Choosing Your First Pet: Teldrassil

This article is part of a series for new hunters on choosing your first pet.

Teldrassil, the homeland of the Night Elves, is an island formed from the trunk of a huge tree. Teldrassil used to be fairly isolated but with the Burning Crusade expansion, it is now pretty accessible to young hunters from both the Night Elf and the Draenei races. (Draenei merely need to take the boat from the Exodar to Auberdine in Darkshore, and then another boat from Auberdine to Teldrassil.)

In addition, there are a few creatures in Darskhore that are also appropriate as first pets as well. Darkshore is the second Night Elf zone and is a very short boat or hippogryph ride away.


Creature Pros Cons
Strigid Hunter
(levels 8-9)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Claw (Rank 2)
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Looks: Your last chance to tame an owl until level 48.
Known Skills: You will want to teach your owl Screech as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the only place to find Screech (Rank 1) is in Westfall, which is a really long way from Teldrassil. And Screech (Rank 2) is not available until level 32.
Feral Nightsaber
(levels 10-11)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Looks: This look is unusual at high levels.
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Known Skills: No innate skills. You’ll want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as you can.
(level 9)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Known Skills: No innate skills. You’ll want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as you can.
Moonstalker Runt
(level 10-11)
Diet: Fish and Meat
Longevity: A popular pet at all levels.
Location: Darkshore
Known Skills: No innate skills except Cower (Rank 1). You’ll want to untrain Cower and teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as you can.
Pygmy Tide Crawler
(levels 9-10)
Diet: Bread, Fish, Fruit, Fungus
Looks: A gorgeous blue that’s fairly rare at higher levels.
Location: Darkshore
Known Skills: No innate skills. You will want to teach this pet Claw as soon as you can.
Longevity: Never gets any special skills, not even Dash. Some hunters are not enthusiastic about hunting with a … crab.
Giant Webwood Spider
(levels 10-11)
Diet: Meat
Known Skills: Bite (Rank 2)
Looks: Some hunters find spiders creepy.
Longevity: Never gets any special skills, not even Dash.
Thistle Cub
(levels 9-10)
Diet: Almost anything! Location: Darkshore
Known Skills: No innate skills. You will want to teach this pet Bite and/or Claw as soon as you can.
Longevity: Never gets any special skills, not even Dash.


Although there are some solid choices for a first pet in the Teldrassil area, none of them stand out as the absolute best. But I’m going to recommend the Strigid Hunter — mostly because owls are a great pet at all levels, and because Strigid Hunters already know Claw when tamed. In addition, owls can learn the Screech skill, which is an area-of-effect debuff that makes them great at holding aggro from multiple enemies. This is very handy when soloing!

Unfortunately, Strigid Hunters do not know Screech when you first tame them — and in order to teach it to them you’ll need to level up to 16 and then make the long, tedious trek to Westfall. Or you can choose to wait until level 32, when you can finally learn Screech (Rank 2). Either way, your Strigid Hunter will be a powerful force to be reckoned with from the very beginning.

One other thing to be aware of: owls only eat meat. Usually meat is pretty easy to find, but for some reason there are very few vendors who sell meat in Teldrassil. So you may want to stock up a bit before you tame your owl.

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is by no means a complete listing of pets from Teldrassil or Darkshore — just the ones that I might suggest for new hunters at level 10. More advanced players who are leveling their umpteenth hunter character will find a number of other very interesting choices here as well.)

18 thoughts on “Choosing Your First Pet: Teldrassil

  1. Shirubia

    Mmmm… on my NE hunter i didnt tame any of those, to be exact, I tamed my first pet at level 15, who i choose? Dishu, the rare spawn from the Barrens that summons 3 cubs to help her, i loved that gorgeous look.

    When i did the quest to obtain tame beast, i found the spiders to be very good, it doesnt matters they dont know skills, they do a great deal of damage, even wihout claw.

  2. Ronorin

    Ooh, links this time. And I noticed you adjusted the previous one too. Much appreciated, the first time I read the Durotar one I had to open two tabs so I could look up pets as I read the review for each. Much nicer browsing this way.

    The thing is, you left off one of the best pros of Strigid Hunters. They’re huge with wings everywhere and thus REALLY annoying in PvP! It may seem minor, but when a Owl or a Bat is in your face it can be very hard to see anything, making clicking on anything ten times more difficult. I’ve died a time or two when I just couldn’t see around an owl to get to my opponent.

    Spiders being creepy is a double edged sword. Yes, some Hunters may not want them, but I actually knew a Druid who would run the other direction if a enemy Hunter had a Spider or Scorpid. Major phobia.

    This guide should also be prefaced with “It doesn’t matter which pet you’re going to choose, because you’re switching to a Ghost Saber at 20. Because they are freakin’ AWESOME looking!”

  3. Palladiamorsdeus

    Heh, the thing is Ronorin, at low levels, their wings don’t exactly go everywhere….. pets start out fairly small, and this is a low level guide to pets. Plus, it is just your first pet, not a PvP pet.

    On a side note, this may sound bizzare, but I am finding carrion birds to be better then owls. They lose a little DPS, but gain bite as well as claw, and some survivability. Bite works better in conjunction with screech for me, dunno if thats normal or not. Though I suppose if you wanted DPS AND bite you could tame a bat….. I like my Trachela!

  4. Nyx

    Just a note: of all of these, the bear cub is the only one that will eat anything in your inventory, thus removing the need for fresh hunters to memorize the location of every butcher in every city in the world.

    Even though it will never be able to Dash, Charge, Gore, Howl Furiously, or Screech, I would suggest a bear or boar for levelling for this reason, because I still remember panicking when my pet went yellow and trying to find the butcher in Darnassus a month after original WoW opened.

    Otherwise, Duskstalker’s skin is quite nice, for the little cats.

  5. Mania Post author

    That’s a good point, Nyx. It’s hard to say which is more complex for a first-time hunter: pet feeding or pet skills. But of the two, feeding is the more immediate and inescapable complexity.

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  7. Hechojazz

    My first character is a lvl 28 NE Hunter. My first pet is the rare Duskstalker, who I named Bemsha. Love that cat. I did have to tame her twice, when I couldn’t get enough food to keep her the first time around. BIG bummer. But now I’ve got things going in the right direction.

    Once I got into my low 20s, I’ve tamed the Wetlands Crocolisk that gave me the ability to teach Bemsha a good level of bite, and then the Ashenvale Bear that gave me a good level of claw. So now Bemsha’s a force!

    I was surprised at the following: I trained all three pets to level 26, and gave each all the training I could that they could learn – the bear also picked up bite. I then compared their various stats, and was not expecting that the bear would place third. I figured since he had bite and claw, where the croc only had bite, that the bear’s attack power would be superior to the croc’s. But as things worked out, the croc had the best armor of all three, and the second best attack power. Bemsha’s still the bee’s knees though, and I plan to keep her all the way to 70 and beyond! Good memories of hunting around the wilds of Teldrassil as a brand new newbie…

  8. memory

    Every time I statrt a lowbie hordite I run thier unclad behinds out to Teldassil to tame an owl. I get some odd looks running out there but it’s so worth it.

    The first time I hearthed back to Mulgore after taming an owl I got 15 whispers and a crowd gathered. As well as the dwarf that was cheering me on as I tamed my little friend.

  9. MadKaugh

    Don’t forget the newbie area piggies. They got skizzles, charge & gore.

    Being a bit of an arachnophobe myself, I think the intimidation factor of a big green crawlie for PvP should not be underestimated.

  10. Hard to choose

    i just started WoW a while ago and right away i chose a NE hunter so after i got to 20 i got the ghost saber and i kept on training but every time i went on petopia i want another pet like Humar the Pridelord

  11. nyelvmark

    A nice site, but I’ll add my voice to that of a few others here: Level 10 characters aren’t SO restricted in where they can go. It seems like it, when you first play, and find that the starting zones are surrounded by lethal zones full of 20+ monsters, but once you have high-level characters who can explore the world fully, you realise that it’s more a question of knowing the way – and especially SWIMMING.

    I played Alliance to begin with, and I once ran a level 14 character through Wetlands in order to connect Teldrassil with the other 2 Alliance zones. That character finally got to Loch Modan after about 10 deaths, with almost no armour left. Later, I ran a level 20 warrior through Stranglethorn Vale to Booty Bay, with similar results. I wouldn’t do this today.

    These days I play mostly Horde, but since I recently upgraded to The Burning Crusade, I wanted a Dranei to explore the new islands. Naturally, I chose a hunter (as a strictly solo player like our host, I’d get lonely without a pet). At level 10, after completing “Taming the beast” and getting the training, I sent her on a world tour with this itinerary:

    Boat from Azuremyst isle to Auberdine.
    Boat to Teldrassil, learn bows in Darnassus.
    Boat or fly back to Auberdine.
    Boat to Menethil Harbor.
    Boat to Theramore Island.
    Swim to Steamwheedle port (Why? Uhhh… OK, I got confused about North and South)
    Run to Gadgetzan (totally pointless at level 10, but since I was in Tanaris anyway, I tried it and succeeded. Didn’t see a single mob).
    Fly back to Theramore.
    Swim (the right way this time) to Ratchet. I got killed twice here by Scarlet Divers (wtf?), but that wasn’t too bad.
    Boat to Booty Bay.
    Swim to Westfall.
    Run to Stormwind.
    Deeprun Tram to Ironforge, learn guns.
    Hearthstone home.

    Because Westfall is very important to low-level horde hunters (it’s the only, or the easiest place to learn several key skills), and because The Barrens is (IMO) the nicest 10-20 levelling zone for characters of either faction, I’ve made the swim between Booty Bay and Westfall many times with different characters, and I’ve never been killed.

    The general technique is: swim out to sea as far as possible. Find the line which gives you the “fatigued” warning if you cross it. This line is usually clearly marked on your minimap as two different colours of water. Now just follow the line up or down the coast until you get close to where you want to be, then swim for the shore. Hopefully you’ll find a beach which is clear of murlocs, naga etc. The only beasts near the edge of the deep water are rare sharks, and these swim so deep that you can sometimes swim over them on the surface without aggroing them. Swimming potions are never needed.

    I’ve never tried swimming between Westfall and Menethil, but I’m pretty sure it would be possible if you just wanted to get a dwarf hunter to Darnassus in a hurry to learn bows, or to tame an owl.


  12. tiffany

    my first 2 pets on my lvl 10 troll hunter were dire mottle boar and durotar tiger and i love being a hunter with these 2 pets

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