Petopia: More Patch 2.3 Updates

Petopia was updated today for the following Patch 2.3 changes:

  • Wailing Caverns: Creatures outside the instance portal of the Wailing Caverns are no longer elite. In addition, some of the creatures inside the instance came down a level or two. But there were no skill changes that I could see.
  • Stranglethorn Vale: The creatures on Jaguero Isle have all changed in level, from the old 50 down to 41. (King Mukla is 42 and not longer elite — but still cannot be tamed.) Oddly, there were no changes to their skills — which is going to cause problems. The Jaguero Stalker is now level 41, for example, but still has Cower 5 (which requires pet level 45) and Prowl 3 (pet level 50). In the past, pets in this situation have lost the skill as soon as they zone or logout. So be aware of that.
  • The list of pets with special behaviors has been updated to include the roaring lions.
  • Shadowfang Keep: Vile Bats and Bloodseeker Bats are now lower level (20 instead of 22-24). They still have no skills. Fenrus the Devourer is now level 21 but alas, still cannot be tamed.
  • Sunken Temple: Creatures outside the instance portal are no longer elite and creatures inside the instance portal have come down in level just a tad. The Spawn of Hakkar, for example, is now level 49 (which again may cause problems with his skills).
  • Uldaman: Most of the creatures lost a level or two.
  • Blackfathom Deeps: Similarly, many of the pets in BFD have been taken down a level or two. Ghamoo-Ra is now level 23, for example. Also, I don’t know if I just came through right behind someone both times or what, but the bit outside the instance portal was largely empty.
  • Razorfen Kraul: Another dungeon, more level changes. In addition, it looks like Greater Kraul Bats and Blind Hunter both picked up some skills. (Nothing special, just the same stuff the Kraul Bats already had.)

I’m not all that keen on heading into BRD/BRS to check out those creatures, so if you happen to be in there and notice that something has changed, drop me a line and let me know!

And thus ends this episode of “Things I should have done on the PTR when I had the chance.”

33 thoughts on “Petopia: More Patch 2.3 Updates

  1. Kalalay

    To be honest, low level mobs with high level skills makes me kinda excited. Tame it, learn it, dismiss and wait to teach it your real pet, mwahaha.
    But what really grinds my gears is how Blizzard ‘streamlined’ the dungeons, usually by lowering the end dungeon mob levels, but then DIDN’T lower the quests for said dungeons. So, now you can go to RFK with a party level of 24-26, expect to complete it, but you can’t pick up the two main quests there until level 29 and 30. Way to think it through…

  2. Mania Post author

    Kalalay: I ran into a similar problem on Kaet. She picked up the note from the bottle that starts the quest on Jaguero Isle, but it has a requirement of level 45 — even though the creatures out there are now levels 41 and 42.

  3. Mugungo

    in response to the tameable ghost wolfs, you can reduce the time it takes to tame a creature. I have gotten it down to a 10 second cast time for tame beast, with troll zerking, blood lust and the battle drums, but i still need a lil more haste. If anyone knows of any items that increase spell haste please post here!

  4. Ryno


    It dies after 6-7 seconds. It is spawned by the spirit-shifter Grimtotems to the very north in Dustwallow Marsh. There is no way I have found that you can reduce the time they die. Methods I have TESTED and are TRUE:

    Warstomp – No go.
    Ice Trap – Nope.
    Sheep – Never.
    Scare Beast – Uh-uh.
    Hibernate – Nah.

    The idea of reducing cast time sounds intrigueing, but as he said didn’t work, as it wasn’t short enough. I’m an orc hunter and lack berserk for that effort, but am a LWer with the drums.

    Ideas of CC I doubt work, but were NOT TESTED:

    Warlock fear skills.
    Rogue skills.
    Any item that sleeps a foe.

    Questions and comments be sent to

    Ryno – 70 Orc Hunter, Blackwater Raiders.

  5. sandralover

    it looks with the mob level changes that they need to change the levels of quite a lot of quests , i trust they will spot that simple mistake and put it right

    it sounds like that wolf is there to keep hunters amused/annoyed ? as i doubt without some sort of glitch anyone will be able to tame it

    and i am almost willing to bet we will be finding many hunters with one or both of the spawned winterspring ex-elite cats now that both sides can summon them , why oh why did they nerf the elites that did nobody any harm , and i bet the real painful ones like the fel reaver are still there , not been to hellfire yet since the patch but not heard they nerfed him

  6. Jakal

    i thought of the Meta-Socket gem with “next Spell – half time procc” and a Shaman with his Rage + the Drums … now i just need to find out how i could make the gem procc (maybe in a duell there while the shaman tanks the mob)

  7. Jakal

    i’m a BE Hunter but it might be possible für a Troll i guess …

    30% more Speed as Class ability …
    30% from Heroism of a shaman
    5% from the Drums
    –> should bring it down to a 7 sek cast … but thats just theoretic and i don’t know if its + and not multiplicated ….

  8. Mugungo

    I tried blood lust with a shaman, the drums, and troll zerking and it only got down to about 9 seconds, but there are a few other spell haste items out there that i am testing to see if 1* that they proc for hunters and 2* to see if i can even get them.

    I am unsure how it is all added up however, so i do know if it is even possible at all.

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  10. Mugungo

    The surestrike goggles do not increase spell haste. what the person probably did is the same thing i did. they probably used the gem “mystical skyfire diamond” as i did. I sent an email to mania about this, so hopefully it will be posted soon =D.

  11. kimisawa

    Mugungo, congratulation!!

    Btw, you are right about the gem.
    when I posted the comment, it was late in my time zone(TW), therefore I didn’t notice that I miss typing down the gem.

    I have corrected it under the ghost wolf treat, so for anyone interested in taming this wolf, I wrote down some tricks under that treat also.

    Anyway, good job Mugungo. Let’s prey together that Blizzard wont hotfix this(sigh..) This is a such awesome pet!

  12. kuragi

    Just something to add, if you take a priest along and mc the mob that casts the pups, you can precast and get everything ready. Cast drums, spam true shot aura (since it doesnt take mana anymore), then as soon as your shammy sees the gem proc, have him cast bloodlust while at the same time the priest casts the pups. Make a macro to target, then tame away.

  13. Aeonn

    Aww just did it the “hard” way before i saw this post about MC =) Well anyways just want to confirm that drums aint needed. Worked fine for me with just the Meta gem and Shaman Bloodlust.(no zerker since im BE). Very nice animal =) Good luck out there

  14. Chrisski

    Was going around picking up old skills I missed for no real reason, tamed the Spawn of Hakkar, logged on the next day and Dive 3 was gone. Since I just tamed him, he has no TPs available yet so he’s a little less useful now.
    Course bieng 62 he was completely useless to me anyway, but if you are close to his level, it’ll hurt.

  15. Syrelil

    Eyyyyyyyy! I got this wolf myself!
    I believe I am the lowest level EVER to tame one of these ghostie wolves, I’m a level 67. I’m also the first on Sentinels to get one.
    Yes, I am the owner of Bullet the wolf. Hehe.
    Here’s a link!
    Yahoooooooo! This wolf is AWESOME!
    NO, it is NOT POSSIBLE to get it without the meta gem, so anyone who says they have or have seen a hunter with a ghost wolf under level 66 is full of it.

  16. Wyldfyre

    So, regarding this new ghost wolf, how is a 70 night elf hunter, beastmaster spec supposed to be able to stand a chance in hades of obtaining this pet solo? Seems to me, they overlooked the fact that the majority of players aren’t raiders to get all these super rare items.

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