Liveblogging the 2.3.2 PTR

Looks like the Patch 2.3.2 PTR is finally up! Time to check out this so-called faster pet leveling and see if it lives up to expectations. As a fun experiment, I’m going to try ‘liveblogging’ my experiences — that is, adding bits to this post as I go. I’ll use timestamps to keep the bits organized.

5:25 pm – I’ve been leaving the PTR client running and sitting on the realm selection screen, and after I got back from the grocery store there were finally realms to select. I pick the PvE realm and saw that my character copies from the 2.3 PTR are still there, as are the two new copies I made last night.

I log in with Kait (a copy of level 29 Kaet left over from the 2.3 PTR) and immediately get a Lua error involving the pet panel. I ignore it and open the pet panel, and another similar error pops up. I don’t know if I can trust what I am seeing on the pet panel — most of the stats are missing and the ones that exist have no data. But the XP bar is there, and it says that my random level 23 raptor needs a total of 4250 XP to reach level 24. This is less than a level 20 pet needed on the 2.3 PTR, so it looks like they may have just lowered the amount of XP that pets need to level.

… if I can trust the pet panel when it is throwing errors.

I ask on the Trade channel if all hunters are seeing these errors, but it looks like I am the only one. I log out to reinstall the PTR and start this post. :>

5:31 – It suddently occurs to me that the problem I am having with Kait might be because she was left over from the 2.3 PTR. So I log back in (I haven’t deleted anything yet) and try logging in a more recent copy of Mania, renamed Manai. On this character I initially get “Internal Pet Error” and then, when I use Claa Pet to summon Cloud, the same pet panel Lua errors I was getting before. Okay, back to the reinstall option.

5:41 – Installing the PTR seems a lot faster than it used to be. Anyway, I am still getting the same errors on the pet panel. *sigh* Well, I’ll collect what data I can anyway and see if it looks valid — as well as reporting the errors on the Test Realm forum.

Nope, scratch that — forum login looks to be down. *sigh* Well, for posterity (and so I only have to type it the once), here is the error I am seeing:

On login and when I open my pet panel:
Interface\FrameXML\PetPaperDollFrame.lua: 187: bad argument #3 to ‘format’ (number expected, got no value)

Mousing over the ‘Damage’ line on the pet panel:
Interface\FrameXML\PetPaperDollFrame.lua: 1301: bad argument #2 to ‘format’ (number expected, got nil)

And this is what my pet panel looks like:

Messed up pet panel on the 2.3.2 PTR.

5:59 – My very first few data points indicates that pets need less XP across the board to level. Before, pets needed 25% of the XP that a player of the same level would need — now it looks like they need only 16.75% of the XP a same-level player would. Again, very preliminary, and I haven’t tested to see whether the XP they get per kill has changed.

6:08 – I stopped by Blackhoof Village on my way to a Stable Master in Dustwallow Marsh. The ghost wolves are still beasts and still Beast Lore as tameable, although I didn’t actually try to tame one.

6:26 – I noticed that one of my existing pets had exactly the XP they needed for the next level. I’m reasonably certain that I didn’t log off with that pet in that state. So I am guessing that pets keep the amount of experience that they had before the 2.3.2 patch, but capped at their current level. This is different than what happened when the XP that players needed went down — with players, we kept our current percentage towards the next level.

6:31 – The 16.75% number seems to be confirmed by the additional levels I’ve checked. To put that in perspective, pets on the PTR only need two-thirds of the XP that they need on the live worlds. Their leveling has been sped up by at least 33%.

6:39 – Pets do not appear to gain experience when the hunter completes a quest. Given the amount that they lowered pets’ required XP, I didn’t really expect them to change this — but it still would have been a nice way to let us quest with a high-level (effective) pet while still leveling up a low-level (ineffective) pet.

6:51 – Similarly, pets still do not gain experience when you kill something that is grey to the hunter, even if it wouldn’t have been grey to the pet. (Again, not something I expected to change, but it’s worth checking.)

7:04 – And my final test (for right now, at least): Pets are earning the same XP per kill on the PTR as they are on the live realms.

So it looks like the only change that Blizzard has made to pet leveling is a straight 33% cut in XP required per level. I can’t say that I am unhappy with that — it should handily fix the issue I had already started to run into after the 2.3 patch, of keeping even one pet level with me. And shaving any XP off of the tedious process of leveling a low-level pet up to 70 is obviously a good thing.

But there are two questions whose asnwers remain to be seen:

  • Will this change will allow me to keep two or three pets even with me while I level?
  • And how significant is the savings in pain and tedium for leveling up really low-level pets?

In other words, is this change the long-term solution we’ve been hoping for, or is it just a temporary bandaid to address the unfortunate side-effects of Patch 2.3?

After dinner I’ll spend some more time really playing on the PTR to see if I can start answering those questions.

13 thoughts on “Liveblogging the 2.3.2 PTR

  1. Pike

    Thank you for the posts and the updates! I can’t wait until this patch goes live… I’m having troubles with pet leveling on more than one hunter right now, including my main, so I’m just so very excited…

    Keep the info coming, we love it!!

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  3. Palladiamorsdeus

    You know, I am as happy as anyone about this change, but still, is it to little, to late? Outlands introduced all hunters the the problem of not being able to raise multiple pets, due to a severe amount of experience coming from quests, and with 2.3 going live, the same thing is hitting lower level hunters as well. It limits all of us in what we can and can’t raise, even more so when you consider the sad number of pet selection at high level. This isn’t even adding in constant pet nerfs. Not a single new pet family skill has been added since the expansion, either. I know its not this way to everyone, but to me, I play the hunter class for the pets. I’ve had my wolf Luposi since before his shadow damage was taken away, and will most likely have him until the end of WoW. This increase is some pet love, but its one good thing, when we have had so many bad ones tossed our way. Maybe things will start looking up now….

  4. Nimizar

    I checked my level 69 scorpid and the XP required to reach 70 dropped from 194k to just under 130k, which matches the reduction from 25% to 16.75% of player XP per level.

    I think that means that you could keep two pets levelled so long as you were getting at least a third of your XP from killing mobs, and 3 pets with 50% of your XP from mobs. (I suspect it gets a little more complicated that that when the pet is lower level than the hunter, though…)

  5. Dvalin

    To be honest I think its only really going to benefit people at 70 trying to level pets, for the most part it just seems a fix to the problems created in the last patch. I’m currently working on levelling a Frostsaber Pride watcher, got him to 61 so far and boy has it felt like a chore, mostly been grinding at Firewing point in Terrokar but I’ll certainly be pleased to have a slightly easier life with the next patch, I’m sure they could have made it better and perhaps they will but its not too bad an improvement for now I guess.

  6. Jayhawk

    At least it’s not getting worse. Does any one know with how much the quest experience was increased? And whether we need less experience per level between 20-60? In other words, does this put us back at effectively having pets level again at the speed we level?

    As for the errors… it looks like they changed some of their functions and now have some dead parameters.

  7. Palladiamorsdeus

    I don’t have an exact number on the experience per quest, but it looks to be around twenty percent or so, maybe a bit more. Per level seems to be around the same margin, though I’d have to think real hard about what I needed then and what I need now. *Laughs* As a hunter, if you instance or group up more with your pet, its easier for them to keep up with you, since they get the same amount of experience in a group or not.

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  9. Felorian

    This is great news! I am currently leveling 2 lower level pets and man is it tedious. I have also found that Firewing point in Terrokar is a great spot to level a pet if you are 70, the casters there stand off and die fast. Thanks to this I can hold off grinding on those pets and move on to other more interesting things untill the patch is released!

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