Faster Pet Leveling

I just ran across this post from Eyonix on the WoW Hunter forum:

I wanted to share with you some changes affecting hunters that are coming in a small patch. The effect of aspect of the viper is being increased. Pet leveling speed will be substantially increased. Lastly, it will once again be possible for two freezing traps to be in place at the same time.

Let me repeat the really important part of this: Pet leveling speed will be substantially increased.

To which I can only say: YES! And I’m interested in the phrase “coming in a small patch” — that would seem to imply a fairly quick turn-around, that we won’t have to wait for Patch 2.4 for this.

[Edit: This change is in patch 2.3.2 which is going on the PTR tonight. I'll have more info about the numbers up in a separate post as soon as I learn something.]

18 thoughts on “Faster Pet Leveling

  1. Mugungo

    YESSS! it takes WAY to long to level a pet and leveling that ghost wolf takes a long time. Now i will be able to get him to 70 easily! huzzzah!

  2. Someone

    “Well, if he survives the patch. *grin*”

    My thoughts exactly! I guess that, even if he *does* survive 2.3.2, it will be a matter of not so much time until it is “fixed”! So beaware, Mugungo, or you may have a load of work for nothing! :)

  3. Mugungo

    I will always be very happy to wright guides for trying to solo tame something, (esp instance creatures) and if you need me to wright a guide ( i can also just send the guide to mania) just email me at

    Good luck to all who want to tame the ghost wolf, i sent a guide to mania about what to do to tame one =D

  4. shibumi

    personally I think just the act of successfully taming such a pet, even if they ‘fix’ it later is worth the effort. finding the right combination of skills to beat that 7 seconds is incredible! for one, I’d love to have a wee blue wolf, but I won’t be able to get the combination of skills and help together before they do ‘fix’ it I’m pretty sure. So, Mugungo – grats. I’m very impressed.


  5. Pike

    “Pet leveling speed will be substantially increased.”

    When I read this, I actually told my boyfriend “This is the happiest day of my life”. I think he might be a bit miffed, but then again, he’s not a hunter, he doesn’t quite understand, I don’t think. ;)

  6. Maz

    “Pet levelling speed has been substantially increased”

    Well, I think it just got streamlined with the new player experience table. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not expecting much, since they do not provide figures.

  7. batgrl

    You know, I almost think there was a substantial change in lvling speed with the last patch as well. I got it in my head to test that by lvling up the pink tallstrider on my lvl 57 hunter. So far the pet is 45 in just a few days (not playing full time) and the hunter is 60 – and that’s without doing any quest turn ins – just farming for leather and mats. It’s the usual trouble – outleveling the pet if you quest. The patch will be a relief because while I’ve been lvling the “for fun” pet the workhorse pig has been stabled and stuck at 57. I think I’ll let him sit there and then use him to test how fast lvling goes. If you have anything you want me to look at to chart this – I take screenshots so I know the day and time I’ve lvl’d the tallstrider – or if you can tell me how to quantify the speed of lvling when I go back to the lvl 57 pig – let me know! It’s amazing how fast lvls 9-30 went on the tallstrider – it’s only become a grind once I hit lvl 40. Or maybe the mele fighting is just getting old – hard to tell. I’ve also put the character outside an inn so I won’t have rested bonus making the lvling even more uneven.

  8. Mania Post author

    Pet leveling as it is on the live worlds right now did benefit from indirectly from the change to player leveling — since pets require 25% of the experience a player of the same level would, reducing the XP that players need also reduced the XP that pets need. I believe that’s the effect that you already noticed, batgrl.

    The problem is that Blizzard also boosted quest XP to such an extent that when you are doing quests normally, your pet can just barely keep up. I’ve been trying to catch my Tibri crab up a measely three levels since the patch, and while I’ve gained almost four levels, she has also gained only three levels — she’s not catching up! (And while I played with her, my other two crabs have fallen three levels behind.)

    So in context, Blizzard’s announcement that they are substantially increasing pet leveling speed in 2.3.2 specifically seems to indicate to me a specific and new change, Maz. Unfortunately the PTR didn’t make it up yesterday, and they announced that they won’t have it up today since it’s a holiday and all. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

  9. Keff

    Very good news!!! I’ve found the new levelling curve (well, specifically the greater quest XP) a bit of a pain with regards to my pet keeping up, or not in many cases. It’ll be nice not having to space quests out to avoid getting a big run of hand ins and so leaving my poor raptor woefully short on XP while I hit my second level above his.

  10. Leuko

    Oh thank god for this news! Now my boyfriend can finally hear the end of my rants about pet leveling and “why nobody has a boar past level 60 unless it’s undead” and “why everybody has that dang black tiger from Skettis.”

  11. Zball

    And now my newly- tamed Shy-Rotam (go A-side questing!) can level up with my puppy. It’s bad enough now to grind a half level in the 60s just so they get exp.

  12. sandralover

    i am glad they are making the change as if you are higher level and take on a low level pet it does close the gap fast but then grinds to a halt or did with my 67 hunter with his 62 cat , my hunter is now 69 cat at 64 so the only way she will catch up is when i ding 70

  13. RealUnimportant

    I recently grabbed a boar from RFK on my 70 hunter… Feel my pain! Getting to 60 was bad enough (this was pre-2.3) but getting to 61 more than doubles the time between levels… When the pet’s incapable of holding aggro, and you have to kill stuff that’s at least lvl62 just to get any xp for the pet, it feels like an eternity; in reality it “only” took 3 complete ingame days to get that far.

    I’ll wait for 2.3.2 before I resume the grind!

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