Faster Pet Leveling: Details from the PTR

I spent some time this evening on the PTR checking out the new increased pet leveling speed. This is a summary of what I found, in case you don’t want to read the long liveblogged post about it. :>

  • The XP that pets need to level has been reduced — from 25% to 16.75% of the XP that a player of the same level requires. In other words, pets require 33% less XP to level on the PTR.
  • Pets still do not earn XP when the hunter completes a quest.
  • Pets still do not earn XP from kills that are grey to the hunter.
  • The XP-per-kill that a pet receives shows no changes between the PTR and the live realms.

26 thoughts on “Faster Pet Leveling: Details from the PTR

  1. Drag

    I never thought they would get pets gain XP from completed quests.
    But the reduced XP-needed is good enough, to keep a pet on par with you while lvling, isnt it?

    Well im glad :) 33% faster done leveling my ghost wolf up.

  2. batgrl

    Well I can’t wait to try this out – hope they’ll announce that this is live next Tues or week after, which is more likely. In the Saga Of Lvling Pink Tallstrider – my character is more than half through lvl 60 and her pet is 55. I tamed it a week and 2 days ago, playing huge chunks of the weekend, but also lvling another character with guildmembers, so it’s not been a full time thing. However! I have to leave character outside an inn as rested bonus causes too much xp gain. I also can not quest at all with this character, as she will also outlvl the pet. Not to mention that the lvl 57 boar that’s stabled is now falling behind as well. I suppose that this isn’t a bad thing at all – this character can lvl mostly on killing mobs for leather and cloth, which is sent to other characters that craft. I’ll have her do a quest now and then to get gear, but otherwise skip all quests. Then at 70 she can return to quest for gold. Still – if this was my main character and not my hunter/gatherer, the situation would really annoy me. It pretty much sets you up to have one pet and only one pet – or spend a great deal of time trying to keep multiple pets at your lvl. But I’m preaching to the choir.

    I didn’t really expect them to give a percentage from quest xp to pets – but I did have vague hopes. Otherwise the new boost to xp makes pet lvling even more of a challenge.

  3. batgrl

    Oh and just for fun – here’s an example of why I’m lvling this pet. It just really really amuses me to see this thing fight:
    We’ll ignore the further amusement of the awful armor this poor character is in – Outlands drops lead to some really horrible color combinations. Meanwhile I can’t tell if it’s amusement or pity (with lvling such a low pet) but passersby would constantly stop to look at me and my pet, and often buff us. Which at some point made me try and find out of the way places or late hours to grind the mobs.

  4. Piru

    Even though I’m HELLA glad for the reduced XP requirement for hunter pets, I never found it a real problem to keep pets leveled up with me. Pre-BC I kept 3 pets consistently on even ground with me, although when BC came out I only leveled TonyT because I knew I was just gonna get rid of the other 2 anyway.

  5. Caiti

    Mania, if possible…or if you know a lvl 70…do you think it’d be possible to discover if these changes affect the gain in loytalty lvls? I’m mostly referring to a lvl 70 taming a lvl 70 pet. I spoke to a few 70 hunters this weekend that actually tamed the 70 plainstrider and he’s gotten a few loyalty lvls so far.

    I’m just wondering if the new patch will help those lvls come much faster or will it be a hardly noticable difference since its a pain in the butt at lvl 70 as it is?

    Either way, owl is working his magic in Arenas, annoying the alliance to no end :)

  6. Mania Post author

    Sure, Caiti! I took a Scythetooth Raptor to Unruly today on the PTR. The pet still requires 5% of the hunter’s level in XP, so no change there. And since level 70 XP wasn’t affected by Patch 2.3, I don’t think we’ve gotten any breaks there.

  7. Maevet

    another of the patened Blizz partial step in the right direction then drop the ball…..
    I was really hoping they’ld toss us a bone & let pets get xp from quests, or at least also bost how much XP a pet gets from kills

  8. Sheryssa

    Bah. Only 33% less xp required per level? How does that help wanting to level a new pet from like… level 10 when you’re level 70? Here I was hoping they’d scale the exp gain depending on level disparity, perhaps with a formula like: pet exp gain = (((player level – pet level) + 1) / 2) * normal pet exp gain. So a pet that’s one level below is unaffected, but a pet that’s 2 levels below gets exp at 1.5x, a pet that’s 3 levels below 2x, 4 levels = 2.5x, all the way to a level 70 with a level 1 pet getting 35x exp.

    Why, if I want to level a pet for cosmetic reasons (because with pets being pretty much normalized, what other reason is there?) should I have to melee or kite mobs for a month or more (casual) to level my pet to the point where it can actually hold aggro?

  9. Palladiamorsdeus

    Heh, yea Sheryssa, I hear ya. 1-60 aren’t so bad, aside from the whole havin’ to melee/trap/kite things to death. You can make that easier for yourself with water breathing potions and picking on the fishies in Zangarmarsh, but from 60-70….. just ugh. Although, on an odd note, it didn’t take me quiet as long to level my scorpid as I thought it would. Once they get to sixty five or so, it helps to amuse yourself by questing, but its still pretty boring. I have been considering taming Princess in Elwynn, because seriously, how many of that boar type do you see around?

  10. Zalthor

    Just make all pets keep the same level as the player. (Like warlock pets) As soon as you tame it, it jumps to lvl 70 or whatever you are, but youll still have to level their loyalty up. That would make more sense. Then I think there would be a difference in hunters pets also because more people will grab the pet they think looks the best rather than whatever cool one is within their current lvl range. More variation basically.

  11. Zalthor

    I personally like the look of the Ghost cat, but I dont feel like lvling him from lvl 20 or whatever he starts out as. And I didnt know he existed until my Hunter was like lvl 50 or so (horde side). Otherwise I wouldve grabbed him when I was 20.

  12. Tzia / Yazmin

    I’m now leveling an alliance alt on another server to play with my cousin… so far its easy. I know I’m going to get annoyed when I go into ZG at around 62 to grab a 60 elite tiger. Kitty will sit at 60, in my stable until I hit 70, then be brought out to be leveled- once the RFK Ag’amar boar is 70 too… luckily i got him as a 30.

    I’ve leveled through outlands with a cat in the past, this time the plan is to go with Xavi,the RFK Boar, and hope that helps the leveling speed — pet won’t die as often… I hope. Wish me luck, and I’d really wished the 60 to 70 bracket would have been helped pet leveling wise… guess its back to doing a gray pet leveling dance. >.<

  13. Doc

    “I have been considering taming Princess in Elwynn, because seriously, how many of that boar type do you see around?”- Palladiamorsdeus

    I grabbed a battle boar (same skin as Princess (level 3)), awhile him to level 52? and gave up (hes perma stabled). If he ever does hit 70, its going to be because I ran A LOT of heroics, with guildies who are ok with having a lowbie pet.

    Its ashame, because a lot of the really good skins are low level beasts…Ghost sabres (which luckily as a horde hunter I spent 4 hours getting on a PvP server at level 20), pinky, Princess, Eych, Humar, the new Ghost wolf..ect.ect

    Hunters as far as hunters themselves are pretty much perfect right now. I would VERY much like to see Blizzard spend the next few month doing the order.

    1.) Get every class of pet a unique ability…ALA screech, Thunderstomp, Howl, and bring them all up to par with level 70.

    2.) Get skins that are not see in TBC in TBC VIA a small “pod”, or rares.

    3.) Add unique skins that are currently IG to be tamable.

    4.) Either use a formula that one of the above people suggested, or just level the pets with the hunter, and double the length of loyalty gains. That way, AT LEAST the pet can hold aggro while you grind out loyalty.

    The pet aspect of this class really needs a revamp, and IMO the core things they need to do, would not be hard in the least. The hardest thing would be to create unique skins. Im so sick of seeing the same pets everywhere when I log in AV, or when Im walking in shat.

    Wanna know why so many people are running around with a moonstalker skin? because its already 70.

    *sigh* 33% IS better, but its not enough to bring a true varity of skins to the game

    /end rant

  14. Palladiamorsdeus

    My little princess ((Named her Periae)) is up to 47 now, and thats just casual playing. But anyway, I agree with much if not all of what you said. I posted some suggestions for pet abilities on the hunter forum as Illidius, but it was ignore. /sigh

  15. Kilaman

    While I enjoyed the 33% cut, I got my new Ghost Wolf to 60 in 3 days of grinding (4 hour sessions each). At 60, I’m sorry to say guys, the lvling reduction cuts out. My wolf (Fenrir) is currently 64 on Laughing Skull, and those 4 lvls took about the same amount of grinding as the 30-60. So get ready for that grind, pet will get about 701 xp per kill for anything between lvl 62-68. I’m at about 240 someodd kills per lvl, and it only keeps going up.

  16. Tom

    Bollocks. This buff is a bunch of crap and doesn’t help those of us who want to tame a low level pet at 70. They should make it so they get exp even if the mobs are grey to me. That would solve a lot right there, but it will still be a royal pain in the butt to get a low one up there. I work fifty hours a week and can only play for an hour or two each night, it will take me till next year to level the bugger up.

  17. Gabe

    I hate this cut back im lvl 63 and i just tamed a gorilla and it is taking me at least 4 days to lvl him up once and the cut back wont help at all just take 3 days per lvl now. They need like 75% cut back then that would seriously help.

  18. Phred

    It would be nice if they’ve removed the hard cap on exp gained per kill for the pet. On live it’s impossible for your pet to get more than 450 or so exp per kill no matter how high the mob is compared to your pet.

  19. Rikaku

    It’s nice to mention though, I honestly doubt Blizzard intends for us 70 hunters to tame anything, not at 70 already.
    (Taken from a GM I spoke with on the Muradin server)
    “Why would you tame a level 30 pet anyways? There’s several other pets at your current level of 70.”
    “I like the unique skin.”
    “So you tame a beast 40 levels below you? That’ll be a very hard grind…”

    I WISH i was joking about that conversation. She (I assume it was a she because the GM’s name was feminine sounding) insisted that I get a 70 pet because I was already 70. =/

    Like hell I would, I didn’t go through the hassle of taming a ghost wolf if I didn’t intend to level him. And now he’s at 52. I found the greatest way to level these guys even after 60 (because I did it with my pet Rak’shiri who had fallen behind) is to run instances.
    I’ve been 3 manning Slave Pens (3 70′s) and 4 manning Steamvaults, getting around 1512 exp per kill for the pet. When I did SV with Rakshiri at 68, he still got 700-1000+ exp depending on the mob.

  20. cgeorgemo

    I personally have mixed feelings about leveling low pets.
    On the one hand it’s hard for me not to say “You had your chance at Princess when you were level 10 and you didn’t take it so live with it.” You want to level a lower pet for cosmetic reasons then you take the grind with that choice.
    But then on the other hand Blizzard adds more lower level skins either by design or accident and I can’t say “Well you should have gotten that pet at the appropriate level.”, because it didn’t exist for you at that level.
    As far as the increase in pet exp I don’t believe Blizzard introduced that to help with bringing much lower level pets up to our level I think they just intend to make it easier for us to keep 2 pets leveling with us.

  21. asala

    At lvl 70, leveling a low-level pet is very, very easy, but time-consuming. In Terokkar Forest there is an enclave of blood elves, with a bunch of blood elf warlocks (no warlock minions, though!) that are so easy to kill it’s ridiculous. Over a year ago, I “lost” my boar and Blizz couldn’t rez her. Well, I had tried to level one up, but found it too difficult. At 70, however, and with the right gear (I have nothing that you couldn’t get at the AH, and not a single purple item), your power is considerable against lvl 63-65s. Well, in 8 hours of grinding I leveled a lvl 10 crag boar to lvl 60. It took about 1.5 hours to get it to 61, and about the same to 62. At that point, it held aggro most of the time in Terokkar and Nagrand, so you can just grind like normal. This is pre-patch 2.3.2, also! The whole key is just to fight the warlocks, who attack you from range. I put my pet on passive and just watched her “ding!” time and time again. Also, I made a few hundred gold in loot over this time.

  22. hereticrick

    I recently hopped over to SWG to try it out (got bored and came back though – icky game). There was one thing in that game that I thought would be great for WoW hunters: pet suplements. In SWG all pets start at lvl 1 as you hatch them from an egg. So in order to help lvl them up to your current lvl, you can buy (fairly expensive and have to be crafted by someone i believe) supplements for your pet. You give your pet this supplement and for a certain amount of time they get a HUGE xp buff. I forget what it was, but i want to say it was something like 500% xp gain. Made catching your lil buddy up a LOT easier.

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  24. Dwarven

    Srry , fr th qstn , but , im 70 but want train humar lvl 23 , and … i want to know what mobs(lvl) i need to kill , i heard if i can see in green any mob my pet will recib experienc , but i dont know , really isnt a solucio, but when i kill lvl 24- 30 mobs he gain exp , i want to know any reason . Answer Plz

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