Ghost Wolf Gone

Just a short while ago, Drysc posted the unfortunate news on the WoW Hunters forum: the ghost wolf (aka the Grimtotem Spirit Guide) can no longer be tamed. Drysc says:

Through a hotfix we’ve recently removed the ability to tame a Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Players who have already gone through the trouble of taming the creature will be able to keep them unchanged. This hotfix only removes the possibility to tame this creature from here on.

The removal of the spirit guide has been debated within design discussions for a while now as to what impact the pet and its precedent has on the game.
The unintended nature of the taming, the undead status of the guide, appearance of the wolf in relation to the feel of the hunter class, and the complex processes of taming were all issues touched upon and discussed.

Ultimately the discussions brought us to the conclusion that this should not be a permanent addition to the pet selection available to hunters; however, those that have already tamed them should be allowed to keep them due to their efforts in obtaining one.

Previously, Blizzard had said that they would be leaving the ghost wolf as a tameable creature. Apparently, they changed their mind.

My thanks to Alanonymous for bringing this to my attention.

111 thoughts on “Ghost Wolf Gone

  1. Alanonymous

    I hate to have been the bringer of such bad news, while I am glad I have one myself, its a shame its no longer available.

  2. Draketh

    let me be the first to say in the comment thread:


    why didn’t i tame one when i had the chance!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Misty

    Glad I already have mine. Sorry to those who were lulled into a false sense of security by blizz’s previous statements and now can’t tame :(

  4. Someone

    Hmmm… So, first they say it’s going to stay, now they remove it and say that those who did tame it can keep it… Am I the only one to see where this is heading? It’s not the players fault that Blizzard can’t get their act together! I’m not too worried as I don’t like wolves, but anyway, it’s a bad move…

  5. Leper

    is this already in effect i just hit 62 on my hunter but i have no money ill get borrow it all today if this is my last chance to get it

  6. Misty

    Yeah, but just because Blizz says we can keep it now, doesn’t mean they’re not going to make them unfeedable later.

    Two weeks ago: Everyone can tame Ghost Wolves forever yay!
    Today: No longer tamable, but you can keep yours!
    Two weeks from now: WHY CANT I FEED MY GHOST WOLF?

    It’s not too hard to imagine :(

  7. MelRedcap

    Not. Happy. Jan.

    My highest hunter is level 39 so it’s not as if I was going to do this any time soon, but I certainly planned to! Not to mention the people who went and bought all the stuff, destroyed one of their gems to socket the diamond, and discovered “wups, we can’t do this any more”…

    If Blizz was so set on taking them out of the game, they should have given a few days warning, not done a stealth hotfix.

  8. Toruhz

    This is retarded I finaly got a 70 shaman from my guild to come help me out and have had the Mystic skyfire diamond in my helm for over a week. So tonight I went to go and tame it and for the life of us could not find a NPC that could produce the wolf, They now have an ability to shock you instead.

    I spent 200 gold on my gem and hours of power leveling to get where I needed to be only to find out that im one god damned day late in getting it!!!!!!!

    This is completly unfair and utterly retarded. I have only seen one or two on my server and was hoping to get this pet before they made it unavailable. I was one freaking day late.

    **** this and Blizzard.

  9. Zalthor

    This is crap! I JUST NOW bought the diamond i needed, JUST gathered the required guildies to help me and came here to check the strategy to tame one one last time. I wasted gold on that Diamond now =(

  10. Ansawa

    This is just stupid.

    Normally I don’t mind Blizzard’s penchant for stealth hotfixes to things that weren’t bugs, but when they LIE about it and go back on their word, that just pisses me off. A lot.

  11. shibumi

    ah well. gathered the materials, tried to get a team of guildies togethe, but no luck – needed a group to get the hat for the gem, never happened. One of my guildies did get it.

    This gives a whole new glum meaning to ‘cry wolf’ from Blizzard. Wish I could say I was shocked and surprised, but the history of the devs leans heavily in this flip/flop reaction.

    oh well.


  12. Faulk_Wulf

    Bah. So I’m level 20 with a wolf from near Undercity, waiting to get “Heaven”. And now I can’t? Fsck this. I’ve been on for five days. (/played, not real-world.) I have my Leatherworking to 150. I can’t even type a comprehensive reply that isn’t Fsck this and Fsck that. I’ve only been online a month, I didn’t know Blizzard did this shit.

    And since pets are trade-able so-far as I know. … Bah.

    “Disgusted” indeed.

    Petition Blizzard?

  13. Maree

    Gah, damnit! I wanted to tame him on my draeni hunter, when she reached lvl 70.
    At least i didn’t buy all the things needed for it =/
    Grats to those who already got it

  14. Maevet

    I didn’t want one of these guys, but this action still pisses me off.

    wish I had enough money to buy my way onto the dev team just to kick some poeple square in the bean bag.

  15. Ametrine

    My hunter uses a cat, but nonetheless, I’m mad.

    Not at the hotfix, but the fact they went back on their word from before that said they’d keep the wolves, and didn’t even tell us what they did until people asked about it.

    “Oh, yeah, by the way, that really cool-looking ghost wolf you spent hundreds of gold to try taming? Sorry, but we decided you shouldn’t run around with something that looked awesome, so you can’t tame one anymore, even though we said you could before. We didn’t say anything earlier because we thought it’d be hilarious if you found out on your own. Pretty funny, huh? No? Well, we’re laughing.”

  16. Palladiamorsdeus

    Eh, for everyone who doesn’t know, this is standard Blizzard. They have a bad habit of giving people nice things, and then taking them away. This isn’t the first time, and I doubt it will be the last. Congratulations to everyone who got one, though.

  17. Pax

    I know they were going to disable the taming sooner or later and that’s why I tamed it as soon as I could, within first few days.

    Just hope they don’t change the skins or make it unfeedable.

  18. Tim

    1st I feel for you guys who were on the verge of taming one and didnt get it (especially Toruhz and Zalthor)… next best thing is probably the Ghost Saber?

    2nd I’m damn glad I got mine and its even more specially now that its one of only 4 or so on my server (no offense to the people above)

    3rd It wont surprise me at all if they eventually take it away

    4th I felt the same disapointment when they didnt bring the ability to tame the ZA bears live, I loved the one i had on the PTR. I’m really not sure what Blizzard has against the idea of letting hunters have awsome pets

  19. IdkSomeGuy

    This is the lowest of the low. I spent all that money on those drums and gem, got to 70 and found a meta item… could not get a group and now I find this out! And they are not normalizing the ones who have it yet not letting those of us who spent all that gold to get one? Blizz is digging WoWs own grave and they can’t even see that.

    Now I ask, WHERE IS MY GOLD BACK?!!

  20. Twi

    This is so wrong. I spent money on the gem, someone else found the drums on AH that I had been looking for or trying to get made for me, did some stuff in Winterspring for some Juju Flurry… and now I come here to look at a pet someone else was wanting to tame to see where it was and I see this?! I was having a hard time getting a group for it, tried it without the drums once with some guildies and we couldn’t. Always wanted one since I saw em in SFK, but this is just lame Blizz. And no, the Ghostpaw Saber is not the next best thing since it just looks like a cat in prowl all the time.

    I’m with the above, where is my gold?

    And I can’t wait till WH comes out with all that is going on like this anymore in WoW…

  21. Tzia / Yazmin

    I didn’t want the wolf, but I know people that were thinking about it, just as a novelty pet. They got screwed out and blizzard REALLY screwed up here. Last I checked we were taught in elementary school that if you say one thing, you do NOT go and do the other. Some people need to either attend pre-school again or look up the words lie and liar in the dictionary and have it tattooed, plus deffinitions on their forheads.

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  24. Pike

    Really is too bad, even though I wasn’t planning on ever taming this guy. Had I known he would be a “limited edition” I might have actually tried to tame him.

    The part where they mention “the undead status of the guide, appearance of the wolf in relation to the feel of the hunter class” as part of their reasoning rather throws me off, because doesn’t that apply to the very-tamable ghost saber too?

  25. Volcan

    Thats sad. I dont say its not fair. I agree with this. I myself didnt get him, but i agree that those who got him should keep him. They are right he should NOT be a hunter pet in the looks, but, i think there should be a special pet which will be same cool and same hard to tame. That would be cool

  26. Rasen

    I really don’t know what to thnk of this. I have a Ghost Wolf and Blizzard’s “I have altered our agreement, pray I don’t alter it further” message makes me paranoid about levelling him the last 9 levels in case they take him away. Yet on the other hand, I think mine is one of 2 on the server so I almost feel an obligation to get him to 70 else I’m slapping all those Hunters who don’t have one in the face.

    As for it not fitting in with the feel? How about;

    It’s the spirit of the Hunter’s old regular wolf pet still protecting the hunter after death

    The spirits summoned by the Grimtotem used to be regular wolves from the nearby forest. They remember enough of their old life to be susceptible to taming.

    just two explanations I pulled from my butt, and I’m no lore writer. I just find Blizz’s reasons for this nothing short of pathetic, and the fact they went back on their word sends a really bad message.

  27. Stainz

    I was feeling robbed at 130G for a gem I never got chance to use, I feel sorry for the people who paid more. Nice of Blizz to remove any real challenge for the hunter, especially on a class that’s not received the same level of perks as others in recent patches. No doubt the tnucs won’t be refunding people now screwed by the recent hesitation and knee jumping.

    Funny you can tame a beast to fight, but not something to ride, unlike other classes with free mounts.

    How about addressing the real issue of providing something that is really worth making an effort to tame and a pet that is worth having. Even with the reduced xp to level a pet the only reason I’m taming a RFK pig is that there is no decent high level ones. Grunter is absent or been snaffled, you can’t tame any of the boars in OL. Same for the wolves in OL Iron Jaw/Den Mother were inferior to the Darkshore cat I’ve had since level 16, and it isn’t like they are stunningly different to other pets that you could grab in most zones levelling up pre-60. Having tried dragonhawks/serpents I can’t say they’ve jumped out at me as pets either, and with 3 slots, how about levelling the playing field with warlocks and allowing a few more stable slots to provide a bit of ‘experimenting’ room. It’s not like kicking aspect of the monkey and tame beast is technically difficult – how about a bit more thought being added at the backend after that process.

  28. Mylksh


    I encourage everyone to head to the Hunter forums and post their outrage in the 20+ page thread on the topic.

    My demands? One more week to tame it… They can take it away after that, but give us just one more freakin’ week of advanced warning!

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  30. Gwaendar

    A pity the devs appear unable to understand that pet-centric gameplay is an important part to the hunter community, probably at least as important as the great ranged DPS or the CC capabilities. Too much endgame-centrism, not enough class understanding.

  31. Yvelle


    My hunters were nowhere near taming this beauty, but I was looking foward to the challenge. *slow headshake* Now it’ll never happen. Maybe there will be enough outrage that they’ll bring it back. Yeah, I know. Not gonna happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

    Congrats to those few who did get it.

  32. Amber

    It’s time for me to seriously question my continued paying of the monthly fees of this game.

    This action makes it clear that Blizzard is not interested in the views or attitudes of its players. With overwhelming reaction in favour of the existence of the ghost wolf pet, and an outpouring of gratitude when it was announced it would remain, this sudden turnabout, with no valid reasons given, can only be construed as internal dislike for something that was not intended.

    Blizzard developers, hear this: This game is not Paradise Towers. This game belongs to everyone: players, marketers, and developers alike. Everyone matters. To utterly ignore the loudly-spoken views of what strongly appears to be a prohibitive majority of your playerbase reeks not only of intransigence, but of fatal close-mindedness, even authoritarianism. The IP rights are yours. The soul of the game belongs to everyone. If you tell us we don’t matter, sooner or later we’ll get the message.

    Perhaps that is what you want: your beautiful game, pure, pristine, and forever unsullied by the meddling hands of the dangerous, destructive players.

    Developers, please, come find me in game and let’s have a serious, cordial talk about this. I’m Amberlyssia on Sentinels, you can look up my account and find my alts. Come talk to me, so that you can hear a player’s perspective. It’s not too late.

  33. Zalthor

    Seriously though, after all is said and done, Its not like having this pet is going to make us LEET or extremely OP. What is the big deal if they leave it alone and let whoever takes the time and money to tame one get to? They claim it doesnt “fit” the hunter since its a ghost or w/e. What about the Ghost Saber? That Cat has been in game and available for taming as far back as I can remember. Not to put that pet out for possible removal, but it is Also “Ghostly”… If they are going to remove the Ghost Wolf due to maybe the glitch factor and how it wasnt meant to be, then in all fairness, they should add a new one somewhere for us to tame. Or at least add some more skins and looks to the older pet models. All I want is more variety in my pets without having to tame a Crab or something just to have a different pet than everyone else.

  34. Rasta

    While I do feel sympathy for those who busted gold and time trying to get this, only to be a day late, I think the QQing and clamoring for reimbursement is unfounded.

    First of all, remember that you were never entitled to being able to tame this pet. You took a risk (I know I did) when you invested the money to gem your helmet, and the time to get haste buffs (if you did).

    Secondly, remember this: wolves are NOT optimal pets. I’d assume that since you’re here reading Mania’s blog that you’re familiar with the DPS of all the pet classes, and know that wolves are pretty low on the totem pole. This means that the sole reason for taming the wolf was for vanity/RP purposes ONLY. Thus, Blizzard has not affected your gameplay at all. Just your ego. And if that is enough to make you quit the game, then you’re probably the kind of person who gives hunters a bad name anyway.

  35. Gebeorgan

    Today is Black Tuesday for Hunters. Especially for the poor players who had completed their expensive preparations (time, money, mats and favours) to go and tame this fine beast. Blizzard have forgotten that Hunters play more from the heart than other character types :(

  36. Drotara

    Glad to see Blizzard is busy handling important problems like actually finishing Hunter pets. I mean after all, we can’t have something fun and challenging in the game. /sigh

  37. Stainz

    I was actually after the wolf for both vanity and the WH as an additional instance/raid buff. So they do have some use. I initially waited as A) couldn’t find an available gem, I wasn’t sure it would get nerfed. The message about ‘no plans to remove the wolf’ did make the risk and the outlay for the materials when I bought it seemingly worthwhile.

    It is the U-turn, lack of communication, and just their general grasping nature when it comes to money intake vs gameplay, development etc, that I think it’s fair to say has got up people’s noses, as much if not more than being out of pocket. It hasn’t made me consider quitting personally, but it has made me consider how they value the class, and whether I should swap to my Warrior as a proper rather than secondary main. A couple of daily’s a day for a few days will cover the outlay.

  38. marzix

    i agree with what rasta said in comment 43 somewhat. its not hurting your gameplay just your ego… you have had almost 2 months to tame it, if you took your time its your own fault for not hurrying sooner. and if gold is that really big of an issue then do more dailies. you got your 200g back in like 3 days.

  39. Arides

    So, if the ghost wolf is labeled a beast but looks undead so it’s not tamable, then it follows that all those hellboars in Outland that are labeled demons but look like beasts must BE tamable, right? Woots, I think I’ll get one in each color.

    Frankly, I can see the lore point of removing it as a tamable creature, but doing so in an unannounced hotfix is a PR disaster. I find it hard to believe there was not some mechanism it was screwing up somewhere — perhaps there are raid bosses where it was registering as an undead instead of as a beast and that was messing things up — to make them remove it that quickly. In fact, if I’m reading the reports right the NPCs no longer summon it which makes it gone entirely instead of just having its switch flipped to “untamable”. It’s a shame, though — it was a fun vanity pet and a sort of hunter-bonding thing, I’ve /congratulated the Horde players I’ve seen with it and gotten /waves and /thanks in return. (Yes that’s touchy-feely but my hunter’s flagRSP title is “Goddamn Hippie” so I can get away with it :) ) I would not be at all surprised if it winds up reskinned to normal wolf in a patch or two, alas, so I will do extra /congratulating whenever I see one just in case.

  40. Twi

    Wolves are the only pets with the group “howl” buff. And unless your pet is needed for DPS for some reason then there is no reason not to use a wolf in an instance or raid with that buff. There was no real reason this was removed other then they didn’t want Hunters to have it. Having a ghost pet over a normal pet was not going to make Hunters anymore powerful, it wasn’t going to make others want to play a hunter anymore then now (I can’t see someone leveling a Hunter clear to 68 just to tame one), it was only going to make it so there was more variety to Hunter’s pets. I can’t tell you how many other white tigers or black wolves I see running around. And as stated before, I don’t feel like taming a spider or crab just to have a somewhat less common one.

    I agree with Stainz, lack of communication and a lack of listening to their players is what is irking most. And in the long run this will hurt Blizz and WoW. I got my Hunter to 70 and have been very bored ever since because there are so many Hunters and so little call for them, at least on my server. I will be turning my Priest into my main because of this little action just so I am not so bored and will have a demand for me once I hit 70. And if there are too many more actions along these lines of changing their minds after saying something else, I may just be saving a few extra coins every month.

  41. Morlahann

    It is quite sad to see them change this – though I would not have been able to tame it myself because of race.. I was considering getting that as a pet in the future for an alt character – and now this is no longer possible..

    It is very nice hoewver, to see that they’ve allowed those that already tamed them to keep them – I’d be quite.. annoyed, if they took my pets away. :3

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