Name That Pet: Iridium’s Boar

Final name: Precious

Kat from Liquid Silver was the first person to take up the Name That Pet challenge and send me info about a pet that needs a name!

Kat writes about her character:

Iridium dabbles in PvP, when telling a fellow hunter this he insisted that I must get a boar. I picked the Agam’ar boar from RFK. For the only reason that he matched my hair.

I see Iridium like the Princess in the movie Spaceballs, the scene where the Princess gets her hair singed, then turns around and demolishes the guards. She is just as concerned about breaking a nail as she is for making sure she has a scope on her bow.

But for the life of me I cannot come up with a name. Cutie the cat was instantaneous. But Boar… /shrug

You can read more about Iridium and her new boar on Kat’s blog.

So how about it, pet namers? What have you got for Iridium’s boar?

Iridium and her as-yet-nameless boar.

[Edit: Okay, everyone -- over to Kat's blog to help her decide!]

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