Petopia Updated for Patch 2.3 (then AFK)

I’m headed out again, on a plane to San Francisco in just a few hours. I had intended to spend this morning responding to a bunch of the great comments you guys have left in the past week, but to my utter disgust I woke up this morning with a migraine. (It took me a while to figure out I had an aura going on — I thought I was just bleary-eyed from waking up!) It’s beginning to fade a bit now, but I I’m still taking regular breaks to lay down and moan.

Anyway, I expect this trip will be just as busy as the last one so I went ahead and updated Petopia for the Patch 2.3 launch a few days early. Hopefully that won’t confuse too many people. *grin* I’ll be back Friday, and I’ll do what I can in between to keep up, so go ahead and leave comments or e-mail me if you see a mistake or learn something interesting.

Now back to trying to pack for this trip with all the lights off and my eyes mostly closed …

13 thoughts on “Petopia Updated for Patch 2.3 (then AFK)

  1. shibumi

    my sympathies – my beloved ex (my best friend still) gets migraines and they are incapacitating for her. He doles out her imitrex like it was gold, afraid that one day it won’t work and she will just have to suffer them forever.

    be well Mania.

  2. Caiti

    Get better mania! I get migraines 3-4 times a week (have my whole life). The prescribed meds always made me feel sick so I bare with it, use a cold wash cloth over my eyes and pop 2 excedrine. Given 20 minutes of layin in darkness and that wash cloth and I’m golden! (usually)


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  4. Pausanius

    Great website and sorry about the migraine :) Hopefully the migraine will subside… although going to SF during Oracle Open World can’t be too good for the migraine either… :)

  5. Messyah

    I take Butalbital for my migraines, which sometimes get so bad that I go blind in one eye. I get them BAD when I get them, but the Butes quickly correct the situation by knocking me out cold.

    Doctors don’t always like to give them as a prescription because they are a higher-class barbituate and according to my doctor, have a street value of about $45/pill.

  6. Runmf

    NOT a doctor, but I have seen/heard of people that have migraines get prescribed “medical” oxygen (o/2 tank) .. a blast of “medically”-”prescribed” (hint, hint) 0/2 from your doctor made rid your problem within minutes.

  7. Rutina

    Ouch, my sympathies >.< I get 3-4 migraines a year, can’t imagine the above poster’s being weekly. When I wake up with them I’m always so groggy and disoriented and unable to piece together why I’m in such excruciating pain, guess I sleep through the aura when it happens. Rizatriptan is my drug of choice — hope you’re feeling better!

  8. Mania Post author

    Thank you, everyone. :> My migraine did subside before I had to leave for the airport — the only good thing about my migraines is that they are generally pretty short-lived (2-4 hours) … and they are pretty infrequent (3-4 a year). This one just had really bad timing. :> My doctor has tried out some various drugs on me, but so far all the drugs just seem to make me sick.

    I’m sitting in a hotel room in Alameda right now. I need to leave for the airport in about n hour. But in the meantime I thought I’d try to catch up with all the comments.

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