Petopia Stuff: 2008 Calendar and More

Cafe Press: 2008 Petopia Calendar

So a few weeks back I got this bee in my bonnet and decided that I wanted a 2008 calendar with pictures of my favorite pets. It was a lot more work than I expected to put together, but now that I’ve got it I thought you guys might want to see it. :> I used Cafe Press for the printing, so I went ahead and set up a small Cafe Press shop for Petopia.

You can find the calendar itself in the shop — and make sure you check out the monthly pages, because the cover doesn’t do it justice. I event hired an artist to help me with some of the shots! For example, here are details of November and December.

Detail of: 2008 Petopia Calendar - November - RavagersDetail of: 2008 Petopia Calendar - December - Ghost Saber

Since I had the art, I also stuck it on a few other items that might be of interest. For instance, check out this Mazzranache tote. Isn’t that the cutest thing?
Cafe Press: Mazzranache Tote

And KingB translated very well to a journal cover:
Cafe Press: KingB Journal

As you can see, there are just a few things now but I intend to add to this as we go. I’m also talking to some other artists about doing some original work on other pets for me. So let me know if you have any requests for pets or items!

32 thoughts on “Petopia Stuff: 2008 Calendar and More

  1. Maahl

    Hmmmn. I’ve seen other people selling WoW fanmerchandise as well, and it makes me wonder–just what is Blizzard’s stand on that? I know with other fan-produced products, the creators/sellers have gotten in big trouble for trying to make money off something someone else has copyrighted–sometimes the fan’s artwork has even been commandeered by the copyright holders.
    I don’t know what Blizzard’s opinion on fan-sold merchandise is, but I’d assume you’d have researched that before trying to sell anything WoW related.

  2. Hatsuyuki

    I would love to see a Humar the Pridelord, that is, unless he’s already in the calendar. He’s my favorite and only serious pet for my draenei hunter. Him sitting back with his harem of lioness and cubs would make a neat picture.

  3. Mordreade

    @Maahl – ever heard of “sampling”? This is pretty much the same thing, and rappers aren’t obligated to pay or even acknowledge the original writer, though most do out of courtesy. What I can’t believe is that Blizz didn’t think of this……. Instead they are selling a “diorama”……. Do they have 3rd graders working for them now? The trading cards were a lame enough idea, but a diorama is….. well….. before I tick off the short bus riders, I will just laugh…… alot.

  4. Volcan

    You are great, Mania! This looks really cool ill try to suck it from my parents for christmas! I personally like the Outland windserpents site, RFK Boars and Humar+Echeyakee, great job Mania!

  5. Beran

    How much can cost deliver from USA to Czech Republic, Europe? I love your calendar so much! But it will cost twice more with that delivery…

  6. Anbhas

    I love the tote bag. I think I might get it and write “One hot chick” under it with a sharpie. :3

    My WoW friends will laugh and my non-WoW friends will laugh. Win-win.

  7. shibumi

    Mania – that’s good news! I was reluctant if you did the work and got nothing for it. I’ll contribute to the bottom line :)



  8. Hatsuyuki

    To add onto my first comment, I found the Humar page of the calendar, but I am hoping you could get some sort of artist’s rendering. That would be too cool.

  9. Dvalin

    As an illustrator in training if there’s anything you’d like contributing then I’d be more than happy to put pens to paper in support of my favourite WoW site :)

  10. Suzi

    What a brilliant idea! The designs are fantastic too!

    I’d love to see some of the lesser used creatures get in the spotlight, such as the hyena, sporebat, crocolisk…

    Great work!

  11. Caiti

    Mania, I have long since wanted to try my hand at drawing WoW fanart, but have never dedicated the time to sit down and do it. I’m one of those “I seen lines everywhere” artists…so I can replicate anything I see. Which is nice. My original works are rather dark and twisted with insane detail…so I think the Horde will work nicely for my fanart if I should complete some.

    I love the calendar idea. I think as long as your images are screenshots, you have the originals, you should be find legally correct? I hate that you have to watch your back about some things online due to copyright and all that. Its fanart! It wont blow up the Earth! :)

    Best of luck on all that – I’m betting a ton of people will buy that calendar!

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  13. Wolfington

    First time I have seen this blog — it rocks!
    The calander is awsome beyond belief! good work on it! I am soo getting that for Christmas, hehe.

    Note: I have relied on Petopia for a long time, even when not looking for new pets it is fun to surf. =)

  14. Leviath

    Blizzard Legal FAQ

    Can I make and sell my own products (T-shirts, card games, models/figures, etc.) based on a Blizzard universe?
    No. Blizzard Entertainment® does not enter into licensing agreements with individuals. To ensure the quality of all Blizzard products, all of our merchandise is created under a licensing agreement and all prospective licensees are thoroughly reviewed by Blizzard Entertainment before a license is granted. If you are a company that is interested in creating licensed merchandise and your company is looking to pursue a corporate licensing relationship with Blizzard Entertainment, please contact

  15. Caiti

    Leviath – I just read that whole FAQ…kind of scary that Blizzard could sue anyone for such “fan art” and all…but since they state it in the FAQ, there’s nothing we can do. Mania, I hope they dont find out because you’re calendar rocks :)

  16. Leviath

    I can understand where they’re coming from: it’s their brand, their image, and other people using it makes it look like it’s “authorised”, so they need to have some quality control. Moreover, tote bags sporting Mazzranache produced by Mania prevents Blizzard from producing tote bags sporting Mazzranache… not that they would, necessarily, but it’s preventing them taking full advantage of the potential of their brand – and it should be their option whether or not to do so.

    I’ve seen CMs refer to Petopia on more than one occasion, so my guess would be they’ll find out about it sooner rather than later.

    Fan art is good art, but unless it’s original – or significantly diverse from the source so as not to be distinctly recognisable – it’s not something you’re allowed to make a profit from.

  17. Messyah

    Mania (and Leviath),

    They can definitely sue for using actual screenshots, in-game material or any snippit, paragraph, page or pages of text written by Blizzard if it has not been authorized by Blizzard’s Legal Department. In most cases, you are charged a fee based on the content you wish to use, and in some cases, the context in which it will be utilized.

    As far as fan-art is concerned, they will most likely only sue if the fan art clearly depicts anything that can be considered definitive Blizzard-born content. For instance, they probably will not sue for someone drawing a Night Elf, but they could sue for drawing the decorative tribal markings synonymous with Female Night Elves. In addition, they probably wouldn’t sue over using the term “Dwarf” simply because it is a common word, but they could (and would) sue for the use of the words “Draenei” or “Tauren”. Also keep in mind that they are not in the habit of suing fans who simply create fan art. They usually go after those cashing in on the use of Blizzard-native content without their explicit permission.

    The best thing I can suggest to you Mania, is that you contact their Legal Department as an anonymous entity and simply inquire about what they would require for someone to sell World of Warcraft-based Fan Art in the form of t-shirts, mugs, calendars, etc. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Here is their address:

    Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
    ATTN: Legal Department
    P.O. Box 18979
    Irvine, CA. 92623

    You could also call the number below and ask for the Legal Dept.

    (949) 955-1382

    On the flip side, most large corporations first take action on accounts such as this by serving a legal Cease and Desist order. If that stops a person’s production, then they are usually satisfied. – So, you could simply ride it out until that fateful day when you receive a CaD order from Blizzard Legal.

    My last suggestion is that you take a look at one of the books/manuals that contain World of Warcraft material, but are produced by a company other than Blizzard. Usually, in the front or back of a book, you will find a legal disclaimer. You could use that as a template and add it to your material so that you are at least acknowledging that it is in fact, Blizzard-based content.

  18. Mordreade

    Ya, again, you have changed the original. It is NOT theirs anymore. They can CaD all they like and there is NOT a court in the world that will back them. PERIOD.
    Not to mention, they encourage people to do similar things, I.E., movie, cartoon, yadda yadda…..

    Oh…. and less than a week later what does Blizz come out with? Ya, wonder where they got those ideas….. Now, there might be a problem as you are directly competing with their own sales of “like” material. Way to cover yer butt Blizz. Their PR department should get axed for this.

  19. Messyah

    Ya, again, you have changed the original. It is NOT theirs anymore. They can CaD all they like and there is NOT a court in the world that will back them. PERIOD.

    Not to be condescending or downright rude, but that statement is absolutely ludicrous. By your way of thinking, soemone could take Bugs Bunny and make him green and call him their own. You could take the Mona Lisa, make her hair blonde (eeww) and say it is the Mara Lisa, your latest work of art. We’re not talking about copying music lyrics into a rap song and calling it “mixing”. We are talking about using copywritten concepts and material without the explicit permission of the company who owns and maintains those copywrights.

    By asking Mania to listen to your “opinion”, you are setting her up for a fall. Mania, be smart about it. Take every precaution possible.

    Not to mention, they encourage people to do similar things, I.E., movie, cartoon, yadda yadda…..

    Most industries such as this encourage “fan” material, but these same industries tend to take offence when people try to cash in on something they own. In layman terms, it’s all good til you try to turn a buck on their sh*t.

    Oh, and they have had calendars in the past: (2007)

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