Ghost Wolf Gone

Just a short while ago, Drysc posted the unfortunate news on the WoW Hunters forum: the ghost wolf (aka the Grimtotem Spirit Guide) can no longer be tamed. Drysc says:

Through a hotfix we’ve recently removed the ability to tame a Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Players who have already gone through the trouble of taming the creature will be able to keep them unchanged. This hotfix only removes the possibility to tame this creature from here on.

The removal of the spirit guide has been debated within design discussions for a while now as to what impact the pet and its precedent has on the game.
The unintended nature of the taming, the undead status of the guide, appearance of the wolf in relation to the feel of the hunter class, and the complex processes of taming were all issues touched upon and discussed.

Ultimately the discussions brought us to the conclusion that this should not be a permanent addition to the pet selection available to hunters; however, those that have already tamed them should be allowed to keep them due to their efforts in obtaining one.

Previously, Blizzard had said that they would be leaving the ghost wolf as a tameable creature. Apparently, they changed their mind.

My thanks to Alanonymous for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. wolvesanddogs

    Zalthor wrote:

    “I just want to point out the fact that they automatically gave you the ghost wolf for a pet if you made a hunter character on the Test Realms. What was the point of that if they were removing the pet from the game? Its like handing a kid a lollipop and then snatching it back and laughing at them.”

    Ever stop and think that maybe they were testing the nuts and bolts of the ghost wolf on a large scale? Perhaps they decided (after testing) it was too buggy to fix (running animation, no ‘howl’ idle sound) and removed it on the production side.

  2. Whyle

    Indeed a great upset for the world of Hunters, this being one of the coolest pets that the hunter can tame. I myself am a lvl 70 hunter that uses cats but was going to pick this up and level it because of its rarity. But, oh well I still have my cat. My congrats go out to those who put the time and money into getting one of these and succeeding, you got a very nice rare pet that you should be proud of. And to those who got screwed over like myself, I feel your pain.

    -Whyle (kargath server) lvl 70 NE hunter

  3. gareth

    erm i know this is wrong and that but i didnt know how to make my own Name That Pet ,
    i just got mazzzarchant (pink talk strider ( i got a lvl 40 xD) odse nay one know a good name?

  4. Sashi

    I am also sorry for my fellow hunters who now cannot get this incredible looking little wolf.

    The first one that I ever saw belonged to Rikaku on my realm, and I saw him in IF over the holidays. I immediately began to look into obtaining one. I’m so glad that I acted quickly on this. After reading up on how to get one, I was worried that Blizzard would do exactly what they did.

    It’s pretty amazing that I was even able to get this wolf tamed. We started with the usual tools (gem, drums, juju flurries and shammy heroism), but without the benefit of a priest’s MC. I did not think it would work, but my wonderful friend, Shammyhagar, was persistent and thought we still had a chance. We got very, very lucky and the timing finally worked. Many thanks to my friend.

    I finally got my wolf to level 70 last week! I’ve grown fond of his little speed walk, although I’ve noticed that he does run, too. It isn’t for very long and you have to be running to get him to do it, but he does “run” in short bursts. I love him :) and do not consider him to be “broken” in any way. He is named Inky after the blue Pac-Man ghostie, lol.

    Again, I feel for those who wanted a ghost wolf and are now unable to get one. :(

    Be well and happy hunting to all.

  5. Lanna7

    I feel bad for the ppl that cant tame him now. But I am glad I jumped on this wolf the moment I found out he was available and tamed him the same day. He’s not a lvl 70. Altho now, it will only make him more rare that I have him, and I’ve only seen one other hunter with him on my server. =)

  6. Hawkshadow

    yeah this really does suck. gratz for those of you who got the wolf, and i really hope that blizz does not decide to take yours away. and sorry for those of you who did not get the chance to get one.
    heh i know how that feels, i bought the gem, got the guildies together, went all the way to the marsh and tried to tame the wolf twice (but i was laggin like hell so it did not work), then my shammy friend had to go so we made a time to try again the next day. of course blizz decides to use the hotfix then lol…i blame blizz and my lag for this -.-

  7. huntlord


  8. Taylor

    In my opinion they need to increase the variety of pets for hunters to choose from. Everyone has basicaly the same types, and its boring.
    They shouldnt just give us a new look ‘I noticed everyone had the big white cats before TBC… Lets release the same skin of cat… BUT A DIFFERENT COLOUR! Im a genius…’ They need to give us new beasts, that are actually good…

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