Choosing Your First Pet: Dun Morogh

This article is part of a series for new hunters on choosing your first pet.

Dun Morogh is the icy homeland of both Dwarves and Gnomes. It can also be easily reached from Stormwind via the Deeprun Tram. Of course, neither gnomes nor humans can be hunters, so most new hunters in Dun Morogh will be dwarves. In addition, there are a few creatures in Loch Modan that are also appropriate as first pets as well. Loch Modan is the second dwarven zone and can be reached by following the main road east out of Dun Morogh.


Creature Pros Cons
Mountain Boar
(levels 10-11)
Diet: Almost anything!
Known Skills: Charge (Rank 1), Gore (Rank 2)
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Location: Loch Modan
Scarred Crag Boar
(levels 9-10)
Diet: Almost anything!
Known Skills: Charge (Rank 1)
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Known Skills: Although this boar already knows Charge (Rank 1), you will want to teach it Gore as soon as you can. Conveniently, the Large Crag Boar, also in Dun Morogh, knows Gore (Rank 1).
Starving Winter Wolf
(levels 8-9)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Bite (Rank 2)
Longevity: Wolves can learn Furious Howl, which is a popular skill for groups.
Known Skills: These wolves do not start with Furious Howl and to learn it you’ll need to travel down to Westfall at level 11+. Luckily, Westfall isn’t too bad to get to since you can take the Deeprun Tram from Ironforge to Stormwind.
Snow Leopard
(levels 7-8)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Looks: A truly gorgeous cat. You won’t see this look again.
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Level: This creature is a little lower level than most of the suggestions and will need a little leveling.
Known Skills: No innate skills. You’ll want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as you can.
(level 10)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Bite (Rank 2)
Looks: This white worg look is fairly unusual; most creatures with this appearance are rare.
Longevity: Wolves can learn Furious Howl, which is a popular skill for groups.
Note: Timber is accompanied by a group of other wolves, which can make him a challenge to tame.
Known Skills: These wolves do not start with Furious Howl and to learn it you’ll need to travel down to Westfall at level 11+. Luckily, Westfall isn’t too bad to get to since you can take the Deeprun Tram from Ironforge to Stormwind.
Ice Claw Bear
(levels 7-8)
Diet: Almost anything!
Known Skills: Claw (Rank 1)
Level: This creature is a little lower level than most of the suggestions and will need a little leveling.
Longevity: Never gets any special skills, not even Dash.
Forest Lurker
(levels 10-11)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Bite (Rank 2)

Location: Loch Modan
Looks: Some hunters find spiders creepy.
Longevity: Never gets any special skills, not even Dash.


Dun Morogh is one of my favorite places to start a hunter, not least of all because it has such excellent pet choices. I love the snow leopards and the wolves; Timber is one of my personal favorite pets (although because he is accompanied by a group of other wolves he can be rather challenging to tame); and at level 11 you can go after the white bear Mangeclaw.

In the end, though, my recommendation for a new hunter’s first pet has to be the Mountain Boar of Loch Modan. Yes, it’s a short hike over nto the next zone, but this is a lovely brown boar that already knows both Charge and Gore. Charge is a great skill — in addition to being the only low-level skill that increases pursuit speed (how fast the pet runs to its target during an attack), it also immobilizes the target for 1 second and gives the boar some bonus attack power for its first attack (which is handy for keeping aggro on the pet and off the hunter). In addition, Gore is a simple but effective damage skill that has a chance to do double damage.

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is by no means a complete listing of pets from Dun Morogh or Loch Modan — just the ones that I might suggest for new hunters at level 10. More advanced players who are leveling their umpteenth hunter character will find a number of other very interesting choices here as well.)

13 thoughts on “Choosing Your First Pet: Dun Morogh

  1. tkc

    My main is a level 70 hunter and I still have my trusty snow lepoard, Hobbes, from Dun Morogh. I use him for PvP/farming these days. My scorpid, Scratchy, comes out for raids.

  2. Palladiamorsdeus

    Timber was my first wolf, and I traded in the white wolf appearance for Lupos, wwwwwaaaaayyyyy back in the day. Highly recommended pet skin. Also worth noting that Mangeclaw and the rare spawn Bjarns skins won’t be seen again until Winterspring, up in the fifties. Mangeclaw is a quest beast, so he respawns pretty fast. Also on an amusing note, at low levels bears are small, and in order for them to get to their targets at the right speed, they have to truck, and its both hilarious and adorable to watch the hyperactive bears go.

  3. sandralover

    the snow leopard was my first proper pet at level 11 to 22 as a N.E. i did the wetlands run to get her and that was a scary run at the time to get through those crocodiles running as fast as i could and letting my pet die a couple of times , now its a simple run if i die i just do a ghost run , i have found the run does depend a lot on what level you are and hunters and warlocks can get through much easier at low level than others ,

    it is just a shame that only the boars have any speed at low level , as that is such a useful thing , and they have great health and reasonable damage
    the snow leopard at least can get dash at around level 32-33 and are about the best for pure damage available in the areas but tend to get a lot of damage or at least more than the boars/bears do

    the wolves and the furious howl they have is useful and they get dash at level 32-33 nice pets to have around if you group for the small buff they give

    bears have great health and moderate damage but to me need to be able to dash which they cannot learn so not my favourite pet

    the spiders are fun and do good damage but need more skills than they can learn at the moment .
    a message ? request to blizzard , please please give them something a bit special , poison spit or the web trap , in-game spiders have all sorts of tricks that they lose when tamed and at high level i do not think i have seen one spider being used and there are so few real choices of types of pets at high level its all cats ravagers and scorpids that seem to be common , some boars and wind-serpents and owls/carrion birds as well , it is rare for me to see any others about and i do like the spiders looks but hate the noises they make

    its all about what you like at low level i know but at end game or in any instance so few pets are worth using or survive very long so long term some pets are not that useful , i would say to all new hunters get 2 pet slots at the stable master , yes it will mean doing more grinding not questing to level them both but long term you get two choices of pet and with luck with drops you will have far more gold for your mounts at 40-60 and that is well worth the extra play time , and of course you may find another pet you want to keep , all pets are worth having it just depends on your play style and if you can live with the pets abilitys

  4. Exanimo

    I’ve always used a Bear as pet as i believed i was supposed to be the one doing damage and the pet was there to take it. (was back when BM hunters were laughed at tho)
    Now it doesn’t matter much altho i love my boar at 70 still, the only pet who can keep aggro (if he gets his charge off) and i use it when solo’ing all the time. Make sure to bring one along when entering Outlands because there aint any beyond the gate.

  5. Jayhawk

    Another nice one, Lady Mania. :)

    The snow leopard is one of my favourite skin. I liked it enough to have my little Blood Elf hunter tame one as soon as she hit L10. get my As for the wolves, I love the way they lope. Sadly, worgs seem to lumber rather than lope and I really don’t like the look of that.

  6. Zefram

    Boars are awesome until 31/32 when you can get Dive/Dash. After that, I can’t imagine not using an Owl.

    On my last hunter, I spent two hours trying to solo train one of the RFK boars at 28, only to stable him permanently three levels later when I took up an Owl. Even though I’m only at 14 right now on this guy, I can’t stand the loss of the AOE aggro — but I won’t give up Charge to get it back right now.

  7. Cavernaugh Clan Chief

    No one mentioned the Bjarn (lvl 12) or Mangeclaw (lvl 11) both white bears available in Dun Morogh and good starters. I’m not much of a bear guy but these will cover your butt and turn heads at those intermediate levels when folks have forgotten that you need not wait 41-42 levels and go to Winterspring for a white bear.

  8. Maree

    I got Timber on my newest hunter Hÿlda. He wasn’t a real challenge to tame, just took a random wolf, killed the adds, abandoned the wolf and tamed.
    Gonna keep her at least untill i can get a black wolf from Duskwood.

  9. Kurasu

    Just wanted to add in my hint for making Timer your first tame: use the water to your advantage. Timber will not come in the water after you, nor will any of his adds. Even if you haven’t got a tank pet, shoot down as many adds as you can, then run for the water. Dive in, wait until they abort and reset, then do it s’more. It can take a long while (took me upwards of fifteen minutes to get Timber down to a manageable level and I had a trash pet) but it can be worth it to get the rare white dire wolf skin!

  10. aimmi

    i think you should add bjarn or mangeclaw the white skinned bear! i tamed mine at lvl 11 and i adore mine! i named him polaris !

  11. Decado

    The hunter that I am bringing up now (my second) is taking a boar (started with the brown one from dun morogh and replaced with the brown armored one from rfk) and a cat (humar the pridelord from the barrens) all the way to 70 with me. Just as different classes have different sets of gear for different jobs so do Hunters have different pets for different jobs.
    On my 70 hunter my boar has tanked instances as far as hellfire when needed, off tanks all the time, and is great for farming. My cat is set up for high damage and is with me whenever i don’t need the tanking abilities of my boar.
    That being said, with the new improvements that have been made to pet leveling speed it is easy to keep 2 pets at one time, leveling them both along side your Hunter.
    Either way you go have fun with it =)

  12. Amewen

    what are good stats for the boar? I have a level 13 Draenei I brought to Dun Morogh to level as I am not found of Azuremyst Isle, I got her a black Crag boar as I love the look, and they are the only black ones you can get until lvl 50, if you are able to find Grunter, my level 67 hunter has NEVER seen Grunter and I camped out for a while for him. I have charge/gore/growl…. is bite a good one to add? I am using her as my solo char, I ususally team up with my hubby, and we level together. But he has a Rogue, that he plays alone, and as I prefer hunters I started a hunter, and it sure got easier when I was able to add my pet

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