Ghost Wolf Removal Roundup

As I posted yesterday, it looks like our chance to tame the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, aka the ghost wolf, is gone. And the hunter community, as expected, is not reacting well to the news.

A number of the blogs that I read have posted their own feelings on the matter, and since many of them have expressed themselves better than I could I’m just going to link to them.

[Edit: And a couple more I particularly enjoyed:]

In addition, I was curious to see what the EU Blizzard poster who had said that the ghost wolf would be staying had to say about this matter, so I headed over to the EU forums. I found a very short and rather unsatisfying post:

We do appreciate that this is inconsistent with information posted previously on the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, and we apologise for any confusion caused.

Shortly thereafter Issuntril shut down the thread:

This thread has degenerated into a non-constructive flame thread, and as there is no further assistance the in-game support team can offer with this, the thread will be locked.

If you would like to discuss this issue further, then please do so either in the suggestion forums or the Hunter class forums.

The Blizzard response in those two EU forums (suggestions and hunter) was limited to a simple confirmation with no additional details. Nor have I been able to find any additional details on the US forums.

[Edit: I've turned all my posts about the ghost wolf into a series so it is easier to follow the entire saga.]

57 thoughts on “Ghost Wolf Removal Roundup

  1. Palladiamorsdeus

    Its not just hunters who are mad about this. I noticed several other classes supporting us in our outrage on the hunter forums. This was just a serious breach of trust between Blizzard and their customers, and its a load of crap. Thier responses thus far have been less then satisfying, as well. Basically they have given us bad excuses, then, in the case of the EU forums, told them to shut up.

  2. Mordreade


    I JUST got all the equipment rounded up and a group together with a time to do it and they take it away???!!!!

    I cannot even put into words how……. FRAKIN TICKED!!!! I am right now.

  3. wowHuntress

    Due to the extreme nature of this “hotfix,” a suggestion I read that Blizz could be planning to introduce a spirit wolf summoned pet for shamans in WotLK (like a priest’s shadowfiend?) is plausibile.

    I sure hope their reasoning has something to do with future plans, making more sense out of Drysc’s statement.

    But I dunno… it would be a shame if they did this for no other reason but “just because.”

  4. Celeglad

    As someone with a resto Shammy alt, (my main raider actually, we have too many hunters in our guild’s endgame crew without throwing Cele in there), I say fix the lame-ass totem-chained pets we already have and give the ghost wolf to the hunters… Or better yet, give it to the priests or rogues or someone without any combat pets. Yes I know it’d make no sense for ghost wolf to go with those classes, just pointing out that there are classes that need pets introduced and/or fixed before they go screwing around with a new shammy pet… :p

  5. Logic

    So they took a wolf out of the game! It was obviously not designed to be tamed! Come one that long a life it was a glitch that you could get down that low in casting time for tame beast! They said it was going to stay and they removed it. This complete outrage stuff is insane! The other classes supporting it most likely had a shaman or hunter alt. Ask yourself this if they made it so rogues could do all skills with any 1h and then took it back and you didn’t play rogue would you care? No you wouldn’t just the rogues. We can all go get Ghost Sabers and be happy!

  6. Ronorin

    Most of the outrage comes from two camps.

    1.) People who wanted it and now can no longer. To these people I say, tough. Rare stuff is rare. Get over it. Yes, it’s annoying, but so is a lot of stuff. A lot of people wish there were more things that actively changed in the game.

    2.) People who hate the fact Blizz is removing something cool and difficult, simply because it doesn’t fit into their plan. This camp I agree with. If the Ghost Wolf was game breaking or severely bugged or bad for any numbers of game play reasons, I’d be fine with it. The problem is that Blizz removed it just because it didn’t fit their idea of what a Hunter pet should be.

    A lot of people wish there were more hard to get things in the game with real “Cool” factor. Rare weapons at the end of long quest lines, difficult to get rare pets, heck even collectable tabards, armor, and shirts. The removal of one of the few truly cool and difficult things is saddening.

  7. Emowin

    Its not that they removed a cool pet, its that they removed it AFTER they said it was going to stay. This is a quote that was actually posted when it was anounched it would stay. “While this feature of the Grimtotem Spirit Guide wasn’t exactly intended, it was agreed by the development team that this is a fun use of in-game mechanics, and we therefore have no plans to address this issue – it will still be possible in future for everyone who wishes to tame this NPC to do so. :)” What has alot of us hunters angery is that they basicly give us kudos for being crative and finding a way to tame this wolf now they are stabbing us in the back and saying oh yes it was fun but now the fun is over, to me that just aint right.

  8. Emowin

    Just to add I will understand if they took it out so that they might add it later some place elts in WOTLK but they could have given those of us hunters who had all their equipment bought and their groups ready to go a heads up “hey guys we are gonna take this out for the time being you have a week to get yours before they are gone.” That would have been nice.

  9. Alanonymous

    I just wonder if Blizzard is lying about this as well. In the Euro thread found at A Blizzard poster states, regarding the ghost wolf’s run/walk animation,

    Q u o t e:
    This is penciled in to be fixed for a future content update – as I have said, it was never intended that this creature be tamable, and the developers have chosen to leave this as part of the game, as it is no doubt pretty cool. :)

    What this does mean however, is that this pet does not have all of the animations that you would expect a tamable pet to have. This has been brought to the attention of our QA department, and this will be corrected Soon™


    I just want to know if this is also a lie.

  10. Ziarre

    I, too, am extremely displeased at Blizzard’s treachery. If they make Specter unfeedable, I’ll go back to using my blue tiger Griever, but…I will grieve indeed.

  11. Tomas "TomWolf" Forsman

    When I first read about the hunter pet I was sure it was going to get janked. Then, to my own and others disbelief and utter happyness, I read that it was here to stay!

    I play on Sporeggar, a pvp-rp server, and I have a very vivid character story wich is known to my entire guild and to other players as well. At level 45 my story started evolving around a new goal, to get the ghost wolf. I just recently payed overprice for the mystical nightfire diamond to prepare myself for when I get to lvl 66 and go hunting for the mystical pet.

    Needless to say this pet is a big deal for me and my main character. I’ve involved a shaman player and a priest player in the storyline and we all have been roleplaying around it.

    And now I read something that made me shout out bad words that I won’t repeat here…my stomache actually hurt. May sound stupid since this is only a game but it’s not…I enjoy roleplaying, I enjoy the creativity of making the story happen…and now? They lied to us. They just took away a great number of hours I’ve spent on this storyline and the goal that has been driven me. Basicly they made my main character feel joyless for me. I don’t even want to log in to that character right now.

    I can only hope that blizzard reads the response on all the forums about this and realise that for once there isn’t a discussion on the topic…everyone is agreeing that this is a bad move and that they are acting like %@@*@#!s on this topic. I don’t mean no disrespect and I’m really trying hard not to use bad language right now because words I don’t want to use are exploding like fireworks in my head right now.

    The thing is, I don’t powerlevel since that would go against my storyline. I level in a steady pace and didn’t want to get the wolf as soon as I could but rather get it after a long roleplayed struggle.

    They say that it goes against the hunter lore but that’s not true if you think about it. In my story I use a priest and shaman to tame this beast spirit. Only with my hunters knowledge of beast nature, the shamans knowledge of nature spirit and the priests reach into the spirit world could we manage to tame this force.

    So it’s not only because I want a cool pet, it destroyed my entire story.

    It’s like reading the LoTR if Sauron died and the ring turned into a normal ring in the second book. Frodo would become kind of pointless…so does my character feel for me right now.

  12. Ziarre

    Amen, Tomas, amen. I don’t play on a RP server, but I roleplay on Gaia so I feel your pain. Few things hurt more in the RP world than harm done by another to your character’s story (aside from in battles, which is supposed to hurt).

  13. Palladiamorsdeus

    Its not that they took it out. It isn’t about that. Had they said, back when it was first discovered. “Ah, sorry guys, this was accidental, we’re going to remove it.” We’d have been disappointed, but we’d have understood. Heck, had they even just hot fixed it THEN, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. No, whats got everyone so bad is that we were lied to. Yes, I KNOW thats par the course for Blizzard, but that doesn’t make it right. I personally had no intentions of taming one, I have one wolf, and she tends to be a jealous thing. ((On a side note, the ghost wolf would have actually been perfect for her story, but I am way to fond of my Lu to let her go now.)) But that doesn’t mean I can’t be angry over it. And its not quite the same thing, Logic. And your wrong anyway, if they said it could stay, then took it back, you bet I’d be angry on the rogues behalf. Just because you don’t play a class doesn’t mean you can’t care if they get done wrong.

  14. Stainz

    Most of the outrage is due to people being out of pocket in terms of resources spent/farmed to get the gem, and subscription time wasted, especially with the supposed go ahead (remaining in game) then getting futtbucked without warning.

    Blizz as usual showed utter ineptitude in damage limitation with their resident retard saying it hadn’t effected people who didn’t have it (from EU forums). Please provide training for him in common sense and maths please.

    People who have got one are now wondering when the plug will get pulled on what they have and what they successfully spent time & resources on.

    I did like the post after mine on the eu forums about someone who has a crap shammy alt and would like to give it to a hunter as a pet, at least the nerf has inspired some creativity beyond the loophole blizzard dropped this whoopsie over.

    So if it is the case you can take any of your pets to the barbers in the new expansion, and pay extra for the privledge, and whether spirit wolves will be being a Shammy perk in the future it is another slap in the face to the hunters, compared to the buffs other classes have received in the last few patches.

    I started playing wow after the rare pets had their abilities nerfed so this is no doubt the first nerf that has really effected the character, it just means that like many other hunters the class is marginalised, beyond the odd instance, raid and farming. Plenty of hunters around which limits slots, traps seem to break too easily in heroics compared to sheep, decent equipment means you get the mob in the face as the animal cannot retain aggro, and the only real challenge going has been pulled by bureaucrats knee-jerking.

    No massive difference with pets as you can cross over skills, no real challenge in getting pets, can’t get a free mount despite a taming skill, can’t make a mount like other trades, so I really do hope that the subscription fee from thousands of hunters is spent and used wisely in providing something that is worth doing and using the class. More importantly I do hope that they actually make an effort with some of the features they have continually failed to fix, or buff – stable slots, pet food bags, or nerf other classes to the same level. It just seems you get to level 70 and then get bored senseless to the point of playing other games (wise subscription investment) or other classes as beyond farming resources/dailys it’s not worth the effort of spamming 3-4 buttons.

  15. Stainz

    Forgot to add the only thing they have done is tweak pet XP per level. This is a step in the right direction but is a bit of a pishtake with the nerf, and does feel like a token effort. I am levelling up a second pet so there is some benefit, but given the flaws in the class they need to quit window dressing and do something useful.

  16. Fotla

    This is an outrageous nerf from Blizzard. Thanks to their will of making WoW a contentless PvP game instead of a skillfull game.

    Now everything has been lowered for getting more noobs in the realms, powerleveling made easy for kevins not able to do a single quest without whining.


  17. Aok

    My alt is lvl 70 hunter on shattered hand, yes its true, I am from the famous shattered hand server……anyways, I recently tamed humar after pet leveling 2.3 patch and found leveling him to be a long tedious experience. Since the patch I have been grinding steady, and he is now only level 65. I am killing lvl 63 orges in zangamarsh, getting 640 xp per kill. Is there a faster way of grinding ( non instance ) or should i stick with the lvl 63 mobs?


  18. Asara

    Well, of course the higher level of mob, the more xp your pet will get. I got my wolf 2 levels on the elemental plateau farming motes of water yesterday. Then another 2 on the undead people outside Kara. Anywhere with lv 68-70 mobs that are far enough apart for single pulls will do well for you. It may be more bandage-intensive, but seeing the pet xp bar jump 1/3-1/2 on every kill is satisfaction enough for me :) People have also recommended some warlocks in Shadowmoon valley, I don’t remember exactly where, as they’re high level casters, so they’re squishier, but they also stay at range. Good luck!

  19. Rikaku

    Logic, you fail to the point everyone is trying to make, and in fact just being insulting. It’s not the fact that the wolf is gone. Most of us aren’t upset about that. Hell, I was more upset when they made all pets pretty much the same by removing pursuit speeds, special abilities, and attack speed difference.

    For me, it’s the fact they lied. It’s the fact that they had announced it would be here to say, and then without even being straightforward enough to say “We discussed this and agreed it was not intended and decided to remove it.” No, they gave us some crap about it’s “undead” status and “feel” of the hunter class. Which is a load of crap. Sure, even if they had come straight out and said it, it still would’ve been a bit raw response, but at least they wouldn’t be silently hotfixing it and not mentioning it until some poor hunter goes out they and realizes it.

    Feel of a hunter class? What the crap is Blizzard talking about? I’m pretty sure as a multi-billion dollar industry, they could care less about a “feel” of a class. Basically blizzard is saying “Get a cat, ravager, or raptor.” And if I’m not mistaken, it wasn’t until a few months ago that Raptors could even learn Dash. They don’t really care about the pets that are useful and available to a hunter. They don’t care nor know the “feel” of the hunter class. If they did, they would know the challenges of taming that “one pet” is a major draw for most hunters.

    Come on, undead status? That’s crap. It’s not like you had to “track undead” to spot an enemies ghost wolf in pvp. It had no advantages. Plus look at the Undead Boar. Or better yet Ghost Saber. Ghost Wolf, Ghost saber, both transparent, and both assumed to be “spirits” or “guides”. To be honest, I’m surprised the cats even allowed to be tamed still. After all, it rops an item to summon a ghost saber as a guardian.

    And msot important of all, why was the Ghost Wolf tame even on the top of the “fix” list? Really? Was an 8 second mob REALLY that important? I can think of several things wrong that are far more important then a ghost wolf pet.

    And Logic, even if I don’t have a rogue, and Blizzard pulled a stealth hotfix on something Rogues used and enjoyed like you metnioned. Yeah, I *would* be upset. It’s about the breach of trust. In the end, who really wants to pay to play a game where anything that you get told is good to go, has a good chance to be yanked with no warning and a bull response?

  20. Juvial

    Ok this was really a bad move on Blizzard’s end. This reminds me of something that SOE “ie. Sony” would do in SWG or EQ. At minimum however, not that this will make the people that obtained the head item and metagem feel any better, but if you did, hold on to it. If, for some unforeseen reason you want to train a new pet in the future, it still cuts your taming time down. I know that’s not much but just something I thought about. I was fortunate to get a ghost wolf but like other posters have mentioned, one day it may just go away. Also, any time I have ever opened a ticket with Blizz, the help I usually received was ZERO! This kind of attitude is what makes a game crumble if they don’t watch out.

  21. shibumi

    Thomas “tomwolf” reiterates a point about this (and other instances much like this) that a lot of people who are just gaming, and not role playing miss.

    This is more than just an hour or two on the computer, it’s more than ‘i wanna have the best/most unique/prettiest/hardest [to get, DPS, etc] critter – it’s a role play environment to many of us, and as such, an extension of our waking lives. Sure, some more than others, but the investment is similar – you spend time developing the world as your character sees and lives it. When the world is shattered by some act like this, it has repercussions well beyond the ‘golly, canna have that pet now’ state of mind. Folks dedicate a lot of effort and time to this, and in most cases, blizzard has encouraged this (RP servers, etc), but this just flies in the face role playing.

    Harder now to make the effort to establish that environment for your online characters if they really can’t trust the folks that host it. Some folks, like Thomas have a physical reaction to shock in the virtual world – this isn’t unusual, it is a real phenomenon. Some are much more involved and better at merging with that virtual environment than others, but the commitment to do so is very much the same.

    I don’t think that this will ever percolate to the attention of Bliz, in spite of the fact they have created the largest global environment of this nature, beyond the scale of any prior. The efforts (no to mention the monthly dues) of 9 million subscribers will have strong effects on the game mechanics and environments, but I think the effects on a RP player on an RP server are very much ignored. Just a small subset of the larger group. Little or no voice in the babble.

    To bad – Thomas, I feel your angst, while I’m not a true RP, I *do* drop into personalities created with each of my characters – some nice, some not so. They fit the type of character and mood developed as they grew (guess that IS RP). I think there is much more than losing a pet, losing the investment (complex and expensive) of trying to get that rare pet, and RP is one of those aspects. It has been mentioed in the comments here many thoughts about how the Ghost Wolf was merged into a characters life – some quite creative and energetic.

    Mania’s site Petopia supports folks that are both casual players and those that are much more (the pet naming is an example – if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t ask folks to help you name a pet).

    Silly Blizzard – I don’t trust you anymore. I tend to move slowly away from things I don’t trust (ask any of my ex-wives), and rarely ever come back. We’ll see how it goes.

    /shibumi the befuddled

  22. Aok

    I think the real issue is that people want the feeling that they can trust Blizzard to improve a class and not yank things for no clear reason. Blizzard has so many things to do to improve game play and I think it adds to insult that they even wasted a minute doing this “fix” ( why is it called a fix if nothing was wrong with it?) Anyways, Blizz should be promoting Hunters to tame many different pets so they should be unlocking pets not eliminating them.

  23. Palladiamorsdeus

    I have a couple of theories. I’ve been giving it some thought, and while they are obvious, I thought I’d list them out anyway.

    1: As was mentioned before, the spirit guides may have a place in the future of WoW. This would make sense, if you compare the shaman to the Farseer of Warcraft 3 fame. There, Farseers had the ability to summon two spirit wolves to fight for them. Good and fine. We still can’t have them why?

    2: The ghost wolf was screwing with a game mechanic. Okay. Fix it. Blizzard has a long, long standing history of shoving problems off in the easiest way possible, especially where hunters are concerned. A pet doesn’t react properly? Bah, make it untameable. A pet is running to fast? Normalize them all! A pet attacks to fast? Normalize them all! You say you have a deadzone? Deal with it! This lazy attitude is seriously getting old. Either way, be man/woman enough to tell us the truth, and not be stupid wankers and give us blatant lies as a reason.

    3: Plans for reintroduction at a later date. It is entirely possible we’ll see some form of the ghost wolf galloping around in Wrath of The Lich King. Blizzard also has a bit of a history of handing us things, taking them away, and then handing them back at a later date. That goes for ALL classes. Of course, all classes also have nice things taken away. Like paladins and the illumination nerf((That one still gets me. Shaman can have a 100% critical damage boost, a 100% critical chance, AND a free spell cast, in two talents? Illumination is FIVE points in itself! Divine favor is another point!)). If thats the case though, then why go underhanded with it? Be up front, be honest with us. Give us some kind of hope.

    Whatever the future implications, Blizzard has handled this very, very badly so far. I know WoW is the single largest MMO in the world, but if you start doing your customers wrong, then your just asking for it.

  24. Pike

    I guess what bothers me the most about this whole thing is that they gave no advance warning that it was going to be removed, after they said it would be staying.

    I can understand them changing their minds about it… but at least hand out some warning so the people who really want it know they have a limited time frame.

    I do like the idea of “limited edition” pets if we are made very aware of the fact that they are going to be limited edition. Which they didn’t in this case.

    The next portion of my comment is directed at the comment above mine; “I think if you can recolor your pet in WoTLK, I’ll quit WoW.” Honestly… and yes, I know this is just me being a gigantic dork… I come to love my pets for the experiences I share with them and not just for their color or rarity. Tux is a plain ol’ gray owl and I would never exchange him for one of those fancy-schmancy white or red/purple owls. Similarly, Locke is my special teal Rak’Shiri kitty, but if tomorrow Blizzard decided they were nerfing Rak’Shiri (truthfully they already sort of did, by recently making that “skin” easier to tame) and recolored him some “normal” color, I would still never give him up because I love him and we’ve shared so many experiences together in WoW. So I dunno about you, but my pets are more than just about color.

  25. Palladiamorsdeus

    Sorry Pike, but I feel like that would completely kill any sort of variation on pets there might have once been. Right now, we still at least kind of have a reason to tame different pets, their skins. But if you can make you pet look like anything, it would honestly kill the feel for me. I LOVE my white wolf, and as far as WoW goes, she means a lot to me, but if Blizzard goes that far in killing any sort of creativity in hunters….. *shakes his head*

  26. Pike

    Oh I agree with ya Palladiamorsdeus, I love the different color choices available and the way you can “customize” your pet by taming the one that looks and feels right. I really hope Blizzard continues to increase the number of unique and rare pet skins out there. I’m just sayin’, if Blizz continues to nerf that portion of the game… oh it’ll make me sad… but not sad enough to quit! =P

  27. Tealam

    Wow… I would be so pissed if they gave the wolf to Shammies. PISSED! Ok hunters, we’ll let you have a cool wolf. *LIE* *yoink!* Umm… Nope sorry, no wolf for you. *gives it to Shammies* Don’t get me wrong, I love Shams. But that would be ridiculously uncool.

    I had little intention to tame that puppy, but he was really awesome looking. I agree with everyone with the statement that Blizz nerfed on fun.

  28. Redeye

    It will be pulled just like the ZG snakes,
    They will make it unfeedable until the pet gets so mad at the hunter he leaves him.

    They did it in ZG and they will do it again here. :(

  29. Yeebo

    Making the Zul snakes unfeedable was idiotic. It was nothing but a gimpy pet that learned very few abilities, but was sort of a bitch to get. I was happy went they re-introduced them, but I never saw why they decided to pull them in the first place.

    And now, round two. A pet that’s a turbo bitch to get, and is no better than a dead common plain jane wolf. What in on earth is game breaking about that?

    And both times they give reasons for pulling the pet that don’t make the first bit of sense. I don’t even play anymore and I’m pissed off about it. If I were playing and had started saving up for one of those suckers, I’d be livid.

  30. Palladiamorsdeus

    I apologize Pike, I think I am just a bit jaded. I’ve been around for a bit now, and just had one unique thing after another yanked from my hunter experience, to the point where its almost not fun anymore. I love my hunter, but for me, it really is all about the pets, and as one hammer after another falls on them, its just becoming more and more evident that BLizzard doesn’t care about what amounts to a major part of our class.

  31. Azbulldog

    I’m just happy I got one while I did, I was not going to at first, but I predicted them removing it, and I couldn’t help it; I adore these wolves, so I pulled together the cash for the gems and stuff and got one with the help of another hunter who also got one. Then I was surprised they said they were going to keep it in. I liked that I got one while I did, because I thought would be unique, and now can no longer be tamed so it will remain that way. Sorry for the other hunters, but snooze you loose :P

  32. Rutina

    I wouldn’t be too upset if they made them unfeedable, since ressing in a battleground solves that well enough for my liking. I fully expect a 2.4 patch note along the lines of “All tamed wolves with the wolf_ghost model will be replaced with wolfskinartic” like they’ve done in the past. I’m pleased I went to the effort to get one while I could, but I’m already making plans to replace it :/

    I doubt Shamans getting ghost wolf things in the future would be a reason for removing them — after all, we can tame cats with the Druid’s Travel Form model.

  33. Palladiamorsdeus

    Azbulldog, the only reason your not getting a harsh response to that is because I already feel bad about disrupting the peace on Manias blog. Suffice to say, it should not have been a ‘you snooze, you lose scenario.” It should have been Blizzard keeping its word. I am going to ask that if you can not refrain from posting just to shove it in other peoples face, to not post at all. Thank you.

  34. shibumi

    I see a vague (yeah, it’s a stretch) similarity in the abrupt and huge change that happened in Star Wars Galaxies a few years back. Creature Handlers there were quite similar to the hunter class here. Tame pets, roam around solo with your pet, explore etc. it was kind of interesting. Then Sony did some ‘focus groups’ and decided to completely revamp the game into essentially a FSP.

    Now, I don’t like twitchy, FSP kind of gaming. I quit, since there was little or nothing for me to do – I had been there since closed beta (similar to WoW). I recently went back in at my brother’s request and found the pendulum had swung back a bit and they returned to a wider game playing style, even with pets (albeit complex to gain), but it ain’t the same.

    Here, in WoW, I see the efforts tend to be based on the loudest voices – those who get in the face of developers or somehow tend to get attention. Hunters, in all the WoW infrastructure, are unigue as they are not designed to be FSP type players. Much of the efforts (nearly, if not all) for development has been directed at the twitch players – Battle Grounds, PvP, and so on. I don’t do any of that, and as a result, find less and less enjoyment in the game. I still like to explore, and wander, and see what pets are out there, though I know they have been nerf to the point it’s silly, but it’s something *other* than the apparently much more popular in your face gaming.

    I think the ‘focus groups’ in SWG, if they existed at all, were a farce. That the people that came were the twitch players, and noone were heard from that enjoyed the other aspects of gaming that *isn’t* PvP or played with a game pad.

    wonder if there’s a similar bent at Blizz?

  35. Estella

    Part of me wonders if by any chance a petition would help in the cause. Not one with simple names, but maybe an organization requiring -all- server participation.

    IE: Everyone both Horde and Alliance (not limited to level or class) side meet at a certain location in support of the Ghost Wolves. Screenshots taken.

    Maybe the volume of players taken to a visual level could make a heavier impact than those in text/forum format alone.

    I doubt in the long run anything would be done – never the less an event that shows the community members collaborating together to show support may at least make them reconsider events like this in the future?

    Just my two cents while at work. I’m admittedly highly concerned about my own ghost wolf I tamed. I’m worried, and admittedly slacked off on leveling her, because I’m paranoid at the fact I’m going to waste the time in leveling her only to have her be taken away or changed from what she is now. I know my concerns are not limited to just me, but have been expressed numerous times. Like I said, merely my two cents.

    -Estella of MG.

  36. Emowin

    I like the petition Idea Estella. Dont know if it will do any good as Bliz dont seam to listen to much to alot of their players, especally us hunters, but its worth a try. Hey maybe if we all made wars. or healers they would listen. Ha ha ha. Any way I’m in, name the time and place and I’m there.

  37. Kurdor

    I’m on a server just about as un-RP as they come, and even I can’t help making little backstories for my pets during the mindless grind for something or other. It’s nothing much, but I completely appreciate where people on RP servers are coming from with this, because a ghostwolf bound to a living hunter is just BEGGING to have a story behind it.

    Unique, “epic” pets are something I’ve been championing for a while now, not necessarily with epic stats, but with epic looks. When I first saw this wolf on Mania’s blog, I assumed it was a stealthy answer to that. A wolf that was tameable, but in a completely obscure way that requred a helmet with a meta gem, a leatherworker, and a shaman. But damn was I wrong.

    Blizzard should be encouraging rare pet looks, adding strange and exotic pets in the game in ways that must make hunters think about how to tame them. There are many cat and warp stalker skins, for example, that aren’t in the game and would make excellent rare pets, but Blizzard will seemingly have nothing to do with it. It’s a damn shame that non-gamebreaking fun that was unintended is nixed from the game.

  38. Poacher of Bloodscalp

    When I heard about this, I immediately did my dailies, rounded up the resources and headed out to Dustwallow to pick it up. I knew Blizzard would take em away eventually, though I am glad I ended up with one.

    There is no point to remove the ability to tame one simply because “it detracts from the expected look and feel of the hunter class” as Blizzard put it. Other than Dungeon Sets and Tier Gear, there is no “look and feel” to each class. Take for instance the T4/5/6 gear for hunters. None of the set’s adhere to any one look and feel.

    These pets have nothing that makes them OP in any way. If you ask me, they UP hunters because of the lack of abilities they can learn and due to the fact that they glow in the dark.

    I had my stables full before I got this pet and I actually had recently acquired the rare black lion from The Barrens. I was using Trachella at the time (the black and white torgos clone) as it was my only leveled pet. I released my King Bengalesh and used his spot to fill in with the Ghost Wolf. I then had to level my Humar (black lion) to 70 so I had a raid ready pet as I had to release Trachella to get the Furious Howl ability from a random wolf in Terrokar. I have plans on retaming Trachella. My point here is that if they take the already tamed Ghost Wolves away, I will heavilly contemplate returning to playing Final Fantasy XII as they don’t take things away from their players once they have it.

  39. Stainz

    The idea of a petition sounds good, from the US & EU forums it is fair to say Blizz, have managed to upset a fair few people. I’ve never used the forums before (laziness) and this is the first thing I’ve been pretty vocal about, not that I haven’t been cynical about Blizzard in the past, and why I waited 18 months to play the game.

    However it works on the assumption that someone at Blizzard really gives a sh!t. From past nerfs & perks, and the dramatic U-turn, indecision, incompetant justifications, removal of evidence (wiping the blue post) it just seems to be another lost cause for hunters and another slap in the face to a class that has had one of their main attributes (pets) continually marginalized. They frankly already have your (our) money, they will be wanting more money, and we’ll happily (and distinctly unhappily) give them it as unless you’re prepared to walk away from the time & effort (ignoring the social aspect) that you’ve put in, they remain in a ‘win-win’ senario, with their now global stomping conglomeration.

    Unless someone with integrity and brains (haha) within Blizzard does force some changes and actually make pets unique, or rather make the different species do something more beyond generic skills then we’ll remain gimped. If they do add in the pets barbers shops to slightly tweak the skins it may be a vague olive branch, but until they create pets and challenges to actually tax our class, provide a challenge, or even a decent quest/storyline then I’ll no doubt spend more time on my other 70 (Warrior). It just seems that unless you play a non-hunter character, you will struggle over other dps chars for instance slots, don’t get the pet variety & equality as other classes, and do not get anything vaguely useful when Blizz do perk classes (Pallys & Shamys spring to mind). Tweaked viper, crap volley animations, 1 ability removal with Aimed shot & tweak to pet XP – WoW.

    I am interested to see if they do have the guts to add a nice perk on their next tweak, and I think the support over this is a good idea, I just cannot see them u-turning, especially after the idjuts they wheeled out for PR managed to wind everyone up further.

  40. Akyo

    For me this just shows that Blizzard dont really care about what the players actually likes and wants.
    I got my ghost wolf long ago and hes now 70 and im happy with him. I had two dps pets and wanted something different.

    saying that the wolfs was here to stay then suddenly removing it without telling just makes me wanna hit someone from blizzard.
    Ok so it had the UNDEAD wolf look. a ghost. but what about the rotten bears and wolfs(as stated above) elsewhere in the game?! arent they just as Undead?! this wolf dident do anything else than look Different. it dident have more AP, stam(and so on) than anny other wolf in-game. also it only lived for 8 sec. 8 SEC! meaning that only the hunters that actualy wanted to spend gold and time to get it would have one, seeing as many hunters look at wolves as useless or dident bother spending the time on getting one.

    this was the only challenging pet in game to tame! making it a lil bit funnier to be a high lvl hunter.
    ok…the ghost sabre can be tricky to..and some instance beasts like the kara bat(not a uniqe skin, but the highest lvl bat in game), the dark-brown owls(dont think u can find that skin anywhere else) or most of the serpents. All these can be tamed solo though and all u need to do is to find a safe spot to heal up and start taming.
    This is the only pet with a EPIC look.(in my eyes atleast). there is nothing special about pets annymore after theyr speed where normalized. only the skin makes em look different, making many hunters wanting to go for Humar the pridelord or the white lion(both too common now).

    yes i got mine already and should be happy right?!
    no! blizz lied to us and i wont forget that. also its sad that i cant get this pet on anny of my other hunters or for the lower lvl hunters that lvled hard or pvped/pve`ed like crazy (to get a metasocket helm) for this fella, cant get it annymore.

  41. Cecime

    I am so tempted to say that it’s likely a pvp nerf. While unsure if true, I can imagine that the ghost wolf is harder to see in for example Alterac Valley and thus that people complained on it and you know that pvp is what Blizzard focuses on.

  42. Mahumia

    Sadly enough blizz seems to like to nerf all they can and taking away a lot of fun…
    I do have a hunter too, but I couldn’t be bothered to grab this baby. Didn’t fix with my character imo XD.
    Sadly enough a lot of ways to be ‘unique’ are taken away. Especially at the roleplay servers that’s quite a shame I think.
    Same for casual gaming… that becomes quite useless too. I like to run an instance every now and then, but not like 4+ days a week. Seeing that you need to run loads and loads of instances for getting a change to gear up (<5% droprates ftw and pvp gear usually sucks in instances for most classes)… never mind… The game is becoming too much the world of people without lives who spend whole days in a virtual world so they can be very proud with their ‘omg epix, I’m soo 1337, I’ve got full tier x. What do you mean, what do you do besides WoW? There is real life, only afk’ Sorry, I pass for that.

    I think it would be a good idea if blizz would give more options to play the game instead of removing them… give professions more options to make cool stuff without the need to run heroics/raids (give (rare) droprates in farming stuff instead or something), make more unique and/or rare pets/mounts/companions for people to fashion up, etc. Humans are the only race with a larger choice in different level 40 mounts for example (4 colors instead of 3) what are the other races lacking to not deserve the same choice? Or is it a lack of originality on blizz side?

  43. Piia

    I personally was happy to hear they fixed it since the players who got theirs can keep it. Everyone who wanted one should have jumped on the opportunity and got one immediately like I did. Thus for all those that didn’t bother made the pet more rarer for the ones that wanted it.

  44. Si

    The response on the EU forums is typical of the response from EU GM’s and support staff, i.e no where near as good or human as you guys in US get :(

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