Happy New Year

On April 15th I started a WordPress.com blog as an adjunct to Petopia — a place where I could be a little more chatty, share rumors and news and thoughts about pets. On June 27th I moved that blog here and renamed it Mania’s Arcania as a tribute to the rather narrow and arcane span of my interests — pets, pets, and more pets!

Since that time, we’ve racked up 260 posts and almost 3000 comments. By far the most popular post on this blog was about the ghost wolf — that post alone made up fully 15% of the blog’s traffic for the past year. Posts about Goreclaw and the bear mount (who unfortunately didn’t make it to live) were close behind. Everyone wants to know about new pets!

But I got more than I expected with this blog. I expected a place to post interesting news snippets; what I got was the opportunity to interact with some really great people. Some of you have your own blogs and some of you don’t, but all together I feel like I am part of a wonderful community. I didn’t expect much when I started blogging, but I am very glad now that I did.

I say this a lot (but that’s because it’s true!): all of this, Petopia and this blog and WoW itself, wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without you guys.

So here’s to the past year and to the next one: to another year of World of Warcraft, to the beautiful pets that bring us together, and to you who are reading this because you make it all worthwhile. Happy new year! And thank you.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. batgrl

    Happy New Year! And a helpful tip to everyone while the seasonal stuff is still out – be sure to kiss the winter revelers in the inn and stock up on mistletoe. While you can’t use it on yourself it does make a lovely pet buff! I store mine up until I have a particularly squishy pet or a harder quest to run.
    And I’m probably going to give in soon and start a wow blog just to mess around with screenshots of hunter pet silliness. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wolfington

    Spirit does infact affect pets! It increases there health regeneration! Great for those, *chuckle*, “particulary squishy pets.”

    Happy new year Mania (and her awsome pets!) =^.^=

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