Ghost Wolf: Here to Stay

[UPDATE: As of 01/14/2008, Blizzard has announced that this creature can no longer be tamed. This reverses their previous comments on the matter.]

According to a post by Issuntril, a Blizzard Poster, on the European In-Game Customer Support forum, the Ghost Wolf is here to stay:

While this feature of the Grimtotem Spirit Guide wasn’t exactly intended, it was agreed by the development team that this is a fun use of in-game mechanics, and we therefore have no plans to address this issue – it will still be possible in future for everyone who wishes to tame this NPC to do so. :)

I hope this alleviates your concerns!

I haven’t seen anything on the US forums yet, but I don’t believe that it’s even feasible to leave this is Europe and fix it in the US. So yes, that alleviates many of my concerns! Now I just have to find time today to get the wolf added to Petopia.

My thanks to the legions of people who immediately let me know about this, here and in e-mail.

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  2. Amber

    This is the single best action Blizzard has taken in months. This is a solid indicator that they really are prepared to listen to their player base and focus on What Is Most Fun. With any luck they’ll consider the reaction to this and expand on the idea. This is a wonderful area of design space that hasn’t been explored yet.

    @Rai79: See Mania’s initial post on this (linked in her first comment on this entry) to follow along the long series of comments on how to tame it without being a troll. (Have a shaman, leatherworker, and priest handy.)

  3. Gaujo

    When I got mine ;-) There were purpleish ones as well as the Teal/blue colored ones pictured above, but Mine was Teal/blue as well. Did anyone capture one that is purple?

  4. Gaujo

    Also, wanted to add I did this as an Orc, with a shaman and a priest and NO LEATHERWORKER. I had Juju flurry potions from winterspring. *note, they are on the same cooldown as rapid fire, so dont use it.

  5. Shinryu Masaki

    They turn purple in mid fight, so I’m assuming it’s caused by a buff of some sort, like getting enraged or something. Though if you are BM and pop Bestial Wrath, it will turn red/black, but if you target it while BW is active, it will be shades of purple. not the same but very similar.

  6. Azbulldog

    I wish they would change it so not everyone is going to go out and get one in the future so those who have already got it can remain special. :P

    WTB Spectral Wolf Gallery @Mania

  7. Nyx

    I tried doing this tame tonight with a shaman + Mystical Skyfire Diamond – Tame Beast seems significantly bugged somehow. Every time I start the tame, it immediately fades – I have no proc stuff that causes damage, I’m not receiving healing or totem buffs… not sure what the deal is.

  8. Anbhas

    This pet will always be special, since you can only get it in the late 60s to 70 and requires specialty mats, gear, and friends willing to help out. Not to mention the timing that’s needed to get one.

  9. Utternutz

    @ Rai79,

    Other races can tame this pet, not just trolls. I play a tauren and was able to tame one.

    @ Azbulldog,

    I kinda agree, I was hope’n Blizz would make this pet untamable but let the ones who have already tamed be allowed to keep it. Sorry other hunters, but in a few months this thing will be like the ghost saber, everyone and their brother will have it.

  10. Utternutz

    Strange, my photobucket links turn into thottbot links on mouse over. Here goes a second try.

  11. Palladiamorsdeus

    I apologize, but I DON’T think it should have been made into a ‘special’ pet. And you two should know better, if they’d made it untameable, your current ones would be unfeedable. As it stands the thing is already a monster to get ahold of, requiring a lot of investment. Luckily, I already have a wolf, and I think Lu’d be a bit hurt if I brought another mut home. Still, this is very good news for hunters wanting a different look.

  12. Ferix

    I helped a guild mate earlier this week tame it. It took some doing and a few tries, but he finally got it. It can be tamed by Alliance also, not just the Horde.

  13. Nyx

    Indeed. I spent over 240g on this – 215 for the MSD, 35 for the priest [5 to hire her - 30 because I was so damn happy], and the shaman, my husband, is going to cost me hours of [wonderful] grinding. This is not going to be the flavour of the month, especially for Alliance hunters. I was just lucky to have the Spirit Shards tucked away forgotten somewhere, to metagem myself with.

  14. Ansawa

    I’ve always wanted one of these since seeing the Lupine Horrors in SFK–and I’m so glad they’ll be around for me to get! Now I just need to bank more Spirit Shards and see about rounding up a Shaman and some Juju Flurry to try for it…

  15. Kurdor

    I got the wolf too, as a dwarf hunter. Had most of the mats for the meta in my bank, got my rogue to xmute it and my guild leader (who thought I was insane) to craft it. My hunter’s a leatherworker, and one of my guildie shamans helped me out (who incidentally got the pet named after him =D ).

    Got him up to 51 now. Taming the wolf is all luck with the meta proc and the wolf spawn time. Good luck taming him, it can be done.

  16. Mythrandir

    Tamed it on 2.12.2007 on Ravencrest Ally side first there so i am proud and happy – Thx to Chinchilla and Juane shamans from my realm to make it possible ,OMG I LOVE IT :O Ghost Wolf will stay that second very good info :)
    gonna lvl it now :D
    GL all in making it yours :D

  17. Knotbeard

    After one day of casual leveling on the wolf (I only play on the weekends and only a few hours a day, so this was not a 12 hour grind) I have him up to level 40. It seems the new pet leveling ratio is much faster than the old system. Hooray for low level pets being brought back out to level!!! I’m tempted to go into the Blood Elf newbie area, grab that level 6 red lynx model cat, and level it up… but then again, I am a bit insane.

  18. Knotbeard

    Sorry, forgot to post the process I used to tame mine:

    WoW Moviewatch: Taming the elusive ghost wolf – WOW Insider

    Ghost Wolf: The newest, rarest pet – WOW Insider

    The process is very simple:

    - Get a Priest that can cast Mind Control
    - Get a Shaman that can cast Heroism
    - Socket a Mystical Skyfire Diamond in a Metaslot
    - Go to the Grimtotem area in North Dustwallow Marsh
    - The Priest will need to Mind Control the Grimtotem Spirit-Shifter
    - While the Priest holds mind control, change aspects until the gemstone procs Focus thus cutting your taming time by 50%
    - As soon as the Shaman sees Focus proc, they should cast Heroism
    - As soon as you see the Shaman cast Heroism, start spamming a pre-set macro as follows:
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame Beast
    (Stop once the taming spell begins)
    - As soon as the Priest sees the Shaman cast Heroism, they should use the Mind Controlled ability to summon the wolf
    - Once the wolf is tamed, it will die due to a server-side script! Do not let this fool you. Hit your resurrect command for your pet and enjoy your new wolf!

  19. Cleiena WoW hunter

    /cry I am a level 26 troll hunter (I suck at leveling) and I would level to 30 if I could get this AWSOME wolf! p.s. I have a ghost saber (I am horde) and have only seen 2 one in BGs the other in Org. that includes allys in WSG >.< if you have ANY info and are on Dunemaul horde side will you please pst me with info so I could attempt to get this pet at 30 ty

  20. Haedraline

    Sure was a nice challenge, but I’ve managed to tame it as well now. And yes, as others have previously said, you don’t need to be a troll to tame it. I play a troll hunter, but I actually just thought it a hassle trying to nestle in and time a berserking during the taming process.

    Just get your mystical skyfire gem proc, have a shaman cast heroism/bloodlust and have a priest mindcontrolling the spiritshifter to more easily be able to time the heroism/bloodlust, ghost wolf spawn and the proc off the metagem. It’s all you really need, I could even time it well enough with the montrous latency I usually have when gaming.

    And that macro (/target Grimtotem Spirit Guide /cast Tame Beast) helps a huge lot.

    To Cleiena – Sorry to say it, but the need of using a metagem to shorten the time of Tame Beast, makes it probably impossible to tame this wolf in the lower levels.

  21. Branan

    I tamed mine tonight, got it on the first try with the help of an attentive priest and shaman. :) He’s called Wraithfang! Now to start leveling him… argh…

  22. Senthiuz

    One thing that no on has mentioned is the 1/2 casting time buff given by savory deviat delights, this should allow low level hunter to be able to tame him, without the need of the meta gem or the large supply of gold requred to get it

  23. Senthiuz

    I did not realize that they had taken out the Deviate Delight buff, haven’t had one of those in a good long time.

    Genkai, you must have both the drums and the Meta gem, meta cuts it down from 20 second to 10 seconds, then the drums reduce the castng time to within the 8 second period required to tame it. A troll’s racial can also preform or augment the function of the drums.

  24. Branan

    BTW, Juju Flurry does not stack with the meta gem; I tried using it 6 times and it didn’t stack at all. I had to get a shaman to help out with Heroism.

  25. Alanonymous

    Per Drysc on 1/14/08:
    Through a hotfix we’ve recently removed the ability to tame a Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Players who have already gone through the trouble of taming the creature will be able to keep them unchanged. This hotfix only removes the possibility to tame this creature from here on.

    The removal of the spirit guide has been debated within design discussions for a while now as to what impact the pet and its precedent has on the game.
    The unintended nature of the taming, the undead status of the guide, appearance of the wolf in relation to the feel of the hunter class, and the complex processes of taming were all issues touched upon and discussed.

    Ultimately the discussions brought us to the conclusion that this should not be a permanent addition to the pet selection available to hunters; however, those that have already tamed them should be allowed to keep them due to their efforts in obtaining one.


    Glad I got mine.

  26. summer

    im a werewolf girl im 11/10 and i got a real ghost wolf following me
    and i have a pic of him but i lost it and im pissed IT WAS MY FAV PIC
    and a live wolf that my moms frend has follows me all around
    sooooo yea im a werewolf

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