Choosing Your First Pet: Mulgore

This article is part of a series for new hunters on choosing your first pet.

Mulgore is the homeland of the gentle Taurens. It’s also the only newbie area that is pretty well isolated from all the other newbie areas. (It’s not too bad getting to Durotar — just a hike across the Barrens — but unlike most of the racial homelands there are no other newbie areas that can be reached by zeppelin, boat, or tram. So for new hunters, Mulgore can feel a bit isolated.) Luckily, there are some good choices for a first pet right in Mulgore.


Creature Pros Cons
Prairie Wolf Alpha
(levels 9-10)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Bite (Rank 2)
Longevity: Wolves can learn Furious Howl, which is a popular skill for groups.
Known Skills: These wolves do not start with Furious Howl and to learn it you’ll need to make a long trek to Tirisfal Glades.
The Rake
(level 10)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Looks: This classic gold maned lion is only available here and in the Barrens.
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Known Skills: No innate skills. You will want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as possible.
Flatland Prowler
(level 9)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Known Skills: No innate skills. You will want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as possible.
Taloned Swoop
(levels 8-10)
Diet: Fish and Meat Known Skills: No innate skills. You will want to teach your bird Bite and/or Claw as soon as possible. In addition, you will want to pick up Screech at level 16. Unfortunately, the only place to find Screech (Rank 1) is in Westfall, which is a really long way from Mulgore.
(level 9)
Look: A pink flamingo! An unusual look at high levels. Diet: Cheese, Fruit and Fungus
Known Skills: No innate skills except Cower (Rank 1). You will want to untrain Cower and teach this pet Bite as soon as possible.
Elder Plainstrider
(levels 8-9)
Look: An unusual look at high levels. Diet: Cheese, Fruit and Fungus
Known Skills: No innate skills except Cower (Rank 1). You will want to untrain Cower and teach this pet Bite as soon as possible.


Although the Rake and Mazzranache are both very attractive choices, I recommend a Prairie Wolf Alpha for your first pet in Mulgore, largely because they come with Bite (Rank 2). In addition, wolves are great all-around companions and are highly valued in groups for their group buff skill Furious Howl.

You can learn Furious Howl for your Prairie Wolf Alpha at level 10, but to do so you’ll need to cross the Barrens to Durotar, then take the zeppelin to Undercity in Tirisfal Glades, then run south to the border with Silverpine Forest to tame a Worg. But even if you don’t choose to do this immediately, your Prairie Wolf Alpha will be a solid and useful pet from the get go.

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is by no means a complete listing of pets from Mulgore — just the ones that I might suggest for new hunters at level 10. More advanced players who are leveling their umpteenth hunter character will find a number of other very interesting choices here as well.)

17 thoughts on “Choosing Your First Pet: Mulgore

  1. Ronorin

    Heh, forgot to edit the disclaimer when you C&Ped it? XD

    This reminds me of the old days, when The Rake was THE pet to have for PvP. And Mazzranche is still the most awesome pet in Mulgore.

  2. Volcan

    Lol yea forget to edit the disclaimer from Teldrassil *cough* Ctrl+c *cough*

    Btw, it would be so cool if we could tame the great kodo ^^

    Also you might will like to add the Prarie Wolves (non aplhas) who bark when you click them ^^

  3. sandralover

    i know you are doing pets at around level 10 but it is a shame you miss out on one of the few pets with decent stats in mulgore the bristleback battleboar with charge 1 and gore 1 , i know its only level 4-5 but around 20 minutes play should get it to level 10

    i remember when i first started to play hunter which was my first character i went night elf and ended up with a cat with only cower and died a lot because of it , and a kind hunter told me about your site and told me never use cower unless i cared to try it instead of growl in instances

    even way back then at level 12 i looked over your site and saw what pets i could tame that had skills i could learn from them and the level 3 boar was one of them , i was so surprised it did not die easily even though i was attacking things 10 levels above it , but did not keep it long even though i remember it did gain a level or two quite fast ,

    i know this is a guide for new hunters and a pet near the same level possibly makes life easier for them but it never stopped me once i had seen this site , i travelled to many lands even at low level , died quite a lot from wandering into horde places and areas with higher level mobs , even found my first elites in the wailing caverns at level 18 , oops yes i died fast but did have a wind-serpent after several tries and some horde help when they figured out what i was trying to do , my advice to new hunters is try every type of pet that has skills you can learn , if its well below your level go play somewhere you know with mobs a few levels lower than you are if you intend to keep that pet it will quickly catch up with you , but remember to at least have a full stack of food as it will be constantly hungry while it levels ,
    all in all a nice set of guides even though i think you are underestimating the abilities of new players a little and if they read up on petopia and here they will be a lot more skilled than i was when i tamed my first pet

  4. Mania Post author

    I’ve fixed the Teldrassil reference now — thanks for pointing that out. :>

    sandralover: *nod* I may be softballing new players a little, but I figure it’s easier for them to go more in depth if they need it. That’s why all the links to Petopia. *grin*

  5. Messyah

    In theory, you could go to Ratchet, sail to Booty Bay and swim up the coast right to Westfall and learn it from a Coyote Pack Leader. Actually, its more than a theory because I did it. LOL

    But yes, the Silverpine way is safer, but my way makes for a more enjoyable journey. Bring a good 1-2 stacks of Swimspeed Potions (if you can make or afford them.)

  6. Nubby

    Aren’t there also very low level boars in Mulgore (near the starting area?) if I remember correctly, they’re like level 2′ish? You’d have to work to level it up a tad, but still, if you have your heart set on a boar and didn’t want to go to durotar, they’re there.

  7. batgrl

    I can’t say enough for the fun factor of taming and lvling up Mazzranache. I was the insane one that went and lvled him up when my hunter was in her 50s. He’s 63 now and it’s just too humorous to see him do his squawk and peck routine. Though he’s not as great as my boar for dps, the stamina bonus that the tallstriders have actually made him a survivor in fights when I was sure he’d have died off more easily. And put him next to Shy-Rotam and you have a lurid pastel festival!

  8. Yoco

    Are you very sure none of the wolves in mulgore have furious howl? I can distinctly remember being “furiously howled” upon by my wolf on one of my hunters in mulgore, though I may have misremembered and may have picked up the skill in silverpine first.

    As far as picking up Screech in Westfall for your mulgore Swoop goes: I found it easiest to travel to undercity, take the zeppelin to grom’gol, but jump into the sea as soon as the zeppelin spawns in stranglethorn. Then start swimming northwest, to the lighthouse of westfall. The undercity-grom’gol zeppelin spawns much closer to westfall than the orgrimmar-grom’gol zeppelin does. However, in the latest patch the zeppelin paths seem to have been shortened abit, so you may need to swim longer now.

  9. Mania Post author

    That’s a nice tip about the zeppelin, Yoco. Thanks! I’ll have to remember that. But yeah, I’ve got no record of Furious Howl on wolves in Mulgore.

  10. Bahgoon

    I can confirm that none of the wolves in Mulgore have Furious Howl. An early pet skill guide on another site did list it there for a time and I was disappointed after taming an Alpha not to see it come up.

    If you are sending someone halfway around Azeroth to get Furious Howl, you might point out the time save of just taming that distant pet to begin with. ;-) You would then have to go into the discussion of wolf model vs. worg model and rest animations and all that, so I see how it could slide. :-)

  11. Mania

    But you needn’t go train Furious Howl immediately — in fact, you could easily wait until you run across the Ghostpaw Alphas in Ashenvale at level 27, or even longer, and your wolf would still be a good solid pet. I’m assuming in this series that brand new hunters won’t be ready to go gallivanting across the world at level 10 for their first pet, but they may be ready at 15 or 20 with their loyal wolf by their side.

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