Name That Pet: Khaja’s Bear

Final name: Skittels

This episode of Name That Pet is brought to you by Faeldray of Petaholics Anonymous, who’s young hunter Khaja is looking for a name for her bear.

Faeldray says:

I have a pet that I can’t for the life of me decide on a name for. It’s a diseased brown bear (more specifically Deathclaw) that my new troll hunter Khaja travelled all the way to Bloodmyst Isle for. It’s really strange that I picked him because I don’t like bears and I really don’t like the whole diseased look. Yet this bear is exactly the pet Khaja needed! She went through scorpions, windserpents, and tallstriders only to end up dissatisfied with them all. In my frustration to find her the perfect pet, I came across this guy in Petopia and figured why not?

There’s no type of name that I really want for him. It can be funny or gross or scary or whatever.

As for who Khaja is…well, I haven’t really played her enough to get a sense of personality from her. One thing is for sure, she talks with that Jamaican accent or whatever it is that trolls talk like. You know, like “Stay away from da voodoo, mon”. I love that accent!

Here’s Khaja with her bear! (Click on the thumbnail for a better view.)

Khaja and her bear

So … whaddya think? What’s a good name for Khaja’s bear?

Update: Faeldray has a summary post on her blog. I think she has plenty of options to choose from, so let’s give her a chance to pick one now. :>

44 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Khaja’s Bear

  1. Coyotle

    Epicdemic, Grisly (Grizzly), “Ursus Horribilis”-Scientific name of Grizzly bear, another name for grizzly is “Silvertip” cuz of the silver on the bump on its back. Maybe Tarnish or Corroded. Cat, Otter, Bear, CareBear, Dontcarebear…Bahr?

  2. Caiti

    Going with a slight troll-esque theme possibly for some reason the name “Ungraya” comes to mind. Pronounced “Oon-Gray-Yah”…other than that, I got nothin’!

  3. ChessElemental

    Deathclaw perhaps? *wink*

    Hmm… female troll… diseased bear…

    “Pretty” “Tethcler” (I dunno why, made that one up).


  4. Messyah

    Here’s a few suggestions:

    1. Khadaver

    2. Bearenstein

    3. DK (or Decay if you think people will be oblivious to the reference.)

    4. Little John (From Disney’s version of Robin Hood.)

    5. Wakawaka (Saying made famous by Fozzie Bear of the Muppets.)

  5. Jayhawk

    A huge bear, that ends up being worshipped, featuring in a book by the author of Watershipdown (who’s name, for the life of me, I can’t remember).

  6. Messyah

    Hey Lepidus, I still remember the scene in that movie where the bear/beast/monster swatted the kid in the sleeping bag and he exploded into a cloud of feathers and linen. That movie was so cheesey and so wicked. LOL

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