Ghost Wolf!

The comment thread for the last Petopia update and my GMail inbox were both filled with reports of a new ghostly wolf in Dustwallow Marsh yesterday. I haven’t been able to get down there yet myself, but apparently this ghost wolf is summoned by one of the Grimtotems — but is not classed as an NPC’s pet and so you can start the process of taming it. The problem? It dies after just a handful of seconds regardless of damage, and since Tame Beast lasts 20 seconds you can’t finish taming it before it dies.

[UPDATE: As of 01/14/2008, Blizzard has announced that this creature can no longer be tamed. This reverses their previous comments on the matter.]

Resourceful hunters wracked their brains thinking of ways to shorten the length of time it takes to cast Tame Beast — so far as I know this is the first time we’ve had cause to consider that problem! And it looks like someone managed to do it — kimisawa just posted a comment with screenshots of another hunter who tamed the ghostly wolf!

My thanks to kimisawa, Mugungo, Ryno, Jakal, and everyone else who has been frantically trying to figure out how to tame this wolf. Now that we know it’s possible, I want to know more about exactly how it can be done!

Edit: Our own Mugungo from Dunemaul managed to tame one of these amazing wolves today and sent me a screenshot. Click the thumbnail for the full-sized pic.

Mugungo from Dunemaul shows off his new ghostly wolf.

He also sent a guide about how he tamed his wolf:

I thought I would post a small guide on how to get the awsome ghost wolf. First of all, I dont know how to do this as a non-troll, but what you should do, is get the meta gem Mystical Skyfire Diamond. Then, spam aspects ’til it procs. You will have to get lucky with the wolf spawns to time the spawns with the gems proc. Then use troll zerking (the shaman blood lust skill may stack with the gem, i am unsure) and then have a leather worker drop the drums. Then you must click on the wolves EXACTLY when they spawn, and hope your taming finishes!

Also, this wolf looks awsome with bestial wrath on. Attached screenys show it with BW and I also put a screeny that is a good representation of how clear the wolf looks. =D

Again, click the thumbs for the full pic:

An artistic shot showing off the transparency of the ghostly wolf!The ghostly wolf in Bestial Wrath -- big, red, and see-through!

In the comment thread below, Maera also gives a little guide that I wanted to pull up and repeat where it’s more visible:

I tamed my little wolf with the help of Mappy (70 shammy) and my Fiance. I also was toting the Skyfire Diamond and the Drums of Battle. Found one of the Grimtotems to harrass, demanding for the wolves to be summoned. Luwl. Dropped the drums once I had aggro from the Grimtotem, and started spamming trueshot aura to get the Diamond to proc. Once it did Mappy immediately threw down Heroism. Started the tame, and hello ghost wolf!

I strongly suggest making a macro to target one of the wolves the very moment they spawn. The seconds to complete the tame is so small a window, and every little piece of time you can scrounge is crucial.

The other thing that might make you panic is that your wolf may die the second after you finish the tame. My wolf fell over dead the moment the tame was complete, I think because the wolf was intended to die after only eight seconds or so after being spawned.

[UPDATE: As of 01/14/2008, Blizzard has announced that this creature can no longer be tamed. This reverses their previous comments on the matter.]

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  1. Alanonymous

    Blizzard has stated we get to keep them and they will not be changing them. from the Euro forums:

    Hi Fierce,

    While this feature of the Grimtotem Spirit Guide wasn’t exactly intended, it was agreed by the development team that this is a fun use of in-game mechanics, and we therefore have no plans to address this issue – it will still be possible in future for everyone who wishes to tame this NPC to do so. :)

    I hope this alleviates your concerns!


  2. shibumi

    this is very encouraging. I guess I’ll be getting a dog now :) just need to gather the requisite bits and pieces – kin make the drums, but don’t have anything else, much less a priest and shammy. we’ll see.
    very nice news Issuntril, thanks


  3. Shinryu Masaki

    You forgot the link Alanonymous. =P

    This is an awesome news! I tamed mine last Monday night, and I saw first hand why people said it was a blast to do. Getting to hang out with friends and learning the timing right for the tame was really refreshing, unlike the usual “go there and camp x hours” and “go there and tame it” ways we normally do it.

    The amount of positive comments and reactions I’ve been getting from the wolf while in towns is astounding. I’ve gotten a few whispers before while using unusual pets like the Warp Stalker or Nether Ray, but this one just blow them all out of the way. =D

  4. Unorthodox

    i have a lvl 34 troll hunter alt, and i tryed it yesturday using 30% haste berzerking / war drums / bloodlust… only to find out that bloodlust doesnt effect lowbies

    what lvl can you benefit from bloodlust? and is there any other way to get it at my lvl?

    cuz i may sound crazy, but i swear i saw a low lvl tauren hunter running around with one… not even lvl 60

    how is that possible?

  5. Dalvir

    I don’t think it’s even remotely possible without the meta gem to cut the casttime in half for starters, so I would guess you didn’t see a low lvl Tauren running around with it…

  6. Unorthodox

    thats what i was thinkin… how could a lowbie tauren get one? im gonna hope to run into him again and check his lvl

    anyway, does anyone know what lvl you need to be to get effected by bloodlust?

    is there anyway to get this pet as a lvl 34 troll hunter?

  7. sandboy

    I did get my yesterday
    Did use help by:
    Priest – mindcontrol and drop totem (Priest can mindcontrol for 1 min)
    Shaman – use bloodlust (30% cast speed. Last 40 sec)
    Leatherworker – use Drums of Battle (Increases casting speed rating 80 (5.1%). Lasts 30 sec.)
    Gem – Mystical Skyfire Diamond (spell cast in half time) (last for 6 sec after it proc, thats why priest have to summon fast.

    The Tricky party is to time everything. The gem procs very easy (usally 1-10 aspect changes). What i did was start with priest start mc, then leatherworker and shammy cast bloodlust/Drums of Battle. Then i have 25 sec to get my gem to proc since i needed the pet being summoned before Drums of Battle runs out.

    Then i spam my macro:
    /cast aspect of cheatah
    /cast aspect of pack

    when trinket proccs my priest see it on emote and he have macro:
    /y Casting Wolves summon
    /cast Copy of Summon Dire Wolf

    and when i see the yell i press my macro ONCE:
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame Beast

    Important to only press once, otherwise u will start cast and change target and mess up the timing.

    The cast time for Tame beast is usuall 20 sec, u can get it down to 7.9 sec The wolves die after 8 sec so u have 0.1 sec fault tolerance.

    1. MC
    2. Bloodlust/Drums of battle
    3. Spam aspect change macro
    4. When gem procc Priest use summon macro
    5. When you see the yell from priest press Tame beast macro ONCE
    6. Be happy! or if it fail and try agan after 10 minutes bloodlust cooldown.

    2 shamans will help u alot since then u can have 1 bloodlust every 5 min then and do it alot faster. U will prolly dont make it at first try. It took me allmost 2 hours.

    Hope this help u to get this imba pet.

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  9. 84

    managed to get my woof a few nights him to level 41 so far.took about 3 and a half levels befor he got loyalty.guildies got hers to.someone mentioned that the drums stack but we didnt confirm it.
    also.iv noticed another odd beast thing.the dire ravens in blades edge mountains say theyre not tameable.but they list a meat/fish diet in beast lore.the tamed birds the nearby grishna falconwing have as pets list a meat diet to.anyone tryed tameing those? i was thinking of trying later to see what happens…

    and thankyou blizz for letting us keep our wolves…

  10. Nyanco

    For whoever was asking about bloodlust I was only able to get it at 62, but it might have been an accident, though even with full berserking, juju flurry, bloodlust, and drums of battle, you can’t do it. The gem is required.

  11. Orrii

    I wish they made it a little more easy to tame those wolf’s.. I been tryin on my server but no Shamans ever want to help and its had for us low lvls to get the money for some the the items on top of that most of the items are lvl 70 req to use so .. make it a little easy for us next patch … just happy there stayin

  12. Wolfwings

    Tamedx mine earlier today with the help of the guild [mispelt i know]. Third known tame in Garona. First was a Horde, then an unknown alliance. Am I the only female dwarf hunter with this pet. :o

  13. Syl

    Reposting some info in case you don’t feel like scrolling:

    1. You NEED Mystical Skyfire Diamond!

    2. Durms of Battle.

    3. Heroism / Bloodlust.

    4. Bracers of nimble thought / Mantle of nimble thought (or epic gear w/ spell haste from G’eras, really depends on how far you’re willing to go to get this wolf).

    5. Juju Flurry (from Witch Doctor Mau’ari in Everlook (Winterspring), requires you to do 3 quests first and you MUST have the Cache of Mau’ari to use the Juju Flurry).

    6. Marcos are your friends!
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /stopmacro [target=target,noexists]
    /use Juju Flurry
    /cast Tame Beast

    7. Don’t forget the 70 Priest! Mind controlling this mob will help greatly, since otherwise you couldn’t control when the wolves are summoned, and the Mystical Skyfire Diamond proc only lasts 5 seconds.

    8. I reccomend bringing someone (anyone) who can heal, just so you can keep agro off yourself while taming (meaning, them spamming heals).

    Finally, the Ghost Wolf will always be tameable! So, no need to rush!

    ~ Sylvandas ~ 70 Hunter ~ Scarlet Crusade ~ Alliance ~

  14. Fireandice

    I would ike to know if anyone has yet to find a way for someone (lvl37) to tame this wolf, I found out about it right after the patch and really want to get it, I dont have much gold, but have tried several times to get it and failed, i get bout half to 3/4 of the way tamed and it dies. Im on Azjol-Nerub server anyone caught on yet on this server? If so message me, my character name is Fireandice as well, Thank you very much. (I really dont want to have to wait 30 lvls to get this pet)

  15. Semantic

    What’s with everyone who keeps asking how they can tame this in their 30′s?

    You HAVE to have the Meta Gem!! No ifs ands or buts about it!

  16. Rainfalle

    A couple of things to keep in mind when trying to tame this.

    Yeah, you have to be high enough level (66+) to slot a metagem. Presently, metagems only fit in head gear.

    Secondly, something that was a painful lesson for me last night: the metagem requires you have more blue gems than yellow gems. What that really means is that you need to at least have two blue gems and one yellow gem or any combination where you do have at least one yellow gem and the blue ones outnumber the yellow.

    I tried it with only the metagem slotted and the gem wouldn’t proc at times for seven minutes worth of attempts. Once I got a gem into the slot and a pair of boots that I could slot with two gems, (one yellow in the helm and two blue in the boots), I noticed the gem procced seven times on the first attempt and then again on my fifth attempt a few minutes later.

    I’ll be trying again with my friendly neighborhood shaman, priest, and a helpful leatherworker tonight!

  17. Marchigiana

    there are many pieces of armor on the shatari faction merchant that require the badges from heroic dungeons that will increase spell haste. Unfortunately they are not suited for hunters so much. So if you want to waiste your badges for this pet. Do it.

  18. Teallc


    I have the Meta Helm, the Meta Gem, the Priest and the Shaman. I am an Orc hunter. Do I absolutely need the drums? Also, what is Juju Flurry and what does it do?

    By my calculations The gem proc and Bloodlust will make my 20 second cast time 7 seconds. Isn’t that enough to tame it?

    Help :) I can’t wait!

  19. Torae

    I just tamed this bad wolf after roughly an hour of failure, i ended up having to get a priest to MC and a shammy to BL and the meta gem from hell. 162g for a pet? hell yes. know why? its not really a beast, its a DoT with a graphic. So thats right folks…we are Taming a spell! haha I love it. hes so pretty!

    Torae 70 Hunter
    Dark Iron

  20. Chavy

    Ooogh…why does my hunter have to be level 44…

    So far I’ve seen NONE of these beasties on Eonar, and desperately want one to replace my now suddenly common Ghost Saber (seen 3 Draenei and another Blood Elf with it in the past month =O!)

    Thanks for info about how to tame, now to get those last 26 lvls…

  21. Scarabhunter

    Congrats to all who got it!…. I was second on Elune’s server, and I must say thanks to my priest friend Elam and TS’s shammy who came along to help me out… You two rock!….

    I did it using the skyfire metagem and switching aspects to get it to proc, the shammy’s heroism, and Elam using MC and watching for my proc.


  22. Theserf

    I got mine last week on Daggerspine…he’s up to 40 now with no name as of yet and I haven’t seen any others. I just wanted to post to say yes, it can be done with just the gem ( when it procs gives you focus, halves casting time lasts 6 seconds), a priest (for shield and MC) and a shammy (for BL/Heroism). It took 3 times, the 1st time my macro targeted a dead guide and the 2nd time I am guessing my latency was too great. Great looking pet and 30-40 went quick so I hope the last patch helps take him to 70 quickly.


  23. Nitestalker

    Just got him today, think im the first on Zangarmarsh, alliance side. I just used the gem, heroism, and a priest to MC. Got it on the second try.

  24. Vapensmia

    WOOT! Got mine on Dragonmaw/Horde just now, took about 20 minutes of waiting around for berserking cooldown. Used the gem in an Auchindoun spirit-shard helm, Drums of Battle (leatherworker), and Xaraphyne’s macro. Started by finding a few mobs to hit at me fora few minutes to get to ~20% health so berserking is worth closer to 30% rather than 10%. Bang the drums, go aggro the Shifter, start spamming aspect changes and then the macro once the gem procs, hope the guy summons the wolf within that 5-second gem haste window. Macro hits berserking right away since the Shifter’s hitting you and therefore you have a target, just not one that’s tameable. Not a problem since berserking lasts 10sec and the gem proc is only 5sec anyway.

    Now for the pain of leveling it all the way to 70. This thing is going to rock in AV ;-)

  25. Carmina

    OK, here is a little sum-ip since I still see questions at the very end of all these comments. Maybe this could be called a guide…

    Here is what you need (as a NE hunter…)
    - One head item with a meta slot, this could be “Helm of Desolation” or something like that.
    - More socketed blue gems than yellow gems (Attention: You CAN fit blue gems into red or yellow sockets, they won’t work, but they still do count towards the “more blue than yellow”-thingie!!!)
    - A Mystical Skyfire Diamond which you should put into the meta- slot
    - The Drums of Battle


    You will also need the help of some people:

    - A leatherworker with 350+ to beat the drums
    - A shammy
    - A priest


    If you don’t have all of these things, don’t waste your time, it will probably not work!

    It is strongly recommended to create a macro to target the wold and then immediately cast “tame pet”. Example:

    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame Beast

    Now, here is what you do:

    First of all, clear out all mobs around the those folks in the tents, but leave them alone. They will summon the wolf for ya.

    Now, you start changing your aspects until the gem procs (that will show you with some kind of aura around you and making a very distinctive noise, the proc is called “Focus”). Simultaneously, the priest should mind-control your target and get ready to summon the wolf.

    Once Focus procs, the shammy needs to cast Heroism, and the priest needs to summon the wolves.

    The instant the wolves appear the hunter (you) has to hit the macro (put it on a key?) and thus start taming the wolf. It will either work, or not. If all the prerequisites are in place, and you hit the macro fast enough, this WILL WORK! It’s really not hard, it’s just a question of being well-prepared.

    As stated before, the wolf will die once tamed. No stress, just revive it and start feeding your new pet :)

    Btw, a good place to level him is the area in Nagrand leading toward the High Path entrance to Shattrath. Just kill the Talbuks and Clefthoofs and things there. Mine is level 60 now and going strong :)

    Good luck, an congrats to those beautiful pets.


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  27. Carmina

    Ja, that’s the well known… and totally uninformative… video. You can’t see what she’s doing, it’s pretty much just a “look-how-cool-I-am”-vid… Sad.

  28. Thunor

    Got this morning on Uther Server.

    Juju Potions, Meta Gem, Battle Drums, Blood Lust, and MC Priest! Woo hoo!

    Seems to grab aggro too well…had to stop sending him in while levelling as he was holding
    aggro on level 66 talbuks and dying! Very cool looking.

    Blood Elf Level 70 Hunter

  29. Stephf

    If Blizz made it possible to tame this Wolf…Why not make one that isnt summon and WONT disappear after 5 bloody seconds? (Wasted an hour trying to tame one…)

  30. Saxa

    Got this pet on the first try! Had a shammy and a priest, and I had the metagem.

    Did trial first so we wouldn’t blow the blood lust cooldown.

    Used macro:
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame Beast

    Priest was in same room as me, and has Shammy cast Blood lust, started changing aspects, and as soon as gem proc’d, priest cast dire wolf, and I spammed the macro.. Worked first time!

    Levels quick too. (At least at low levels)
    Took him on a Auch Crypts run, and he gained 6 levels in 55 min run :)

    Thanks for all the info here.

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  32. adnil jim

    yet another post, no guide here, theres enough info, just wanted to note, non troll, hit mine first try with shammy,priest,meta,drums,macro, and juju…but did this a while back, he is now level 53… and still the only one ive seen on runtotem server. good luck all, hope they never nerf it.

  33. Kinha

    I managed to solo it today with my troll hunter (Kinha, EU – Frostwhisper). I am here to thank for the ideas which helped a lot. Here is how I did it:
    1. Mystical Skyfire meta gem up and working.
    2. Some Grimtotem brutes in Du Marsh village hit me down to 10% life.
    3. Engaged the shaman. Casting Trueshot Area to proc the gem.
    4. If shaman summons wholfs and gem does not proc or it did proc but it went off, go away feign death, let wholfes die and corpses disapear. Repeat with 2. Else 5.
    5. Gem proced and shaman starts summoning wholfes (his hand is up) use the following macro (put it on a hotkey) and prey:
    /targetexact Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /stopmacro [target=target, noexists]
    /stopmacro [target=target, dead]
    /cast Berserking
    /cast Tame Beast

    Needs a lot of patience. I was also LW and had drums but I couldnt get both berserking and drums up in time to work. Berserking alone is enough.

    Now I only need to level him up. :)

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  35. madmanwfeb ss horde

    i just used t4 helm + the meta and spammed my aspects untill it procced.. then i said on vent “gogo” then the priest summoned the wolfs and a shammy popped his bloodlust.. i allso had the priest shield on me when i tamed it (dident help much). did it on 2 try since the 1 shammy did pop bloodlust after the wolf died =S the 2 try vent perfect.. so what did it cost? pretty much nothing sinc i had the mats for the skyfire on a bank and just 10g fee to craft it and a few azure moonstone (to make blue gems) i did not use the drumms
    the meta procc last for like 6-7 secs according to ct_buffmod
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame Beast

    thx to Unliving, Dansker and Bump and the nice forums that did gave me an idea how to do it
    madmanwfeb tauren on ss 1jan 2008 =)

  36. Dracojax


    Sorry to be a selfish SOB on the item, but I want to be the first to get a Ghost wolf before I tell everyone what item will help a lvl 30 get it.

    I had a trusted friend run the quest and get the item..(lvl 40 NE hunter). The ghost wolf attack was in fact extended, but not enough even if we had a shammy. So I need to lvl up a new hunter to do the quest, get the item, and then get watch the AH for the cloth items that give +10 haste to range and spell, (I dont know if these will haste tame though) and try it again with a shammy.

    On a side note I will add this…I think Horde can get this without a Gem.
    If a toon is honored with orgm and is at the xroads when a certain quest is completed they are given a world haste buff. If a party is waiting at the spirt guide, summon the hunter who got the buff, pop of hero… this maybe enough to get the timer down into the proper range.

    So a Horde hunter maybe able to get this before 66.

  37. Juvial

    Got mine yesterday. Level 70 NE Hunter, Llane Server. Instructions from above worked flawless on first try using MC, Drums, Heroism and Meta Gem. I’m not the first on our server to get the ghost wolf and didn’t know anything about this pet until I saw another hunter running around with it in Shat. That’s what sparked my interest. Had a Rogue[drums], Shammy[heroism], and Priest[mind control] help me like above. We actually tried this without the Shammy first and it really did take Heroism to give me the boost I needed. Since Blizz sped up the pet leveling speed in the last patch, I got mine up 4 levels in about twenty minutes, so it shouldn’t be too bad to level him. A macro definitly helps when taming the pooch.

  38. Deker

    Technicaly, the lowest level you can have a Meta Gem equiped at is 55. This would be done with the Engineering Googles. Why 55 though? Because the Googles are BoP AND you need to have a Primal Neither to make them. The lowest level you can be to get a Primal Neither is 55 (can enter Hellfire Ramparts). Only problem then is the less than 1% change for a Primal Neither to drop. Oh, and you will still need to make up the Gem requirements to actually USE the Diamond… So, to use the Diamond, there might be enough socketed items at level 60…. that I would have to research more. So, if your super lucky, you might be able to tame this pet at 60.

  39. Softwalker

    I got this wolf, use the meta gem to cut cast time to 10 second, use drums and heroism to get you down to 7.1 seconds, now make a hotkey thats /target grimtotem spirit in first line and /cast Tame Beast on second line so you do not loose time targeting…now your set, have priest MC mob to time summon to occur once meta procs and shammy hits heroism at same moment, remeber to hit drums right before you start switching aspects for gem proc and boom you got a ghost wolf…

  40. Nestarion

    On The Scryer server, Erfing and myself(Nestarion) have tamed them. Manifest(Erfing’s pet) is 53 and growing and Destiny(Nestarion’s pet) is finally 70 as of 1/10/08. We used a combination of Mystic Skyfire metagem, Juju Flurry, Drums, a patient shaman and a mind control to help know exactly when to start the tame. Here is the link:

    Picture of Destiny

  41. Khonvoum

    Would it not be possible to do it as such; Troll Hunter intentionally loses a duel outside the Grimtotem compound. Drop freezing trap, have a Shammy pop Heroism, Troll pops Beserking (which, due to the duel loss and low HP, is 30% speed increase) and while both are up, has a Priest MC the Grimtotem and pop a wolf?

    I haven’t tried this, but thinking theoretically. With the above macros, +30% haste + another +30% haste would equal 60% haste, dropping the cast time to 8 seconds. Since /target does not affect a global coldown, you should have time to do it, just barely.

    May take a few tries, but should be doable about level 50 (I’m pretty sure thats the earliest Heroism works).

  42. blaatschaap

    60% haste would not drop the cast time to 8 seconds. 100% haste would cut it in half, i.e. 10 seconds, 60% would not even come close…

  43. Viperfang

    I have a 70 NE hunter, but i got this beauty with a bit of effort and gold. Around 200g for the diamond, and then something like 18 spirit shards for the helm from running aunchidon instances (which btw is usable at lvl 64). Then got a LW friend, a Shadow priest and a shaman. Shadow priest would MC the mob while i spam aspects to get the gem to proc. Once gem procced LW would hit the drums and shamman popped heroism, then Shadow priest would summon wolves, i used a macro to target and tame them. 6 sec later i tame it and 2 sec after that it died. Rezed, fed, and bingo a happy hunter. Easily done at 64 providing the spirit shards.

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