Ghost Wolf Removal Roundup

As I posted yesterday, it looks like our chance to tame the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, aka the ghost wolf, is gone. And the hunter community, as expected, is not reacting well to the news.

A number of the blogs that I read have posted their own feelings on the matter, and since many of them have expressed themselves better than I could I’m just going to link to them.

[Edit: And a couple more I particularly enjoyed:]

In addition, I was curious to see what the EU Blizzard poster who had said that the ghost wolf would be staying had to say about this matter, so I headed over to the EU forums. I found a very short and rather unsatisfying post:

We do appreciate that this is inconsistent with information posted previously on the Grimtotem Spirit Guide, and we apologise for any confusion caused.

Shortly thereafter Issuntril shut down the thread:

This thread has degenerated into a non-constructive flame thread, and as there is no further assistance the in-game support team can offer with this, the thread will be locked.

If you would like to discuss this issue further, then please do so either in the suggestion forums or the Hunter class forums.

The Blizzard response in those two EU forums (suggestions and hunter) was limited to a simple confirmation with no additional details. Nor have I been able to find any additional details on the US forums.

[Edit: I've turned all my posts about the ghost wolf into a series so it is easier to follow the entire saga.]

57 thoughts on “Ghost Wolf Removal Roundup

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  2. Cavernaugh Clan Chief

    OK…. I am about to get jumped on. I can feel it! The novelty of the Ghost Wolf is awesome. It looks great! For those of you who have them, “congratulations!!” Let’s be honest. Society shunning, woods stomping, pet loving hunters, despised by most other Classes are not about to suddenly get all social as was required for the Ghost Wolf tame. Without upper level jewel enhances the tame was a team effort that no hunter, the ultimate soloing toon, could do on their own.

    Yes, the Ghost Wolf was nerfed. Yes, Bliz was slightly two-faced in this issue. Yes, I feel for those RPers who adjusted character bios to accommodate the anticipated taming. However, this really wasn’t a Hunter pet. IMO. I can only hope that Bliz finally gives us a new upper level Ape with a few more levels of Thunderstomp, I’d happily trade that for a see-through wolf.

  3. Drakkena

    I had started up saving in hopes of the possibility of taming one. However when I came over here to find that they have been nerfed and taken I was rather disappointed. In a sense with everyone else.

    They LIED to us in the matter that it would stay into the game and therefore had us thinking Oh hey! We get something worth our efforts to tame! But, just like everything else Blizzard has to ‘take it’ and throw it into the trash pile because it doesn’t fit so well with their plans.

    How many times have we seen a pet disappear or get nerfed? Araga was one, with her LOVELY glitched tail stripes that have now been removed. We also have Hawkbane who has been or supposedly has been removed from the game. And I don’t know how many others have been taken from us.

    Araga isn’t as big as this or Hawkbane for that matter. But still, we get something COOL and blizzard goes HOMG no you can’t have it. And really, if they plan on giving it to a shammy as a summon… they better be prepared for the shit fit of a lifetime from everyone. We have ghost sabers, but they just don’t compare to a spectral wolf (I call it Spectral because it looks nothing like a ghost lol)

    But still, if they want to nerf the Ghost wolf how about upping up some of the other pets we have? Like maybe giving a Spider a new more, or maybe a CRAB for petes sake. Heck add in something worthy to tame since they are basically one siding all the pets like the one statement said. If we want a tank? Bear or Boar possibly a Scorpid but when have you seen a Scorpid tanking over a boar? You want DPS, Cats are your thing mostly, then a Raptor or Ravager (Majority is a cat) and then for the other side, annoyances and things Owls are the top, alongside with Bats and possibly the Carrion Birds.

    You rarely see things like the spiders, crabs, crocs, etc. because they don’t have moves. Bah, give a croc Death Roll or something! Then you’ll see more tamed D<

  4. Shameel

    This really bites. I play a hunter and I’m sick of the way Blizzard treats pets. The most fun about being a hunter was the pets. Working hard to get a pet with unique attributes was fun. But then they normalized all pet attack speeds, and now they take away the only pet in game that could be considered unique. It just makes playing a hunter less fun, somehow, when theres a lack of any really unique pets in the game.

  5. Ahoshoyo

    I don’t understand the rationale behind making certain members of tameable species “untameable,” since they’re basically just palette-swaps of a base hunter pet type. And since the ability to (1) name your pet, and (2) decide (by way of choosing which pet you tame) which look you prefer are two of the advantages that Hunters have over the Warlock’s pets, the chipping-away at that advantage does absolutely nothing but rob Hunter players of whatever fun they derive from the game.

    … Then again, “untameable” pets are sort of a sore subject for me. One of my first forrays as a Hunter involved levelling an Orc Hunter for the express purpose of taming a Zebra. … lol I cried for weeks after that.

  6. Menoseloso

    I think Blizzard taking away the Ghost Wolf is a good thing, but yes, I am really depressed that I wasn’t able to tame one myself. Think of it this way though, when I first saw a netherdrake thats all I wanted for the longest time. I thought they were the coolest mounts in the game. Now I have one…and so does everyone else on our server. Takes a little of the fun away. Grats to those who were able to grab a Ghose Wolf in time, and make sure to flaunt that puppy around!!!

  7. Wetmango

    The said they had “no plans” to remove. Plans change people. I am a hunter and I would have liked to tame this pet too but get over it. If you spent gold on mats just resell them. Not a big deal…. IMHO

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