100 thoughts on “What’s Your Pet?

  1. Severkill

    I have two pets: Oinker and Kong. Oinker, my boar, is my first pet from the Hunter pet taming quest. I just can’t give him up. Besides being my first, I just love how he charges into battle. He reminds me of my warrior. I doubt I will ever give him up. Kong is my gorilla I picked up one day north of Booty Bay. He is not as strong as Oinker but when we have multiple adds, his thunderstomp comes in handy. I guess for my last pet I will eventually pick up a raptor. I’m not sure yet.


  2. Piru

    Posted about my main pet at #24 but I have another I’m pretty partial to.

    Species: Raptor(Red ZG Raptor)
    Name: Dino(Currently Lvl 68)
    When I got him: About a month ago
    Why I Love Him? I always wanted Raptor, but until recent patches they didn’t have dash, and I think that’s an essential ability for a hunter pet. Now that they have dash I had to go get 1. I don’t really like the new skinned raptors in blade’s edge so I went to ZG and got Dino.

    My last pet which I don’t use too much.

    Species: Bat(Karazhan Bat)
    Name: Flàsh
    When I got him?:About 9 months ago right after we started doing Kara.
    Why I love him?: Flàsh looks tight as hell, screech is hella useful in raids and pvp, but when it comes to pure dps, TonyT(lvl 70 shadowclaw) and soon to be Dino are just killin Flàsh. He doesn’t have TonyT’s survivalbility or DPS. So for now he’s my 3rd pet, until they make the armored worgs in shattered halls tameable.

  3. Thescot

    Just rolled a hunter for the first time and I am only lvl15. Got me Timber from Dun morogh though first with the intention of learning Bite2 and dumping him for a boar, but now he kicks ass!! Who needs a boar, pfft. :P

  4. Muffin

    After much debate I decided to get the ghost saber…I just love the way that they look and i wanted to grab him while I was still a low level.

    So I got him at lvl 12 and named him “Slntyfozfish”.
    “Slntyfozfish” is my abbreviation for ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ from Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy. I love the cat, I am speccing him to use for PvP, he can sing ‘so long…’ to the hordies as he downs them : P

    For grinding I decided to go with a boar, but not just any boar. The skin may be normal looking, but I wanted to tame ‘Bellygrub’ just because that pig always gave me trouble on other toons.

    So I tamed Bellygrub and called him ‘Beeblebrox’ (another Hitchikers reference). He has proved to be an amazing little tank and a pretty decent little dps machine too.

  5. Delos

    My Hunter’s Pet is the Clutchmother tallstrider from Darkshore, named “Tiki”. I got her at 24 and plan on having her all the way to 70. She’ll never be my raiding pet but she’ll always be my main pet. I love her because she makes an awesome sound when attacking, kind of sounds like a velociraptor hehe.

    I also used to have a spider from Loch Modan (the tarantula type ones) called “Lunchbox” but I couldn’t keep up with leveling both him and Tiki. It makes me a sad dorf. I love Lunchbox because so few people have spiders, even though they are high dps pets (sadly, they can’t learn claw though).

    Rolen – 37 hunter, Cenarion Circle

  6. Sedna

    When I started my hunter back in the dark ages, I loved the wolves. Started with a Mottled Worg (Akela), then picked up a Ghostpaw Alpha (Raksha). Dallied in the 50s with Reaver the Vilebrach Raiding Wolf (tamed back when all Jinth’alor was still elite! God, that was a horror) and Death Howl, who I named Chirikov.
    Then- oh, then!- I decided to try out a Plagued Swine, and my life changed forever. Grugach (named after a character in the Hellboy comics) leveled through Outland with me. I still have Vajra the Sable Jaguar, and I’m slowly leveing Rak’shiri, now named Colbert, to 70, for grouping. But Groo is my go-to guy for any and all solo adventures, as well as off-tanking. Boars FTW!

  7. Si

    I have Uhk’loc as my pet of choice i waited in the back of his cave for 3 days logging on whenever possible looking for him. The 1st time a guildie pally came with me for heals and drew aggro so i couldn’t tame him. The second time i looged jus in time to see 2 hordies kill him. Finally late one night i was sat in the cave chatting and killing random spawns while using my beast tracking to keep an eye out for him and he was there!! Best pet i ever had, thunderstomp is fantastic for getting aggro on groups of mobs, combine that with misdirect and multi-shot and his extra health and you have your own personal tank. With the added benifit that if he does die he doesn’t whine about repair costs. Oh his name is Spanky :)

    I also had Humar for a while before i could tame spanky but dropped him as soon as i could tame my 1st gorilla as he was so common on the ally side and i wanted something really different.

    I know have a cat(ugh!) for raids (Whiskers) and a raptor (Tyrone) that i want to try out after patch 2.2 when they could learn dash. I plan on replacing my cat with Sian-Rotam just as soon as a nice horde will let me tame him. I just wish we could have more stable slots as i find i need to keep 1 empty when lvling so i can go a tame a beast to learn any abilties it has.

    All these pet choices have been made possible by the fantasic site that is Petopia and i thankyou for that!! :)

  8. Liet

    I started wayback with a red lynx named Kira, and kept him until level 30 or so, whereupon I promptly swapped him out for a black armored boar named Romathis that I abandoned when I got tired of everyone having a boar and promptly for the uniqueness picked up …

    ..Humar the Pridelord. He was promptly renamed Regret, as I was 56 at this time and heading to outlands and oh god it was an insufferable grind. Deciding I wanted a windserpent, I picked up Arash-ethis, and was satisfied with this pet all the way up until 61 where in a bout of fickleness I tamed a white bear from Winterspring and called it Beloved.

    As soon as Regret matched my level though I dropped the other two, and experimented with a string of pets named after Van Halen songs to see if I liked any of them. After a brief flirtation with Trachela and the black Den Mother, I tamed a rip-blade ravager, named it Sauvagine, and have been levelling it for a while now.

    A few excruciating hours in Zul’Gurub solo let me aquire a level 61 windserpent (the blue soulflayers) named .. Soulflayer … left me with all three stable slots full. As there are no other skills I need to tame, my current roster is 67: black lion, Regret, 64 Ravager, Sauvagine, and blue windserpent, Soulflayer.

    I think out of all of them the most costly to catch was Soulflayer.. and the longest, Regret.

    I’m flirting with eventually replacing one of them with an owl of some kind … possibly Regret, as it seems every hunter on my server has a black lion.

  9. Si

    Nuts i forgot to say im lvling a new nelf hunter to be my pvp and gatherer. Shadow meld with a ghost saber on prowl should make for some pvp fun. I’m also planning on taming the black and red spider for a pet as they look so cool and i know a few female players who’ll freak out nicley when i “eye’s of the beast” sneak up on them. Hehe.

  10. shibumi

    Not as complex as some – when I started my first hunter I tried a few critters and stuck with raptors – this is in the beginning days (after beta), and alternated between a raptor and the sewer beast. I tended then to upgrade my critters as I leveled to reduce the amount of difference of pulling a stabled pet out.

    Later I started looking at rare pets for the thrill of the tame. Snarler probably was one of the harder (because he was camped), and had great stats. Broken tooth was also a hard one because of the campers – but worth it.

    after the nerfage of pet stats and appearance was the only deal, other than base critter family specs, I was only enticed to change based on a curiosity – the wintersaber spawns, etc. Mostly though I still stuck with my cat or raptor as a DPS weapon. Then with the expansion I moved to ravagers and have used them since.

    Sure, got my obligatory ghost saber, and so on, and still like cats as a pet, but for my DPS and downright ugly hurting, I use my ravagers. My younger hunters (horde and alliance) have ALL made the trip to get both the lvl 10 ravagers and back at 16 to get the enraged ravagers on azuremyst. The latter is truely a quality tame. I tried the first time with little success, until I revised my tactics – at 16 of course we get the freeze trap and that helps a LOT, though they can still hit you with a knockdown and stop the tame clock. Horde can jump in with a ‘very sticky glue’ and nail that tame like nothing. At any rate it’s a tactical enjoyment as far as tames go.

    DPS I’m with cats and ravagers. I’ve tried em all. Don’t like flappy things, don’t much like to stare at the back end of a bear in instances. Crocs are pretty low and ok in close environments, for example.

    On that note – something that has always irritated me are folks that pile up on the mail box or bank, or in a building with vendors with pets and mounts. Please, you can park your pet outside the building, or away from the mailbox and it’s MUCH easier on all the crowds trying to highlight the mailbox. just polite, in my opinion. (yes, I know I mixed environments and that mounts dismount when you go in a building)

    so, I got my ravager (back to the original thread), and like him well enough, I regret I didn’t realize that the lower levels were color changers until my high level hunter was already 70. I’ve got that one up to 65 now and it is a LONG *slow* grind, but I like the random color changes.


  11. Erbodie

    I have tried to tame most elite pets my hunter was facing during his leveling. Erbodie has had a cat as a default pet for the bulk of the time. Upon reaching 70, I tested a lot for PVE/PVP/Raid situations: tried a boar (leveled from 60 to 70), a gorilla (leveled from 55 to 70), windserpents, scorpids (before they were nerf’ed), etc.

    I settled for a Ravager tamed at 70 in the Netherwing mine (call ButtUgly), because of his DPS output in raids. Also levelling a Ghost saber from level 19 to 70. Ghosty is now level 56. If you run dailies that involve a number of kills with him, he will actually level pretty fast.

  12. Messyah

    See what a popular idea this was, Mania? You need to listen to me more often.

    Right now Messyah, my 29 Blood Elf Hunter Twink, has the following pets:

    Deathdealer – Feral Mountain Lion – Hillsbrad Foothills
    Emote: Deathdealer has come to take his toll. The price is your life and what remains of your soul.

    Spinechiller – Ghostpaw Alpha – Ashenvale
    Emote: That’s a good boy. Bite that Alliance scum.”

    Parker – Elder Moss Creeper – Hillsbrad Foothills
    Emote: “
    With great power comes great responsibility

    My favorite pet was my Windowmaker. He was a Ghostclaw Ravager from the Ghostlands. I usually don’t name my pets until I get them to their highest loyalty. Well, after getting him up to full loyalty, it was time to name him. I pondered and pondered and then finally thought of a cool name… “Widowmaker”

    Well, I decided to do this at around 3am on a Weekday, which means work the following morning. I was beat tired and ready to pass out. Well, after I typed his name in and saved it, I realized that I actually named him Windowmaker. It became such a story and a realy attention getter, that I decided to keep him. Unfortunately, he fell victim to a stable bug and alas, Windowmaker was gone. As suspected, the response from WoW Support was, “We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do.”

    So, R.I.P. Windowmaker – I miss you, man!

  13. Alverian

    “Nikita” Shadowmaw Panther from Stranglethorn Vale, My Night Elf hunter is Koragg, and she goes great with him. Some say cats are not cool for a hunter pet but I have seen her take a massive fire nova and not slow down and take on and kill 4 lvl 53 mobs at one time. So she stays!!!

  14. Replicant

    well most of the huigh level raiding hunters on my server have a “who has the coolest rare pet” thing going so i currently have a springpaw stalker not a rare, but at lvl 7 in the blood elf starting area was a long grind to 70 and im currently the only hunter on my server with it (get a million tells in IF) my next is Humar the pridelord the rare spawn black lion in the barrens and my last is Rak shiri the aqua rare spawn cat in winterspring now i have 3 cats because as a 25 man raid hunter cats have the highest dps and more hp than a ravager or raptor (less mend pet ftw)

  15. Ragabash

    Heehee, I love how any thread asking Hunters about their pets are really popular.

    I had my heart set on taming one of the “riding cat” model frostsabres on my current hunter for a very long time. Being BM specc’d, I love them crazy DPS pets, and I think those cats are the prettiest in game. The only problem was, I just couldn’t decide on the blue (Rak’shiri) or the purple (pride watcher). When I finally made it to 57, I decided to hang out in Winterspring for an afternoon (I work at home) and see if Rak’shiri would spawn. If he didn’t, that would make up my mind on getting a purple one. Well, he didn’t, and so I am running with a lovely purple pride watcher named Maggie.

    From lvl 28 to 55 I had a black RFK armored boar named Gertie. She was a tough little thing, but she started breaking my traps far too often. I had tried turning Charge off and using a macro to activate it, to fix the problem – but in the end I decided I really wanted a cat anyways. At 55 I retired Gertie to the stables and got a generic white winterspring cat until I could tame one of the riding cat types. Gertie is still in my stable and maybe some day I’ll level her, when they fix the Charge bug. ;)

  16. Mayetal

    I won’t even begin to try to remember the pets I had BEFORE I was 70. Though the most memorable with my comrades was the lvl 60 White Lion from Winterspring renamed Mourne.

    Now I have the Nethermine Ravager; Murderface. I love the ravagers yet I don’t know why(aside from melting face). Happily named from the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse and well, the species… LOOK AT THEM.

    Secondly is a white Warpstalker, named… who could’ve guessed, Wartooth. I lub him ’cause he’s cute and his swimming animation makes me fuzzy inside.

    Did have one of the black raptors from Blade’s Edge, Toki(:P), 70, but traded him out for Trachela just last night, for what reason I have yet to really figure out. I’m sure I’ll regret it later. I have yet to name the new feather duster.

  17. Vulpinor

    Canopener was the first pet I ever tamed. He was a Nightsaber from teldrassil. I’ve had birds, owls, apes, scorpids and tallstriders but Canopener has always stuck with me. I thought i was being clever with naming him since you could use his teeth to open cans. It took me all the way to 70 to realize what was in those can’s he was opening ;)

    Thankfully someone pointed out the double entendre.

  18. Ryno

    Gorgon. Red elite ravager skin, level 61 ones in Hellfire.

    Ravagers with the extra armor and spikes are just the coolest looking pets to me. I love the ravager running animation… awesomeness. I actually got him when I was 70 (I go through pets like an old man through suspenders…) and grinded him all the way to 70… so I have a deep emotional attach to him.

    Bahamut: Red dragonhawk from The Botanica.

    Was HE** to tame, but very fun. Got it with one other hunter and a rogue helping me. Rogue sapped tamer, feared one hawk, trapped the other, and tame the third. VERY fun trying to figure this out, good times. The other hunter with us was the one who originally wanted one, and named hers Tiamat. My idea for the names. Hehe.

    Carrion Bird (to be named): Red 62 carrion bird from Hellfire.

    Tamed him to level up now while I grind for leather, so he can be my tanking pet with his screech ability. I like the look of him… not too many good names came to mind though. At the moment of writing this, my best idea I like is SkareKrow… but who knows. He’s in the stables while I PvP with Gorgon… Gorgon is a God in PvP, hehe.

  19. Goldwarte

    Goldwarte here. 70 Troll Hunter : Garithos. Well my 1st dedicated pet, while I was at lvl 20, was a Ghost Saber named Ghostwarte. Have you any idea how frightening it is, going deep into enemy territory, to get this wonderful creature?
    The next pet I went for at lvl 70 was Rotting Agam’ar, a lvl 28 elite in RFK, named Agamarwarte. Stormed the doors, killed everything solo, just to get his awesome armored skin. My last pet, which I’m working on right now, is the Black Widow Hatchling, lvl 25 in Duskwood, named of course Webwarte…lol. After 4 days on intense instance running he is now at lvl 64. He’s a keeper..for there’s nothing creepier than a troll with a black widow. Run all you arachnophobes!
    And by the way…your website is awesome!

  20. Zball

    I have a couple of hunters and try to keep at least one slot open. Since I’m cheap, my 57 hunter has two slots…

    Regardless, the first pet was a Strigid Hunter named Huntress. I ran from Azuremyst to Teldrassil at level 10 and picked her up. She was surrounded by harpies, which I ignored (and they killed me). I had her until I was in my thirties, when I wanted something else.

    In walks Sha’Kure, a Crag Coyote from Badlands. I love the running and idle animations and he’s been with me ever since. Furious Howl, Heroic Presence, Expose Weakness makes me fun to have in a group. As much as I want a kitty from Winterspring (which I’m working on now), I might have to bite the bullet and spring for that third slot.

    My 19 twink belf hunter has 3 pets. The first is a level 17 Starving Ghostclaw named Kittykins. He’s around purely for fun. Then a Greater Spindleweb named Spiderpet, but I rarely use him. Once again, my pet is for the chuckles. The better option is my 19 ghostsaber named Lilith. I made the run from Org to Darkshore and tried to spawn her for over an hour while dodging naga and lowbie Allys. In BGs, they never see her coming.

  21. Keleri

    My first pet that I got because it was really ME, not because it was ‘the best’ like the Rake or Broken Tooth was one of the red hyenas from SM. Loki and I leveled to 60 together, but I had to leave him behind on the road to 60 because, well, my undead boar Trichinosis was just a much, much better pet. :( I’m still sad about having to abandon him (since after I got to 70 I knew I’d never have the patience to level him from 60). For a while at 60, I also PvP’ed with a monstrously overpowered Son of Hakkar named Blitzkrieg, but she too was left behind.

    At 70, I picked up a blue windserpent (Blitzkrieg II x)) that I saw as a better choice for instances since it could attack from a distance, eat mage bread and had better raw DPS than my boar, whose tanking skills generally weren’t needed. I also played around with one of those violently purple Kaliris to see how useful its screech ability would be.

    Once they gave raptors dash (and I saw how everyone and their mother had that same blue windserpent in my warlock’s raiding guild) I picked up a green raptor from netherstorm and named him Bulbasaur, complete with a “/s Bulbasaur, I choose you!” macro when I use call pet. =D Leveling him just from 67 was an annoying task, so /salute to anyone who’s managed to level up a pet from really low levels. @.@

    In some ways, I sort of wish I’d held onto my durotar tiger (my first-ever pet) since they really are a beautiful pet and you don’t see too many of them at 70, as well as my red hyena, one pet that I’ve never seen anyone else with. I really long for instant pet leveling (or pay-for-pet-leveling, or…); I really believe that Orgrimmar and Shattrath would be fabulously raucous and variegated when it comes to hunter pets if anyone could have any pet they wanted, instead of just all the old standbys hanging around.

    I’ve also created and leveled other hunters for the express purpose of having another pet that’s happened to catch my eye: I have a tauren hunter with Mazzranache and the Strider Clutchmother (both of which I would desperately like to retain with the hunter, but trying to keep them both leveled would drive me crazy); if he ever, by dint of excessive boredom on my part, made it to 70, I would also add the Lost Torranche to his collection. x) Additionally, I have a dwarf hunter with one of the yellow boars from Westfall, just because the thought of having an effectively “unique” at 70 was too cool. (Not that she’ll ever get there.) Finally, I also made a second tauren hunter alt to get one of those barking coyotes from Mulgore, which I thought was kind of cool when I first read about it here. ;)

    I don’t play my hunter that much anymore, but if I do level her to 80 I’ll probably have to say goodbye to the rest of my pets and forge on with my boar. (Unless there’s a ridiculously cool new pet in Northrend that I just have to have, of course.)

  22. Jayhawk

    (Looks like you’ll be reading for a while ;))

    Woodsong, my first hunter has currently three pets.
    Lazuli a blue WC Wind Serpent, which she got at about 40 (pet was L20) and still needs one bit of level to get to 70. I love the gracefulness of wind serpents and wanted a dark one (at one stage I thought it was black) wind serpent. Mostly to be different.
    Since Woodsong hit 70 she tamed a Karili Owl called Uruburu (named after an owl from a Dutch kids story). I love the colours and wanted a bit more crowd control.
    She then bumped into the Elf + Giant quest and decided to get a black/red Scorpid, to play tank, while being maxed in Arcane. It actually worked out as planned.

    Natarani, my Draenei hunter acquired a red Lynx (Sholay) and a Dragonhawk (Syenah) from the same area. The Dragonhawk’s caster stats gimped it terribly, but I love how they flow…almost like water. She tamed a Rotting Agamar some 5 levels ago and named it Akshay. It’s a perky little porker.

    I got a couple other hunters, but most noticable pet wise is probably my little Blood Elf Alizarine, who got her self a Snow Leopard called Icicle.

  23. Mordreade

    I name my pets after my real life pets. All 5 of my dogs usually are laying/playing around me when I am on WoW, and I just noticed how one pet would be more interested in a WoW pet than the others, or, as I was taming the WoW pet, it would seem to be just like my real pet (I.E. Death Ravager = Jack Russel Terrier, both now named Curley). I have had more cats than any other species, but my Humar (Pooky) is by far my favorite. Pooky in real life is a 5 pound Pomeranian who is definitely THE king of the others, and just barely tolerates his humans (cept when he wants to be held and get a full body massage….. yup….. spoiled), and this personality has transfered somehow to the WoW Pooky.

  24. Darkbander

    So many people with cats! I tamed Echyakee once, named him Wait. Not many got that joke. Also had a black widow named PeanutButter. Had a real laugh with that one. I went downstairs to ask my sister for a name as i was stumped. She just blurted out the first thing to come to mind and we laughed for a good while. But my main pet, which i had to recently retire due to bliz’ buggy AI, was Arikara. Named him Nakath, as his red/orange color was the same as the red/orange armor of my raid leader back in Everquest. And just like the elf i named him after, he didnt take any &#$@ from nobody! Next i had a big green spiky ravager. Named him Damoxian after an orc warlock i once knew. Now i have a Nether Ray from slave pens. Though i cant seem to find a name for him. So far my friends vote Noodle. I had a huge picture album once of all the pets i had caught and the names i had given them, but darned comcast…

  25. Gurluas

    I started with a caster dragonhawk named Melanie, i quickly switched to a Ghost Saber named Dincy that i kept since then, she is a cat that was tamed by Melanion(my high elf)’s family, and that she could be called by later generation should the need arise.

    Melanion found the way to call her and now they are inseparable :)

  26. Dubmeat

    Dubmeat is my name, my first keeper pet was my Gorilla named Xtracheez. The pet im using now is a Ravager named Grapejelly. Looking at getting a warpstalker named heartburn.

  27. Maree

    I got so many pets. I can’t really be bothered to tell long stories about them all..

    My dwarf Maree have 3 pets
    Piggy, the Ashmane boar. Was my dwarfs main pet from 48-70, now he’s spending most of his time in the stables, because of;
    Kuro(‘black’ in japanese, i think), the Blackwind Sabrecat. Before i got him, i didn’t really understand why everybody had a cat. Well. i do now ^^
    Amakoas, the Springpaw Stalker. I don’t really know about this one. Leveled him to 38 and then found out i spelled his name wrong (He’s named after a character in the game TES4:Oblivion) *slaps herself in the head*

    And then. there is all my alts pets

    Gloria, the Ghost Saber. My draeni had her since lvl 20, when she was still a rare pet. Both are lvl 55 now, so i can’t bring myself to deleting her.
    MightyErebus, the white bat. Runs around with my lvl 29 twink-to-be Bugagaga. Yes, he is quite mighty…
    Jabberwocky, the obsidian raptor. Named after a poem. http://www.jabberwocky.com/carroll/jabber/jabberwocky.html
    and Wire the Young Goretusk, Femalecat the Snow leopard (got her on a tauren!), Panthalos the Venomous (sp?) Windserpent, SatanIsAboar the Raging Agam’ar, Kathuthet the warp stalker, Medrike the gray wolf, Ace the Lost Torranche, Odeko the Pridewatcher and last but not least, Barbie the flamingo.

    Btw. sorry for my bad english, im danish -.-

  28. Ayera

    I just hit lvl 10 on my first hunter. Looked through the pets on petopia and decided i must have a springpaw stalker (regrettably only found in eversong woods). So i hopped the boat from Darn to Darkshore, then to wetlands. Walked from wetlands to arathi basin, then into hillsbrad. Swam up the river through WPL to Darrrowmere Lake to EPL. Made all of 10 steps into EPL when a bat one-hit me and i died for the first time on the trip. Ghostran all the way to Fairbreeze Village’s graveyard. loggged in logged out and rezz’d. made it ten steps then guards killed me. ranned back to body. made it ten more steps and guards killed me again. finally i rezz’d far enough away from village that i didn’t aggro the guards and a be-a-utiful lvl 7 springpaw stalker strolled right in front of me. Quickly tamed him, did little train, did a little dance, and then hearthed home!!!!!!!!!! Now i have a very unusual (for a lvl ten alliance) pet named “Blaze” that i will never get rid of!

    Ayera, Dalengyr

  29. Gyara

    My one and only is Kisa (Durotar tiger, lvl 9 at first and now lvl 70). She’s been with me since my first day of wow, and she’s one of the oldest active pets on our server. Hardly anyone has her tiger skin, and she’s always out and about. Our guild refers to her like she’s another player and she’s developed quite a personality. I’ve tried to snag other pets to have, maybe a tank pet or something, but I never have the heart to do it. She’s my favorite and since I’ve been playing with her forever, I know exactly what she can and can’t do. I’ve never needed a tank pet, and she is frequently assigned her own kill target in instances. If I ever lost Kisa, I would quit WoW.

  30. Gyara

    My one and only is Kisa (Durotar tiger, lvl 9 at first and now lvl 70). She’s been with me since my first day of wow, and she’s one of the oldest active pets on our server. Hardly anyone has her tiger skin, and she’s always out and about. Our guild refers to her like she’s another player and she’s developed quite a personality. I’ve tried to snag other pets to have, maybe a tank pet or something, but I never have the heart to do it. She’s my favorite and since I’ve been playing with her forever, I know exactly what she can and can’t do. I’ve never needed a tank pet, and she is frequently assigned her own kill target in instances. Only sad thing is that she used to have the yawn animation AND sound, but now she doesn’t. Boo on WoW for that. If I ever lost Kisa, I would quit WoW.

  31. Ansawa

    OMG now I have three comments on here since they all decided to show up. XD Mania, if you’re still looking at this, could you delete the two (42 and 43) below my EPIC LENGTH one and just spare me the embarrassment?

    *hides in shame*

  32. Mania Post author

    (I’m bundling a lot of responses since there’s so many comments!)

    Arides: You’ll have a level 80 cat soon enough I wager.

    Jezabelle: “Sherbert coloered Flamingo” — I love that! :>

    wowHuntress: Great pic!

    Ansawa: No problem. :> And I love your names, by the way.

    Deplobius: Frohike! *snort*

    Coyotle: Millenium hand and shrimp!

    Krush: “kept him ever since (though he has changed looks a few times” — I love that pragmatic attachment.

    You know, I think you could make an entire book out of hunters’ pet stories and names. Thanks, everyone. And keep it up! I still haven’t caught up with all the comments but I am still reading! It’s just great hearing how many of us have a real attachment to our pets.

  33. Sukul'atae

    My favorite pet is FruitLupus, aka Snort the Heckler from the north end of the Barrens. He is the only level 70 hyena I’ve seen, and still offtanks anything I ask him to. I tamed him on 11/29/04, when we were both 17. Still trying to figure out what to do for his third birthday…

  34. Ansawa

    Thank you! And aww. :D They’re all named after songs, believe it or not–whenever I need to name a new “permapet,” I fire up the old iTunes and page through to see what sounds good.

    …Oh, shoot. XD And I realize I forgot my experiment into wolves with Outremer the Ghostpaw Alpha and Songdog (the only non-song-named permapet I had) the Rabid Crag Coyote. XD Obviously they didn’t leave too much of an impression; I liked Furious Howl, but the family just didn’t work for me otherwise.

  35. Kristy

    I have a the albino lion Sian-rotam. I just mostly name my pets after what they are named “in the wild”. He’s my main pet. I love him. He’s very handsome. I Tamed him a long time ago. Got the help from a friend of mine that also has/had a Horde account. lol I love “big cats”. I love good albino animals. And some guildies know my albino lion’s name. lol

    A pink Scorpid named “PinkDS”. Name came from a friend of mine. Guessing ’cause I play on a Pink Game Boy D.S.. lol I use him in Arenas. I like his “Scorpid Poison”. I Tamed him somewhat recently, just to get his “Scorpid Poison”. I don’t love it. I don’t like bugs. lol And some guildies have commented on my weird choice for a pet name. lol

    And the 3rd Stable slot I’ve kept open. I wouldn’t mind having a 3rd pet.

  36. Irwin

    My very first pet, a cat named Puddin. He was a placeholder until I could finally get to Loch Modan and tame my very first Crocolisk, who I named CRIKEY. CRIKEY lasted me until my mid-50s, when I was lucky enough to take the rare Sewer Beast in Stormwind. Thus, Steve was born, and as been the target of many a /laugh and /cheer. Steve accompanied me on the trek through the Dark Portal and all the way to 70! Now, my stable consists of Steve, a newly re-christened CRIKEY from Black Morass, and Dundee from Netherstorm. Steve is my solo-ing pet while CRIKEY is my instance/raid pet, if I remember to bring him. Dundee just… sits in the stable.

  37. Yoco

    Like some earlier posters, I am kind of ‘alt-o-holic’, playing several hunters, each with their own set of pets.

    My orc huntress Yococo (Arathor EU) has been running around all her pet-owning life together with her trusty boar Snout (once a Corrupted Mottled Boar), tamed at level 10 just outside Orgrimmar, and still at her side at level 70. It is a shame that the skin has been used for several boars – Snout’s black boar skin is pretty common. In the stable the turtle Gonzalez still roams, once tamed in hillsbrad foothills at level 31, and currently level 67. Occasionally Yococo runs around with the (children’s week vanity pet) Speedy and Gonzalez together. It is a shame that turtles cannot learn any focus sink spell – that makes them a lot less useful than they could have been. I have tried to keep both pets up in level as Yococo leveled, but especially in outland that was hard at times. I had to hold back turning in quests to prevent leveling too far ahead of the two pets.

    My tauren hunter Yoco (also on Arathor EU) has been accompanied by Tweetsie since he learned to tame pets. Tweetsie originally was a level 8 Mulgore Swoop (a vulture, black skin). I tried to name it Tweety (after the little yellow cartoon character bird), but that name was refused. Very recently Tweetsie got company – completely in style of the Tweety cartoons, there now is Sylvester – a Ripfang Lynx tamed at level 69 in an ecodome in Netherstorm. Getting Sylvester’s loyalty up to best friend took a long time, and without your research in how pet leveling works I might have given up under the assumption that something was broken.

    My nightelf huntress Yocozoot (Stormrage EU) is both my oldest and youngest hunter. Oldest in the sense that it was one of the first characters I created, youngest in the sense of being ‘only’ level 61. She has been stuck at level 40 for about two years. When I ‘dusted her off’ I decided to change her pets as well, waving goodbye to the bear Fluffy and taming Baldrick, once a level 40 vulture in the badlands, near Kargath (with the exact same skin as Yoco’s Tweetsie). As she is still leveling, and having found that leveling two pets simultaneously is not fun, Baldrick is Yocozoot’s only pet for now…

  38. snabes

    umm i have a ghost saber on coil fang with from what i hear is liek the only server were like vertually no horde have them so i get hounded by lvl 70s to show them were and how to tame it….. kinda funny i guess

  39. Keff

    At the moment my troll hunter has a raptor. First thing I did with her after the 2.3 went live was to hop over to Dustwallow Marsh and grab myself Goreclaw. Named him Paragon and still have him 12 levels later. Really love him as he’s so beautiful, I love beasts with lots of colour variation and you just can’t beat his turquoise stripes over two shades of grey/brown and purple/red feathers!!!

    Though I’ve a real soft spot for raptors I’m considering resurrecting my Frostsaber Pridewatcher named Lily who was the very first pet I had at level 60 on my very first hunter. If it gets tough trying to keep two levelled from 60-70 then Lily will be the one I drop, Paragon isn’t going anywhere.

  40. Suzi

    Firstly I have Starr, a white worg I tamed in AV when I reached 60. The main reason for this is because I adore wolves, but it had the added RP bonus of looking exactly like the AV Horde mount. At the time I pretended they were related, but ever since Blizzard changed it so pets disappear when you get on your mount I’ve convinced myself Starr is my pet AND my mount. I’m 70 now and she’s still a few levels behind but I’m determined to level her up as I’d like to use her in instances for the group buff she gives.

    Soon into Outland I discovered I really wanted a white / purple Warpstalker, and I tamed one as soon as I could. She’s called Daisy, and she’s my current instancing pet while Starr is being brought up to par. I think, eventually, I’ll just use her for PvP as the warp ability seems suited to that.

    The last stable slot is taken up by the purple / green tallstrider that I tamed the second I reached level 70. Normally I would never go for a tallstrider, but she looks so pretty! I named her Chicken and I get the most comments about her, ranging from “tallstriders suck!” to “where did you get that!?”. She’s mainly for show and when I’m soloing.

    Of course I didn’t completely get rid of my old pets… I just made an alt hunter. :)

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  44. eggs benadict

    i currently have a blue elite wind serpent i`ve had roughly 157 pets i get a spider i dont like the name i give it i get rid of it and that goes ona and on so back to my wind serpent i just got her to day i named her sky but i love her she is awsome i play a level 25 night elf hunter named tharouis on the realm nestinwary and fyi get a wind serpent or i`ll hunt u down and…………… give u a cookie

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