Ghost Wolf!

The comment thread for the last Petopia update and my GMail inbox were both filled with reports of a new ghostly wolf in Dustwallow Marsh yesterday. I haven’t been able to get down there yet myself, but apparently this ghost wolf is summoned by one of the Grimtotems — but is not classed as an NPC’s pet and so you can start the process of taming it. The problem? It dies after just a handful of seconds regardless of damage, and since Tame Beast lasts 20 seconds you can’t finish taming it before it dies.

[UPDATE: As of 01/14/2008, Blizzard has announced that this creature can no longer be tamed. This reverses their previous comments on the matter.]

Resourceful hunters wracked their brains thinking of ways to shorten the length of time it takes to cast Tame Beast — so far as I know this is the first time we’ve had cause to consider that problem! And it looks like someone managed to do it — kimisawa just posted a comment with screenshots of another hunter who tamed the ghostly wolf!

My thanks to kimisawa, Mugungo, Ryno, Jakal, and everyone else who has been frantically trying to figure out how to tame this wolf. Now that we know it’s possible, I want to know more about exactly how it can be done!

Edit: Our own Mugungo from Dunemaul managed to tame one of these amazing wolves today and sent me a screenshot. Click the thumbnail for the full-sized pic.

Mugungo from Dunemaul shows off his new ghostly wolf.

He also sent a guide about how he tamed his wolf:

I thought I would post a small guide on how to get the awsome ghost wolf. First of all, I dont know how to do this as a non-troll, but what you should do, is get the meta gem Mystical Skyfire Diamond. Then, spam aspects ’til it procs. You will have to get lucky with the wolf spawns to time the spawns with the gems proc. Then use troll zerking (the shaman blood lust skill may stack with the gem, i am unsure) and then have a leather worker drop the drums. Then you must click on the wolves EXACTLY when they spawn, and hope your taming finishes!

Also, this wolf looks awsome with bestial wrath on. Attached screenys show it with BW and I also put a screeny that is a good representation of how clear the wolf looks. =D

Again, click the thumbs for the full pic:

An artistic shot showing off the transparency of the ghostly wolf!The ghostly wolf in Bestial Wrath -- big, red, and see-through!

In the comment thread below, Maera also gives a little guide that I wanted to pull up and repeat where it’s more visible:

I tamed my little wolf with the help of Mappy (70 shammy) and my Fiance. I also was toting the Skyfire Diamond and the Drums of Battle. Found one of the Grimtotems to harrass, demanding for the wolves to be summoned. Luwl. Dropped the drums once I had aggro from the Grimtotem, and started spamming trueshot aura to get the Diamond to proc. Once it did Mappy immediately threw down Heroism. Started the tame, and hello ghost wolf!

I strongly suggest making a macro to target one of the wolves the very moment they spawn. The seconds to complete the tame is so small a window, and every little piece of time you can scrounge is crucial.

The other thing that might make you panic is that your wolf may die the second after you finish the tame. My wolf fell over dead the moment the tame was complete, I think because the wolf was intended to die after only eight seconds or so after being spawned.

[UPDATE: As of 01/14/2008, Blizzard has announced that this creature can no longer be tamed. This reverses their previous comments on the matter.]

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  1. Utternutz

    This is a nice lil find. Ever since the vision quest and I saw that wolf I knew then, some day… some day I will have a pet like that. That day has came, I got mine a few hours ago. Thanks to everyone for the great taming tips. Meta gem, JuJu Flurry, Drums of Battle, Bloodlust… tamed!

    Lil tip, I’ve never had a wolf before so I don’t have any howls 1-4. So make sure you either have a free spot in the stable for a training pet or you already know the wolf skills before attempting to tame this beautiful beast.

    Tauren on Wildhammer

  2. Misty


    Yeah they’re just the same as any other wolf as far as skills and stats.
    Mine knows furious howl, dash, bite, and growl, as well as cobra reflexes and avoidance. That’s pretty much all you can teach any wolf aside from the obligitory stamina and armor training, which I’m going to train once he hits 70.

    He’s up to 61 now by the way:P

  3. Kao - Blackhand

    Got it tonight for a guild hunter. we ran with 4 total (Hunter, Shaman, Priest and Rogue). The Priest mind controlled the Grimtotem Spirit-Shifter, and gave a 2-count (after the hunter’s Mystical Skyfire Diamond meta proc) on Ventrilo before summoning the Grimtotem Spirit Guides. This gave the hunter (dwarf) enough time to use a [Juju Flurry], have Heroism cast by the shaman, and Drums of Battle used by the rogue. After the hunter used his Juju Flurry, he just started spamming his macro.

    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast tame beast

  4. Rasta

    For the record, I was the first to tame this on Twisting Nether (Nov 21 2007, ~6:30 pm) and have the screenshots to prove it, unless someone else can provide SS’s of an earlier taming. I’m pretty sure Xaraphyne was the second.

    Screenshots: note the time in the upper right hand corner.

    Proof they were taken when I said they were:

    I probably shouldn’t be posting this here, but I’m a little wary of posting it on the official forums (don’t want them to snatch away our existing pets when (most likely) they hotfix them to be untameable).

  5. Gararandiose

    i tamed this pet the day after the patch came out, not realy that hard. i had 2 shama’s, one wiht the drums and one with the gem. after about 15 mins of trying to pop everything at the same time i got it.

  6. Wark

    Kind of late to the party, but! Helped a hunter friend get one of these tonight (hah, like I’m wasting a stable slot on a WOLF….); I got to play the priest, we brought in a shaman for Bloodlust, etc etc. Only real deviation from the standard drums-meta proc-bloodlust-spawn wolves we had was that the hunter spammed a slightly modified CC macro that read:
    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]
    /clearfocus [target=focus,dead][button:2]
    /cast [target=focus]Tame Beast

    First line targets the nearest wolf (big help not to be standing on the corpses of old attempts); second line sets the focus to the wolf if you don’t already have a focus (this is why you can spam it); third line clears the focus if your current wolf dies or you right-click; fourth line casts Tame Beast on the focused wolf. Simple, but helpful for us.

    PS: go laugh at Karonis if you stop by Earthen Ring… sucker has to go discover the joys of an underleveled pet now. ;)
    PPS: whoever is first responsible for devising how to tame these suckers (I don’t need a name)… let me bear your children.

  7. Begonia

    Unless you are an engineer, it will be SO close.

    How would being an engineer help? I’m an engineer and will take any extra precautions I can when I try to tame him in the next few days.

  8. Sétanta

    This is disappointing that you HAVE to be lvl 70 to even consider taming this wolf. Its a nice rare pet to have, but that just blows. Ah well, back to the grindstone gotta get 20+ lvls under my belt to even think about this one (though with having to grind him from lvl 30 to 70 I may just pass….).

    Safe journeys,
    Sétanta, 46 lvl Hunter on Fenris

  9. Rikaku

    I tamed this bad boy today on Muradin at 11:05 PST. They are changing the leveling system of pets too, so this won’t be too bad leveling up. I got this with the help of a 70 shaman, a fellow Hunter who had Drums of Battle, and a Priest for Mind control.


    I made a macro to target the wolf and immediatly begin tame beast. Our method (which worked after 4 tries) was having the priest MC the mob, then the instant they saw my metagem proc, summon and I instantly hit my macro the second I saw the tauren move its hands. Hunter threw down drums, Shaman slammed Heroism, and viola. I got me a wolf. Wolf died right as it tamed, so it was worrisome until we heard the lovel “ding” of a new pet becoming tamed.

    Good luck to all those attempting this. it’s insanely fun to try, if a bit maddening.

  10. Veyska

    Tamed second try on a NE hunter with just a shaman’s heroism, MCed mob to time the summons, and the skyfire gem proc. Had juju flurry ready but forgot to get the cache out of the bank. Wolf died literally as the cast finished, was that close, but it’s mine now at least for a while… :-)

  11. Shiboe

    Tamed first try with priest and shaman. Bloodlust, spam TSA, priest summons on proc, then spam your macro and your done. Drums prolly help if your laggy, but easily done as non-troll with a shaman and macro quickness.

  12. Rutina

    Couldn’t do it with just bloodlust due to lag or whatever, came back tonight with juju and it made the difference first try :)

  13. GraZ

    Thank you so much for posting this as i’ve just tamed the wolf myself. Took abit of practice but its definetly doable. The way i did it was keybind 1 to Drums of Battle, 2 to Target the wolf and 3 to Tame beast. Then given the strict orders of

    1. Mind Control Summoner
    2. Push 1 for drums of battle
    3. Keep changing aspects until proc kicks in
    3. Shammy casts Heroism and priest summons dogs
    4. Push 2 for targetting and instantly push 3

    The dog died just as i tamed it and just required a ressurection to bring back to life.

  14. Soleil

    Trained on Bonechewer server at 11:50 PST on Nov 25, 2007. Better late than never!

    Drums of Battle, Heroism, and Priest Mind Control. Took 3 tries but the drums of battle were needed to overcome the lag.

    So far I have not seen another one yet on Bonechewer.

  15. Toureg

    Trained mine on Rexxar server 7:30pst on Nov 25, 2007. Was worth every min.

    used priest for mind control, drums of battle, mystical diamond, and Heriosm from shammy.

    I have yet to see another alliance hunter with this pet on the server. Everyone stops and looks and has so many questions.

    Really exciting to be the only hunter on the alliance with the Ghost Wolf.

    Have noticed a couple of things:

    1. while in slave pens leveling the wolf leveled after killing one mob and then leveled again after killing the very next mob. Seems as though he is leveling faster than my other pets have.

    2. Also noticed that with basic party buffs his shadow resistance was at 98 and the others were at 20. not sure why this happened.

    Good luck to all you hunters out there.

    p.s. i have one question, did that cat that was in skettis mountains that was removed from the game get taken away from the hunters that had already tamed him?

    What might Blizz do to these unique pets?

  16. Bladeclaw

    In regard to Toureg’s question about the cat from Skettis mountains that was removed, Blizz did NOT take it away from the hunters that had already tamed him. I had tamed him, and still had him after they removed him from the game. Unfortunately, he was the one I dismissed to make room for my Ghost Wolf, which I now have (as of yesterday) and love SOOO much. ^_^

  17. Rikaku

    To Toureg

    Also the same thing with those who tamed Torgos. Friend tamed the bird 4 days after launch of BC. He still uses it to this day.

    I dont think Blizz actually takes pets away from the hunters if they have them already, since it would be like taking possibly their only pet (I know alot of hunters who stayed with the same pet for all 60 levels of 10-70). The only problem we (those who have the wolf) will lost out on is the possibility of getting the run animation fixed for the wolf lol

  18. Ryno

    Ok, I got this wolf as an orc. Like the site says, Skyfire + Blood lust + Drums. A macro helps too.

    /target Grimtotem Spirit Guide
    /cast Tame

    A preist helped me too. Gem proc’d and I spamed macro when he summoned wolves. Hehe.

  19. Toureg

    Dont panic i noticed the same thing with my Wolf and expected him to start changing loyalty levels. It took about 3-4 levels before he moved up at all. He is now at level 40 and is only at loyalty level 4.

    He will start to level so dont worry.

  20. Rikaku

    Thanks for the advice, glad to hear it. I didn’t bother with reporting a bug since well I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or just a huge level gap difference lol. Thanks again

  21. Modan

    Priest mind control, shaman heroism, drums of battle, juju flurry, & mystical skyfire diamond. 8 tries and almost an hour later we got it just right! It tamed & died almost at the same time! I spent the next 3hrs leveling it from 30-38 & lvl 3 friendly. I love it! I spent 159 gold just for the meta gem & farmed a couple of hours for the juju flurry but it was well worth it!

  22. Farstrider

    Tamed on the 25th on Thunderlord. This guy is really cool. He got an unoriginal name but I’m not real concerned about it. Was able to do it with just a Shaman and a Priest and the MSD proc. Hope they let us keep them.

  23. Nyanco

    Well I was overly excited when I heard about this pet, so much that I was inspired to level from 48 – 62 within 3.5 days, not talking played time. I gathered a group once at 60, only to see I couldn’t get bloodlust, which obviously ended in failure, and again at 62, with bloodlust, drums, juju flurry, and full berserking, only to be around .5 seconds off. So hopefully tomorrow, when they add S3 and probably a patch, they won’t take away this beautiful pet, and I will be able to get it in the future, but for now grats those of you who tamed it, my wolf is in the hands of blizzard now.

  24. 84

    managed to get mine for my troll.two tauren with me tryed but the timeing just wouldnt play nice.hopefully they can try again once servers are back up.its buffable by priests and the run animation works fine when useing eyes of the beast.i had no trouble with bestial wrath or kill command.but i havent tryed intimidate or any pvp yet.they look downright psychotic on the log in screen to…theyres also the abicuse of violent odds and a “haste potion” if people are looking for other things they can use…i love how the forums are mostly positive about us tameing these to…

  25. Naitachal

    WHAT THE @*(& Why do people always report things like this… STFU and just play instead of reporting every little thing that a class may get enjoyment from.

  26. Jaqulyn

    I tamed this guy two nights ago, on Kirn Tor with the aide of a priest, shaman, and wee rogue (he had to bang on the drum, as my hunter isn’t a leather worker)I was 67 at the time sporting the SV quest reward, I helped clear the instance with my 70 and guild mates agreed to summon my hunter when we got to the final boss (I got my set shoulders to!) The end boss took a lot longer than normal to kill with me there (I was 66 at the time; dinged on the quest)- so if you’re 66 you’ll need to find a really solid group but it is possible.

    I tried during the day about 4 times, but our priest was having lag issues and was unable to spawn the dogs in sync with my meta gem proc. I tried again that night and after about 3 tries (Shaman got aggro when casting his buff the first time, priest missed the meta proc, and the last time he was ours!) He died at almost the same instant the tame went off, and everyone in the group got rather flustered, thinking we were going to have to wait 10 more minutes. He’s name is now Hollow, he’s 45 and considers me his Best Friend. If you’re worried about him not gaining loyalties correctly, its pretty typical for low level pets to ding a few times before liking you from the other low level pets I’ve worked with.

  27. Laan

    I tamed my ghost wolf on the 26th…i had the meta…a preist for MC…a shammy for heroism…an a 350 leatherworker for the use of the drums of battle…what i did ….we MC the grim totem…jump aspects till meta procs…as soon as it does…priest summon wolves…shammy pops heroism…leatherworker uses the drums as i tab to wolf an start the taming process..very diffucult, so worth it…

  28. Namaria

    I found out about this ghostly wolf yesterday. I wish I could tame it on my level 44 Hunter. I guess I’ll have to wait until 70 to tame it if Blizzard doesn’t nerf them and make them untameable. It’d be neat to have this as an unwritten epic pet Hunter quest.

  29. Ziarre

    Tamed this pretty pretty wolf a few days ago, already have him up to level 44 and Best Friend. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the hunter forums, hoping to catch news that we hunters will be allowed to keep such gorgeous beasts. Until then, much love to Not Dead Yet members for still taking me along in instances with an underleveled pet (heroics too!).

  30. Slydye

    Tamed this lil guy last night on Frostmourne on my Troll hunter. Had a priest MC the Spirit mob, make sure we were in an area with no other dead wolves (to avoid selecting dead ones). Another hunter started the LW Drums, I repeated Trueshot to proc the Metagem, as soon as it proc’d the priest summoned the wolves, and I used a macro to start Berserking, JuJu, target the wolf, and start taming. Tried it quite a few times before finally getting it. Prob 1-2 hours was needed all up. Make sure you take some low level food too.

    Now I only hope blizz allows us to keep him, and I can be bothered to lvl him hehe.

  31. Thundar

    I am getting mine tomorow, iff it is still possible…
    Hoping i can make it on my own else i will get some people from the guild to help.
    I am a Troll and leatherworker and have the Meta Gem….
    Only problem for me… I DONT HAVE E META GEM HEADPIECE…
    i dont do much pvp. And am 70 for a long time now.
    I dont have any Meta Gem headpieces anymore (sold them all)

    Iff you also did that you have 2 choices….
    Go and pvp a lot till your honor is about 16000…

    Or go and run lots of Shadow Labs and stuff to get Spirit Shards… You need 18 to get a headpiece..

    Im one SL run away from my headpiece…
    So i really hope it will still work tomorow…
    Go and

  32. Suzanna

    Just tamed mine yesterday. I used a shammy (bloodlust), Priest (mind control), LW (drums), plus Juju Flurry and the Mystical Skyfire Diamond. I love playing Candid Camera with it in Orgrimmar ;D
    I’m Arathor’s 2nd :)

  33. Toureg

    So far i still remain the only alliance hunter to have tamed this wolf on Rexxar, as far as i know. I tamed him on Saturday Nov. 24th at 7:30pm. The number of people who have come up and commented on the Ghost Wolf is awesome. I have shared with them the the process i used and the items that are needed. I hope to see some more on our server soon. It would be fun to compare the adventure with someone else on Rexxar.

    Note: he is now level 52 and have noticed that the buff from priests for shadow protection give the wolf 98 shadow resistance. I think this is a little higher than normal for that buff.

    Note: I named my wolf —— Casper

    Go get him Hunters

  34. Kaeth

    Is the Skyfire Diamond a must-have? I really want this pet – I have the only other translucent pet, Ghost Saber – but I won’t be able to use the Skyfire Diamond for a while (being lvl 46 Troll). Is there anything that can substitute this?

    Please let me know!

  35. Zuty

    Diamond is a must, the proc cuts Tame into a 10 second cast then the % effects make this into about 7 seconds. I did my math wrong last time, after helping two hunters get this I am sure that you NEED this gem.


  36. Kirjava

    YES!….finally got one today after a lot of pain and effort and bad luck with procs….in the end it was myself, my girlfriend on her leatherworking druid and on her nephews shammy on a different PC, and another guildie on his shammy, i used the mystical skyfire diamond, Beserking (on about 10% hp to be sure), Drums of battle bloodlust and many many attempts…but i now finally have this awesome wolf <3 i’ve levelled him to 43 already just using mobs at about 62-64 in zanga…wasnt too tricky tbh

    its officially the most effort ive ever made to get a pet, in that i farmed the mats for 2 skyfire diamonds..the mystical and a swift to put my beast lord helm back to how it should be =P that and all the other things make it a lot of work….but im so glad i have him…he does officially look awesome ..especially with BW on ^^ so good luck to all out there trying for him…i hope u get him soon =) if ud like to see him before u decide if its worth it im Kirjava on Dreanor server =)

    PS Blizz have already made it so he cant learn a thing to try and deter people is i suppose their intention….stuff it tho im keeping this one =D

    GL all


  37. Kirjava

    bah….PPS ive just remembered that i meant to comment on something else…. he has a strange…well…”bug” in that he doesnt often run….especially when going to a mob he often runs then walks the last bit ^.^ its unusual but i have to say i like it…its more like a wolf’s normal “lope” anyway =D

  38. Kirjava

    ¬.¬ ok now im asking a question having read through more posts…. has anyone after the S3 arena gear been able to teach theirs anything? as ive seen people prior to today were able to …. but i cant >.< im hoping that either i will be able to somehow or that at the very least im not the only one to have found this =S

  39. Kirjava

    ok…. now i really….really am sorry for this…..this is now my 4th post im aware so again…sorry….but ive just discovered (MUCH to my happiness) that i CAN teach my awesome wolf moves…for some reason my addon “beastmaster” didnt want me to, but i remembered it had screwed me before so turned it off and presto =D so this is Kirjava Dreanor server reporting that as of the 29th of November he CAN learn moves, in which case all thats “wrong” with it is the dodgy running…but as i said earlier…its a wolf’s im fine with that =)

    sorry again for the maaany posts ..and good luck to anyone getting it ^^

    many thanks to Silfesni and my wonderful other half Raventao for helping me with this =D

  40. Modan

    After only 2 days of farming mobs in Hellfire & a couple of 5 man’s I’ve gotten mine to lvl 57 now! I hope to take him into Kara this weekend! I love the whispers I get asking about him. I’ve yet to see another one on Argent Dawn.

  41. paperboy

    Got mine up to 61 now and have taught it furious howl and im pretty sure he will learn bite (rank 9) at 64, i hope im first to get him to 70. Paperboy- Blood Elf- Deathwing

  42. Capt Jack

    Have to say thanks to everyone here your comments helped a lot. i went out tonight with a shammy a Priest a couple others were there to watch my lvl 44 hunter friend wants one so he had to come out and watch us try and after messing around we nailed it on the first try used the gem had heroism thats all folks i had the drums but the guy who could use them never logged on just like a lot of other people here the tame and death happened same moment rezed and named it badwolf from doctor who season 1

    all the guys who came out were bummed it was the purple and red but once tame it goes to the silver and blue color already got 2 lvls to 32 tonight was in stormwind and people were going crazy first one i have seen on bleeding halo

    i really feel this was something exciting hope they do maybe a few more in the future but i am not sure how they can top it with the death and tame going off same time it is a fast 8 secs. i will try to get screen shots that i took after i tamed i was so stunned to get first try i forgot to take a shot of the taming but hey those are the breaks

    Capt jack

  43. Thundar

    Got mine last night on my own after 4 tries… It really really is a great pet..
    Now for leveling it and hope the stats on him are bit nice when he hits 70…

    Greetz Thundar

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