Name That Pet!

After reading the long, long comment thread about everyone’s pets, I realized that we have some really talented pet-namers hereabouts. So I thought of a way to put them to work for us. *grin*

Here’s the deal: If you have a nameless pet or you are thinking of taming a new pet and you want help picking a name, drop me an e-mail. Include a picture of your character (with the pet if you’ve already tamed it). Also include — and this is important — a sentence or two on:

  • why you choose this partcular pet,
  • what kind of name you are looking for: silly, romantic, mythological, etc.,
  • and a bit about your character’s personality. (It’s okay if you’re not a role-player, but we need to know a little about how you play.)

I’ll pick a submission (assuming I get more than one!) and post the pic and description text here. Then all the great pet-namers in the audience can comment and suggest a great name for your pet! Sounds like fun, right? If it works out okay, maybe we’ll make this a regular feature.

(And by the way: Happy Thanksgiving for those that celebrate the holiday!)

25 thoughts on “Name That Pet!

  1. shibumi

    I’ve named my wolves maii (from navajo – ma’ii – coyote). and my ravagers have been playfully tagged thorn (duh) and caltrop. my cats tend to be named similarly as my wolves – mosi (cat in navajo), or zas (which was the navajo name OF my cat – means snow. Since he was a black cat it was a great joke with my navajo friends).

    gahgii (ga’gii – crow or raven)

    and so on.


  2. Ansawa

    Mania, this is completely off-topic, but the Scorpid Bonecrawlers in the Bone Wastes come pre-trained with all ranks of Natural Armor. Just one of those weird pet things, I s’pose, and I didn’t see a note on Petopia about it.

    Tough little bugs, too.

  3. Cilly

    I’m thinking about making a new cow-huntress and finding a pet to name it Gopala (means “cow protector” from Sanskrit गो (go) “cow” and पाल (pala) “protector”). :D

  4. golden_hell

    Hum main character (gonoya) is a classical hunter..

    My actual pets are a dragonhawk and a ravager.
    In french the dragonhawk is called Fouflamme (translation Crazy fire) because it drops fire everywhere.
    And my ravager is called toothpick :)

    Most people playing with me designate those catégories of mob by my pet name now !

  5. Beran

    Ok, this will be little difficulty. My boar have name in czech, which is very funny and double-meaning. His name is Prasák, which means in czech boar, pig, swine, but it means in czech something like boor or cad, too. Do you undestand what i mean? many czech peoples laught when they see it. maybe in english it dont have that funny double-meaning, but I at least tried to explain my pet’s name :-)

  6. Beran

    One more thing, it is easy to translate from english to czech, but harder to translate from czech to english. Czech have twice more words that english, phew…

  7. Hazzum

    My current tauren hunter has a hyena named Kalahari, named of course for the region in Africa. Before that was one of the Mulgore wolves named Dusty, mainly because he looked like a Dusty.

    My draenei hunter used to have a Ravager she named Ugly (which of course he was) and now has a turtle named Speedy (mmm, irony).

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  9. Sam

    I named my Croc: Hannibal, as in Hannibal the Cannibal, or Hannibal Lector from “Silence of the Lambs”; “Red Dragon”; and “Hannibal”. As Crocs are very much the cannibal type, it seems to fit. >> And he’s extremely intelligent and aggressive.

  10. zusangil

    I once had a bear I named cannibear since he was constantly rummaging in my bags eating bear meat (at the time some friends and I were on a Cannibal! The Musical kick, so we were a bit punchy)

  11. Tricksy

    My boar is named Mohammed.

    I joined a PUG with two other hunters, who had boar pets. When I called my pet (also a boar), the druid in the group said on vent, “Oh great. Mo’ ham.”

    So the name stuck. >:-)

  12. winterborn

    well I have the pride lord a black lion named BadLuck and i also picked up a Frostsaber named Montecore – after the white tiger that took a bite out of sigfreed or was it Roy…. No noone ever gets teh Montecore reference though..


  13. Kalabus

    ummmm never had a problem with names. old wolf I had was named lobo, with I being an orc.. it was a highly good choice. but the new one with the diseased skin, is xarhtna wich is anthrax spelled backwards due to non being able to imput the name anthrax. dont know what blizzards beef is with that… anthrax being a disease that effects animals first but is contagious to humans….

  14. Kalabus

    i like the reference earlier to the white tiger from sigmond and roy.. I also like the inteligent reference names, I had a lion named tsavo, named after the place tsavo in africa where the two male lions ate many people for sport…… and I once had a crab with the name SHEGAVEME but people didnt get it lol.

  15. w3wt

    I have an uber raptor on my night elf with the random, at least for me, name of Syci. I also have a troll named Khabibarti, with a ravager named Khibabirta.

  16. quetzylquaco

    I like to name my pets after famous beautiful women. Some of mine have been KathyIreland, TawnyKitaen, and my current cat is SofiaLoren.

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