Maja: Level 40 Tallstrider vs Hyena

While I was waiting on Patch 2.3.2 with its faster pet leveling, I spent a lot of time with my newest hunter, Maja. About a week ago she hit level 40 and promptly bought a black hawkstrider. (The original plan had been to purchase an skeletal horse instead, but try as I might I am still 5500 reputation short of Exalted with Undercity. So it’s a chicken for now!) But level 40 seems like a good time to pause and take a comparitive look at the stats and utility of her two pets: Sarcasm the tallstrider and Scorn the hyena.

(If you read this blog regularly, you may wonder how I got to 40 so quickly. I didn’t, really — I just neglected to publish the previous posts on Maja until a couple of weeks ago. But she’s been steaming along at my normal leveling rate — that is, rather slowly (but surely!) — for awhile now.)

And how have the pets been doing? Very well, over all. I went to pick up a Kolkar Packhound as planned at level 13. It was a real mess, though — I had forgotten that these guys are found in a patrol with three hyenas and a centaur. I had to tame a temporary raptor pet, then find a patrol, then pick off the centaur and two of the hounds, one at a time (generally with a death between each!). Just to make matters worse, the hyenas got bugged serveral times and I had to wait for them to reset. I was actually level 14 before I managed the tame. But manage it I did, and I named my lovely hyena Scorn.

Then at level 20 my beautiful pink tallstrider Sarcasm went through her first molt and came out with gorgeous turqiose plummage. (In non-RP terms, I headed to Darkshore and tamed the Strider Clutchmother.)

As I mentioned, I taught the tallstrider Great Stamina to increase her health, and taught the hyena Natural Armor to increase his armor. From 14 to 38 I saw no appreciable difference between these pets, and neither one gave my any problems whatsoever. I was largely completing orange quests and only very orange or red enemies gave me any problems with aggro. (For reference, my normal method is to mark, send in the pet, then Serpent Sting while the pet is closing. The mob comes for me, then gets hit with Growl on the way and snaps to a halt. With orange enemies, I have to let the pet get all the way in and either Growl or (if that misses) attack for a few seconds.)

I was also expecting to see a difference between these pets and Kaet’s crabs in one way or another — either because crabs do less damage or because crabs have Claw while these two have Bite — but I saw no real difference there either.

Around level 38 I started having trouble keeping both pets leveled with me. I had thought it wouldn’t be so bad with only two pets, especially if I was careful not to build up too much rest XP, but … when I hit level 40 my pets were level 37 and 38 and they weren’t catching up. So I decided to shelve the project until Patch 2.3.2 came out. Before I did, however, I headed down to the Scarlet Monastery to tame a Scarlet Tracking Hound. Err … rather … to help Scorn through his first molt. He came out a rich, deep red (but also level 33).

So then pause until Patch 2.3.2 went live. I logged in Maja and leveled both pets up to 40 in just a few hours. (Ah, that’s much better!) Anyway, here you are: a direct side-by-side comparison of the stats at level 40. Keep in mind that Maja herself is level 41 and using a modified Beast Mastery build. The talents that affect that pets’ stats at this point are:

  • 5/5 Endurance Training (+10% pet health)
  • 3/3 Thick Hide (+20 pet armor, +10% armor scaling)
  • 5/5 Unleashed Fury (+20% damage)

Both pets are trained with the following skills (as well as the ones mentioned in the table):

  • Avoidance
  • Bite 5
  • Cobra Reflexes
  • Dash 1
  • Growl 5

Oh, and both pets were happy when I recoded their stats. At this point, both pets share the following stats (and so I’m only going to list them once). Note that Power is listed in the format base (which comes from the pet’s Strength) + hunter scaling component.

Level 40
Strength 78
Agility 50
Intellect 26
Spirit 52
Power 136+75
Damage 64-80
Attack Speed 1.54
Damage Per Second 46.7
Spell Bonus +44

So how are these pets different? Well, first I compared them with just Great Stamina on the tallstrider and just Natural Armor on the hyena, and then to get a more realistic playing comparison I trained both with both skills. The chart below shows the difference in health and armor.

Tallstrider w/ GS6 Tallstrider w/ GS6 + NA6 Hyena w/ NA6 Hyena w/ GS6 + NA6
Stamina 177+27 177+27 160+27 177+27
Health 2268 2268 1973 2160
Armor 1974+895 1974+1411 1974+1526 1974+1526
Reduces Physical Damage/td>

43.02% 47.11% 47.95% 47.95%

I’ve listed exactly what the pet panel shows here, but keep in mind that the format on the pet panel is not always consistent. For armor, the format is base (which is the same for all pets this level) + modifiers (which includes the family modifier, pet skills, hunter talents and buffs). For stamina, the format is pet stamina (which includes the base, family modifier, pet skills and hunter talents) + hunter scaling component.

Of course, while the numbers are interesting the real point is how the pets play. And even with the tallstrider trained for health only and the hyena trained for armor only, I’m just not seeing a difference at this point.

9 thoughts on “Maja: Level 40 Tallstrider vs Hyena

  1. Ronorin

    Hm. Interesting. Good article and I look foward to seeing how it turns out. Leveling a Hunter, I always found pet skill allocation the toughest. No one really addresses how to properly build a pet and why, so I’m glad you’re getting into it.

  2. Wolfington

    I wonder how a snake would compare. I will have to figure that out. UNurtunetly, my little RP hunter is only a 27 and is NOT chugging along. I play him once or twice every 3 days, always bored out of my mind. Gad I need to look for new pets. Why am I bothering you with this? sorry. I hope Maja gets her scelly horse soon!
    btw, love your pets names!

  3. Someone

    I don’t use Serpent Sting but rather Scorpid (completely forgot about the +RAP scaling that Serpent sting has now!). Maybe I’ll try back again soon.
    As for NA or GS, I find them TOO expensive, TP-wise. You can’t even max both at 70! I usually go with Avoidance, Dash/Dive/Charge, Prowl, Claw/Gore, Cobra Reflexes and the rest I split between the resistances, usually leaving NR behind as I can always turn AotW on…

    This usually gives my pets a lot more “resistance” (pun intended!) to a broad range of magic schools. This not only stops some of the caster damage, it also has the advantage that some effects such as sheep, sleep, fear, frost nova and other ways of CC have a very good chance of being resisted thus preventing the pet from being useless until a proper Mend Pet kicks in and “heals” the effect over. It also allows to farm dragons and other mobs a LOT better! Every time I think about the experience with Someone farming some orange elite dragons and a nearby hunter trying to do the same and failing miserably! There’s no money that can pay that! :)

    I too have used the 2.3.2 faster pet level speed! In just 2 night’s play (under 2 hours each), I managed to bring my 53 cat to 60! For a while, I thought of replacing (read: help Gato through his first molt!) for a Wintersaber the same color of the Wintersaber mount, but, even with the extended XP, that’s still 160+ turnins to get to Exalted so I’ll leave that to when I’m REALLY bored! I’ll probably try some early TBC instance (aka: Hellfire Ramparts!) when both me and cat get to 63 and see how it goes!

    BTW: I leveled around 1/2 level or less while grinding my cat from 53 to 60! So that’s 7 levels for Gato and 0.5 for me! Not bad. Means that most likely one can be with a same level pet in the early 10% or less after dinging, instead of having the pet ding half-way through!

  4. Tzia / Yazmin

    Molting to a lovely blue-green. Nice. Now if only you had given the hyena a bath… maybe that’s where the levels went? I always enjoy reading this blog, even if I don’t comment often.

  5. Palladiamorsdeus

    I’m probably going to get a lot of “Your wrongs!” on this, but caster pets aside, there isn’t a huge variance in performence. I am from a time when there WAS a huge difference in how each pet played, but now, they all just feel the same. I don’t even get any joy out of scorpid poison anymore, and I was using scorpids before most people knew they existed. I love my pets, I do, but I am seriously wishing for an improvement to them.

  6. sandralover

    i have had the clutchmother for a while on one of my alts and apart from the food fun ,it is equal to most other pets i have tried , i tend to only train pet in the basic bite/growl/claw unless pet is getting damaged badly ,

    when i was around level 63 i tried a caster pet , the nether ray apart from being a little weaker than other pets the same level did its job i did not die and neither did my pet except when we were farming the naga and getting mobbed by several at once , those dam guards i soon learned needed to be killed fast and as most hunters will have found out there are some boss type elites that would kill any pet in a few hits anyway ,

    the real choice in pets is just on looks or if you are doing pvp then the choices in some pets like boars does make sense ,

    the way the pet stats have been done means all pets can be made just about equal except for the damage they do , but as far as i can tell it makes so little difference the damage the pet does still works out the same as it just takes a little longer for some to help kill the mob , i think to many hunters look at the pet families stats and think wow that one has good health or armour or damage , the real truth is the pet holds aggro off the hunter and we do the real damage , for me until a hunter can get the dash talent at 30+ the boar is the fastest pet out there at low level and i like that speed as to watch a pet slowly run to the mob is soul destroying , but then again i have seen a 70 hunter with her ? pet on prowl and that did seem so surreal to me , a little like watching paint drying and just as exciting , i can understand it in pvp or in an instance or perhaps picking out just 1 mob from in a group but not in normal play

  7. Fi

    This sounds about right to me. At these levels you don’t have the biggest drain on training points. What I would be curious to see is at level 70 how this effects things, when you have top level(and thus more expensive) offensive skills taking up points, so that if you trained both you could only get level 9 or so, while if you trained just one could get them up to level 12(not sure the top level of NA and GS).

    And really all of this comes down to a tank type pet. As was posted before, if you have a high dps pet for raids and groups, you’ll want to pump avoidance and resistances to stay away from the aoe spells.

  8. gareth

    woa reading this is realy cool i’m in a pvp realm listing to the “moltes” make me wish i was on PVP/RP realm :D any ways i say stay with ur plain strider (much prettyer :D)

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