Dead Zone and Windserpents

It used to take a bit of time to get used to hunting with a windserpent. Because Lightning Breath is a ranged attack, it would pull your enemies closer than you might want. So you had to get in the habit of giving yourself a little more space, sending your windserpent in when you were a little further away than you might with some other pet.

With the dead zone changes, however, you no longer need to think about this nearly so much. Unless you are dead on top of the enemy when you attack, you’ll usually end up with plenty of space even after your windserpent pulls your enemy over. Just another really minor little pleasant change in Patch 2.3 …

10 thoughts on “Dead Zone and Windserpents

  1. Regolith

    Another thing new windserpent hunters have to adjust to is the fact that Growl isn’t the first spell they use. It took me quite a while to figure out why I was pulling aggro like crazy. Have patience, young hunters, trust in your windserpent. :)

    Also, because the lightning breath talent is nature damage, it ignores armor. Just a little hint for those pvp hunters who like to see the surprise on warrior and paladin faces!

  2. slayerboy

    I myself will always keep myself at the max distance I can from the mob and my pet dueling it out. If I should out-aggro my pet and by a feat of amazing strength draw the mob off my Ripper (three-color changing ravager from blade’s edge), then I have enough time to do something about it. I noticed how close I can get, and that’s kinda scarry to me since I am NOT a melee hunter lol. Better safe than sorry.

    Haven’t tried PVP yet, but I have a feeling i’m gonna like it with a smaller dead zone.

  3. Ansawa

    One thing I’ve also discovered about wind serpents is that they won’t drop Intimidation immediately. They do it “when they get around to it,” as a friend of mine said; they can’t use it on Lightning Breath, so you need to anticipate a little more when you need to use it.

    Otherwise I love, love, love wind serpents. No armor mitigation on their focus dump = more DPS than a cat. 8)

  4. Bethany

    I saw a hunter post on wow’s forums with a handy windserpent macro

    /cast [nocombat] dive
    /cast [nocombat] growl
    /petattack [combat]

    This makes my Tesla fly up to the mob and growl at them before she starts zapping them. Quite handy :-)

  5. Noba

    I had to say goodbye to my windserpent. :( They seem to have a strange behavior, where in battle they will fly a few yards away from a mob, in a random direction, to shoot the lightning at said mob. Mine was doing this in instance and aggroing other nearby mobs. I wasnt sure if this was a bug or intended behavior. Im guessing bug, because the tooltip makes it sound like they are -able- to cast lightning at melee range and dont HAVE to be at a distance.

  6. Ansawa

    Noba, that’s intended behavior, and they only do it against a stunned mob–go out to their full range, then cast LB, then fly back. One fix for this is to ask your tank not to stun the mob if they can avoid it (yeah right ;), the other one is to hotkey a toggle for lightning breath so you can turn it off if you see the mob get stunned, and another is to keep a very close eye on what your wingsnake is doing and call them back if you think they’ll run into a pack of mobs.

    I’m going to test this a little to see if the direction they go in is really “random” or is predictable based on the wind serpent’s initial positioning. My theory is that they’ll go straight back (i.e., do a 180-degree turn and fly away) from where they are. If that’s the case, the simplest fix for group situations (since they’ll now go behind a mob they’re not holding aggro on) would be just to make sure the mob’s back is to enough open space that your snake can move to range without pulling adds. Talk to your tank about it.

    Also, can anyone who runs with another ranged pet–Serpent or Dragonhawk–confirm on whether or not they do this, too, or is it strictly a wind serpent behavior?

  7. Polashuzz

    I use lightning breath to pull enemies so my pet gets the initial aggro. He flies in range spits his lightning bolt and returns to me with the mob.

  8. Polashuzz

    My wind serpent seems to stop and use lightning breath when chasing flag carriers in warsong gulch. He ends up falling behind the runner because of this.
    other than that he is an awesome pet.

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