Name That Pet: Two Apes in One

Final name for Phytor: Mungulu

I’ve gotten a bunch of submissions from hunters looking for help naming their pet, and I think the last one went very well. So for the moment, let’s keep this up!

Actually, this time I am going to double up a bit to maximize the leverage of our talent potential (and other management-speak). Today we have not one, but two white gorillas!

The first is from a hunter named Ryno:

Ryno here. I have this awesome white ape for my defensive pet, and I don’t know what to name him.

RP wise, Ryno’s a bloodthirsty fellow who’s always got a plan. It may be risky (read: reckless, crazy, dangerous, etc.), but it’s still a plan. What Ryno needs for this gorilla is a name to strike fear into his enemies. He has a ravager named Gorgon. Maybe that’ll help.

And here’s Ryno with his ape:

Ryno with his White Ape

The second submission comes from Phytor, a Blood Elf hunter from Argent Dawn (EU):

Phytor is a lone elf that has a touch with nature, especially animals thus he became a hunter and a somewhat loner. Expelled from his friends and family he went out into the World to find his destiny and goal. When he stumbled across this particular Gorilla for the first time he felt a connection, somewhat like when you feel a twinge of pain. He had to tame this beast. But unfortunately he was clearly no match for it at the time, and with great horror he saw it get ruthlessly killed by a druid and a warlock. Phytor tried to stop them but it was already to late, the beast was critically wounded and lost its place in this world. In great sadness Pythor decided to spend his time to mourn and keep the memory of it sanctified.

Then one day when he came to after a long dreamless sleep, as usually since that night, he gazed at the gorilla again. But could it really be? He tried to clear his vision in order to see better. This beast looked much the same but somewhat larger buffed, slightly more masculine. So Phytor, clear awoken as he was now, lured it towards him and started the ritual needed for a bond this size. After several minutes of struggling Phytor gained the knowledge that this monkey was the other one’s older brother. When he finally gained its trust and explained that it wasn’t he who killed his brother, he gladly accepted to be his friend in dangerous times that shall come.

And here is Phytor with his gorilla:

Phytor with his White Gorilla

Let the naming begin! Oh, and please make it clear in your comments which ape you’re naming, or if your suggestion applies to either.

Incidentally, if you sent me a submission and I haven’t responded to you yet, I apologize. I’m way behind on e-mail (and everything else!). If you name your pet before I get to you, please let me know. Otherwise, I promise I’ll respond eventually. *grin*

Update: Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! Phytor let me know that he went with Mungulu (as you can see here). And Ryno let me know how much he appreciated all the suggestions, although he hasn’t let me know what name he chose yet.

37 thoughts on “Name That Pet: Two Apes in One

  1. Maree

    Ugh. This one is harder..
    For Rynu’s monkey, i’ll say Belphegor. Its some christian demon, and we all no nothing is more frightening than demons.

    Phytor’s monkey. When i was a kid, i loved to go to the zoo. There was a monkey named Charlie there, who could do all kinds of tricks.
    Then he died.
    Therefore; Charlie (yeah okay, but i can’t come up with anything else)

  2. Palladiamorsdeus

    Ryno: I’ll let you borrow Palladiamors. It means pale death, or even Paladiamorsdeus, Pale death god.

    Phytor: Fei. ((Sorry! The death and rebirth reminded me of Xenogears!)) That also opens up Abel, Grahf, and Lacan as names. For a less video game inspire named, Tergiae seems fitting.

  3. cloudmonkey

    For Ryno:
    Slam, Thrash, Wrack, Wrath, Ruin, Raze, Rend, Bash, Smash, Crash, Crush, Crunch, Maim, Mangle, Havoc, Clobber

    For Phytor:
    Mist, Wraith, Snow, Frost, Snowflake, Hoarfrost, Rime, Cloud, Chalk, Avalanche, Powder, Frostbite, Glace

  4. Kurdor

    For Ryno:
    “Sasquatch”. Big, brutish, and has a good “mythical beast” feel to it that goes with “Gorgon”.

    For Phytor:
    This pet has its own backstory, so it seems like it’d have a name RP-wise before it was tamed. Give it something sufficiently monkey-like, like “Mungulu”, comprised of sounds that an ape would make vocally.

  5. Sheryssa

    For Ryno: This may or may not be common for Gorilla pets, but how about Thor?

    For Phytor: Pollux, or Polydeuces. Castor and Pollux are the names of the Gemini twins of Roman Mythology. The equivalent Greek myth is that of Kastor and Polydeuces. In one such myth the two brothers were attacked, Kastor was slain, and Polydeuces was granted immortality by Zeus. Wiki it, I did. XD

  6. Lienna

    For Phytor, looking at some thalassian I’ve come up with Shalathalas meaning safe home, like what you provided him with. Well it should be Shala’Thalas but you can’t use the punctuation, has the advantage of being a blood elf name that 99% of people won’t understand, but you can explain as part of the story you’ve already added to your ape.

  7. Kalabus

    for ryno,,, um name the pet kong lol everyone does, speciealy with bm and a massive gorilla during bestial rage kicks ass

    for phytor why not name it after that lady from gorillas in the mist lol dont remember that broads name., or just call him gunit
    lol, or name him yheti or samsqanch or bighairyape, or blueface. or apey….all of wich are super great names…

  8. Hynjoku

    I know I’m not going to be very original here, but I wanted to put in a good word for two suggestions that have already been made.

    Ryno: Palladiamors (“pale death”) from Palladiamorsdeus.

    Phytor: Pollux from Sheryssa.

  9. MoFreaka

    I have an ape myself, not a white ape but the name I chose for him strikes fear imho… the name I used was GhengisKong, like the above poster stated, for BM its great, he dwarfs “pun intended” the fearful alliance peeps when I use bestial rage!

  10. Topapa

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I’d like to mention that Alliance can now also do the Shy-Rotam summoning quest. I was tempted to tame him but I personally prefer my Humar the Pridelord :)

  11. Nicora

    For either of them, you could use Thunderfist, Mjolnir (the name of Thor’s hammer), Goliath…

    Oooh, how about Atlas, the Greek god who held the world on his back? Or Balor or Searbhan, both giants of the evil Formorians of Celtic legend? Hercules and Jupiter also come to mind. Loki, the giant god of mischief? Or Windigo (also spelt Wendigo), a wintery monster from Native American myth? So many good names can be found in the world’s mythology.

  12. Begonia

    This pet has its own backstory, so it seems like it’d have a name RP-wise before it was tamed. Give it something sufficiently monkey-like, like “Mungulu”, comprised of sounds that an ape would make vocally.

    I second Kurdor’s idea. Plus “Mungulu” is fun to say. Mungulu, mungulu, mungulu! I have a new favorite non-word.

  13. Jayhawk

    Assuming he’d like to keep the theme he could go for the names of two of Medusa (the gorgon)’s sisters: Euryale (far-roaming), Sthenno (forceful). I personally like the sound of Euryale better than Sthenno.

    He might want to go with the yeti theme. This would open up names like Raksi-Bombo, Rimi, and Nyalmot, the three subspecies of yeti. He might also go for a Nepali name then, and chose somehting like Tenzing.

  14. Messyah

    Ryno – Here are a few suggestions that stay with the theme of Gorgon:

    Here are a few not so-related:


    Phytor – Based on the back story, these are the names I suggest:

  15. Eidokar

    I live in Greenland, and the mythology up here is rich and not that well known. So I have a few suggestions based on that. Dont know if it is best for Ryno or for Phytor, but Greenland equals snow equals white gorillas.. or something.

    Qivitoq: according to Greenlandic mythology a Qivitoq is a man that has turned his back on society (or the society has turned its back on him and he takes the consequence and leaves), and walks into the mountain to live on his own. As it is a near death sentence due to the diabolic rough climate, they assume the mythical nature of the Qivitoq (translated the hill walker), and if he survivs he gains powers beyond that of a mere mortal and becomes an evil spirit, forever doomed to haunt those who comes in it pass.

    tupilaq: an evil spirit you could send on people you hated. Everytime someone dies a unnatural death or got severly sick, a tupilaq was expected involved (which could turn into a witch hunt). They are seen as small grotesque figures made out of bone (which were then left outside someones house etc.).

  16. Phytor

    Hello all, thanks alot for your suggestions, i like some more than others, right now i´m most intrigued by “Mungulu” i dont know but it kinda fits, so i´ve decided to name my Monkey that.

    So once agin thank you all alot for your input.

  17. Nathan

    I have a 53 BE Hunter on Hyjal, Vincentval, and he has that ape. As you can tell by my hunters name, I am a fan of Final Fantasy, but I am also a fan of anime. So I took a different approach and went the Dragonball Z route for my ape. I named him Kakarot.

    Big thing with names is just make sure it’s something that suits you. And your interests. Have fun with it, cause after all, you are stuck with it… until you get rid of him anyways.

  18. Messyah

    Phytor – Just so you know, Mungulu is the name of an Aborigine Artist. There was also an amature boxer named Mungulu Okanime. I knew the boxer one, but couldn’t remember the spelling of his name, and when I Googled him, I saw the artitst tidbit.

  19. Khrome

    I’ve always named my pets after O’ School Transformers:

    Bat = Skywarp
    Tallstrider (Mazzaranche) = Arcee
    Armored Boar = Ironhide
    Raptor = Grimlock
    Gorilla = Optimus/shockwave
    Scorpion = Scorponok
    Ravager = Onslaught
    black Worg = Nemesis

    Windserpent = Thndrcrackr
    Ghost sabre = Mirage
    new Ghost wolf = Silverbolt

  20. Ikryeax

    A buddy of mine named his gorilla after a Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns has a monkey and Homer gets him into a knife fight.

    the name is “Furiousgeorg” as the last E in george didnt fit.

  21. Emowin

    Well reading the story of Phytor I would say a name like Revenge or Vengance….maybe perhaps Justice would work or if you like the idea of any of thease names but not the word its self you could look up the words in a differant language.

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