I think that Bast and Rapture are good as well.

    Other suggestions:
    Sanura – Egyptian name meaning “kitten” (and it flows off the tongue well)
    Layla – Egyptian name meaning “born at night” (Winter could be considered “night”)
    Irisi – Egyptian name meaning “fashioned by Isis, the goddess of magic”

    and of course there’s Nefertiti – Egyptian name meaning “the beautiful one has come”

  7. Drakkena

    Hmmmmmmmm all of my names that I know from Egyptian theme has already been named hehe xD

    But I know of several of the Egyptian gods if she doesn’t want to go with Bastet.

    Hathor – The goddess of love, dance and alcohol was depicted as a cow. At Thebes she was also the goddess of the dead. She was worshipped at Dendera as the consort of Horus and Edfu, and was associated with Isis at Byblos.

    Horus – The earliest royal god was the shape of a falcon, with the sun and moon as his eyes. The sky-god was the ruler of the day. The many forms of Horus are; Re-Harakhti, Harsiesis, Haroeris, Harendotes, Khenti-irti, Khentekhtay (the crocodile-god), and Harmakhis, which is Horus on the horizons, in which the Sphinx of Giza is considered to be his aspect.

    Khnum – Resembling a human with a rams head, he was worshipped in Hypselis, Esna, Antinoe and Elephantine.

    Min – God of fertility coalesced with Amon and Horus. Min was mainly worshipped at Coptos and Akhmim. (I have no idea, I just love the name >>)

    Seth – The son of Geb and Nut in the Heliopolitan Ennead was in the form of an animal that has no zoological equivalent. This powerful god was regarded as god of the desert, making him a god of foreign lands.

    Sobek – He was a crocodile god and was worshipped at the Faiyum and Ombos. During the middle Kingdom he coalesced with Re, Sobek-Re, and was worshipped as primordial deity and creator-god.

  8. Maree

    I named my pridewatcher Odeko, after a purple guy from We Love Katamari (yes, i am a katamari-fan xD), because he was purple like the cat.
    Or if you want a egyptian name..
    Osiris, Ra, Bastet, Thoth, Tawaret, Ptah, Nephthys, Hathor etc. etc.
    And i found some evil sounding name generator on the interwebs, got some quite strange names;
    Turobabaurmmor, Turorngbatulat, Dulimogorcairt, Endrcalialug, Giaulaetugoro. I know its not what you’re looking for, but i couldn’t resist xD
    Besides, a shortened version of the last one, Giaulae, actually sounds quite nice.


  9. Wolfington

    Bastet is awsome, but somehow reminds me of a short legged, droopy-eared dog, hehe…
    Thunderok or just Thunder might ba nice, or Duskbringer. Can’t think of any Egyptian names, sorry!
    Out of your little list, I would choose Moth. Maybe cause’ of his/her purple color and balanced, beautiful run.
    ^.^ Wonderfull pet!

  10. Kurdor

    Personally I’d go with “Set”, the god of evil and far away lands who chopped up Osiris is Egyptian myth.

    Because, y’know, trolls DO like their evil…

  11. Celestria

    I would go with Sanura, Irisi, or Layla myself. They are all good names and the meaning in them portrays a very powerful feeling. Also, if you ever have any form of lizard (crocolisk or otherwise), I would suggest Mystanaarpernadnacles. You probably can’t fit the whole name in there but it can be shortened to Myst (she was a great dragon from the “Azure Bonds” book trilogy and died fighting an ancient dark god).

  12. Feline

    I called my pridewatcher Crystal as I decided it was female from the trick in the wetlands. Or Magestic I think is a great name, I named my white lion that.

  13. Devana

    I named mine Lucifur (the game wouldn’t let me have Lucifer), but Violet was in the running for a while.
    Pakhit is another form of Bast.
    Mafdet is an older Egyptian cat or lynx goddess, predating Bast, renowned as a slayer of serpents.
    Tefnut was a daughter of Ra, goddess of dew and rain.
    Amemait is an Underworld goddess, devourer of souls (I think this fits very well for you)

  14. Shanrei

    @ 16, I think you’re thinking of the Basset Hound, little dog with long floppy ears and real cute overall look

    @ topic, you could go for something hawaiian. I like Loko ‘ino, meaning evil. but you could always try search for a hawaiian translator and type in a word you’d name it, and get the hawaiian word(how many times do I have to mention that language? xD)

  15. Autumnn

    First off I love your name. It is what I named my cat.

    Here is a page that lists Egyptian names for pet cats. Not all the names are based off of feline aspects of Egyptian lore/religion but it adds an explaination of why it would be good as a cat name.

  16. Munefmontu

    I have a shadow saber I named Khapet, an ancient egyptain word meaning house of the soul. You could name it Kyphi, and ancient egyptian word meaning smoke, incense, and offerings There is also Mau, which just means cat.
    If you are looking to pair it well with your name and you like a more masculine name there is also Ptah, God of craftsmen (husband of Sekhmet),
    Khonsu, hawk headed god of the moon, exorcism, and medicine (son of Sekhmet)
    Ma’ahes, lion headed God of weapons and retribution, or
    Setpu, hawk headed god of the desert whose name means “sharp tooth”

  17. Kraela

    I have a STV tiger called Juno, it just seemed to fit in with the could-be Troll names:) Alot of greek/roman mythology names are very useful.

  18. Morgrimsson

    If you’re still interested in Egyptian names, you might want to look at Maahes. He was the Egyptian lion-headed god of war (counterpart to the goddess Sekhmet ironically enough :)) and his name means “He who is true beside her.” Other variations of his name include Mihos, Miysis, Mios, Maihes, and Mahes. Hope that helps – good luck!

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