Petopia: Dustwallow Marsh Pets Updated

When I made a pass over dungeon pets the other day, to see what changes Patch 2.3 brought, I skipped Dustwallow Marsh because I thought that the pre-existing creatures there were unchanged. But I was wrong — there were some interesting changes to pets in the Marsh.

  • A number of creatures had their levels adjusted down a tad, much as in the dungeons. I assume that since they were re-touching the entire zone they decided to go ahead and tighen it up a bit at the same time.
  • Oddly, a number of creatures are missing. Nothing too terrible — we didn’t lose any pet appearances — but the following creatures are nowhere to be found. For the moment I am leaving these pets up on the site with a note that they don’t seem to exist anymore.
    • Drywallow Vicejaw
    • Bloodfen Scytheclaw
    • Darkmist Lurker
    • Darkfang Spider
    • Darkfang Lurker
    • Mudrock Tortoise
    • Mudrock Burrower
    • Mudrock Snapjaw
    • Mudrock Borer
  • The Drywallow Snapper, the only croc to know Claw (although it loses it when you zone), still exists and still knows Claw. I guess all those bug reports I filed didn’t go anywhere.
  • I have no idea why, but the Mottled Drywallow Crocolisk now has caster attributes. (Thanks to Ket Shi for pointing this out to me. I never would have noticed.)

I was unable to track down the three rares in Dustwallow: Dart, Hayoc, and Ripscale. Their levels may have changed slightly, so if you see them let me know what level they are now.

11 thoughts on “Petopia: Dustwallow Marsh Pets Updated

  1. Grishin

    I know Dart definately exists. Had I known you needed the level I would have paid more attention to what he was. He was running around that area just across the river near the north tower.

  2. RealUnimportant

    Wrong zone, but have you also noticed that all the mobs on Jaguero Isle have been relevelled as well? No more lvl50 black cats and gorillas, they’re all 40-42 now – even the big elite monkey’s been nerfed down to a 42 non-elite!

  3. Cleiena WoW hunter

    ugh Blizzard is messing up an already perfect game! they made Broken Tooth normal speed, they made the alteric mountain wolves normal speed, and made Lupos melee damage not shadow! I am angry at Blizzard and I bet they are drinking ALOT!
    Cleiena level 25 hunter Dunemaul

  4. 84

    found ripscale.hes a normal rare.level 37,51-69 damage,1593 armor,1603 hp,diet:meat/fish, tameable,knows bite rank 6.hes somewhere in the quagmire near the big white quest mob croc…

  5. Palladiamorsdeus

    Were you around for Lu’s shadow damage? It was amazing! My Luposi could keep up with cats in damage! At the very least, I wish we could at least get a talent that let our pets deal a margin of their damage as an elemental. Oh well, if wishes were fishes, I’d be able to tame dragons.

  6. Avaric

    I was flying from Theramore to Mudsproket, and I saw Hayoc from the griffin. I knew I’d seen something in here about him, so I went to find him and scan him. He’s lvl 39. 54-73 damage, 1834 armor, 1751 health, still tameable. I found him at 52,66.

  7. TK

    I just killed Dart, though just thought him to be another raptor till I had skinned him and thought about later having him as a pet. Why I searched the net. Sorry I don’t know about him, but found him in the corner of the Theramore area to the north by Stinky. He was ‘yellow named’ to my level 38, maybe level 37 as I had to squint, mostly I was keeping Kumar alive against unknown odds, though he does well himself (better then me).

    Dart is just ‘OK’ looking, tall, but I don’t think I would get bonuses of any kind to tame him and am afraid he will lose his size after I tame. I am not sure I will take the time to try to find him again. Wish I had planned better. /shrug

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