PTR 2.3.0: PTR Updated – No More Sexy Bear

I’m a little slow off the mark this morning. Last night, just after midnight, while I was having fun slaughtering tigers in STV with Kaet my UPS died and took out my computer with it. A UPS is essential in Florida due to the frequent lightning storms, but mine was something like 7 years old and the battery had been acting up a little lately. I didn’t expect it to bomb out quite so spectacularly, though! There was no serious permanent damage to the computer (although I appear to have lost my DVD drive, which was also on the fritz) and I picked up a shiny new UPS (that’s also a good bit smaller and lighter, thank goodness!) this morning at Best Buy. But I’m only now getting back to my normal more-or-less-looped-in state.

At any rate, the Public Test Realm updated last night with a new 2.3.0 build. I am still sorting through the news, but WoWInsider has a good wrap-up on the changes.

As thuak reported in a comment, the distance for hunters’ ranged attacks has been changed to “1-35″ yards. In my quick testing, this eliminated dead zone entirely — there was no place where I could stand where I could not attack one way or another. However, this did not give me the ability to shoot at point-blank range — I’d still switch to melee when the enemy was close enough.

Unfortunately, as Gurluas reported in another comment, the Zul’Aman Bear can no longer be tamed. I’d like to hear from anyone who tamed the bear previously — do your pets still exist?

36 thoughts on “PTR 2.3.0: PTR Updated – No More Sexy Bear

  1. Reaven

    While I diddn’t have a bear tamed myself, I found out about this by chucking Beast Lore on someone’s bear last night and spotting the “Cannot Be Tamed” tag on the bottom. So people do still have their bears in the PTR, but it looks like those already tamed are the only ones we’re gonna see.

  2. Marzix

    wow, that sucks. if they are gonna make us not be able to tame these really cool looking beasts, at least give us more abilities and stuff for our current ones. give us pet aura like what paladins have as long as we have our pet out. i would rather have them do SOMETHING with our pets then the whole ranged from any distance thing.

  3. Anbhas

    I managed to get a bear on the PTR, but I haven’t checked it or anything since the last update. I did start a post in the hunter forums about the bear. If you get a chance, /sign it and hopefully we can get Blizzard to let them be tamable again.

  4. ryugami

    look like basically it now goes:
    read world of raid mania, the tooltips are wrong, it’s not 1-35 yard it’s 4-35, they just replaced deadzone with a sweet spot where hunters can melee and range between 4-5 yards, but if you get closer, ranged abilities get disabled like normal

  5. Kristy

    This really BITES that Hunters can no longer Tame this armored/saddled bear. Hope they let use Tame those “baby” crocolisks.

    And I would not call this bears somehow “sexy”.

  6. Beran

    Okey, Okey. ‘Bout the deadzone: In PvP, hunter can be stucked in place, and pwned in zone, where he cannot use melle or range. This is absolutely wrong. But to shoot someone from one yard is wrong too. So how to deal with this? Am I only one who thinks that it is easy? 1-4 mele, 4-x range. Very easy, and logical, don’t you think? Why there are arguments about this around all the internet?? just look at Shammy, he is much more OP than hunters, and everybody now yells ’bout hunters: OP, op, OverPowered!! I dont want to be such easy target for Mages, Droods, and others… please, blizzard, get rid off DeadZone…

    PS: Do you have problems in instances sometimes too? In narrow hallway, it is imposible to use our ranged… Terrible

    ** At least one more place for stabled pets!! please… **

  7. Concrete

    The bear was ugly for a pet. I mean seriously just cos it looked different doesn’t mean its cool. Same with the baby crocs. Uuuuugly!

    I’d much prefer a high level black bear or for the Felboars/Hellboars/Stags and Whelps to be tamable or at least for bears to learn dash.
    In real life a grizzly bear can outrun a human so i don’t see the problem!

  8. Mordreade

    I would REALLY like something besides an OWL as a winged pet. Ya, there are the winged serpents (nice), and Dragonhawks (very nice). But the only other birds ingame are the buzzards (to me they are butt ugly) and Owls, with the dominant skin being the owl. Sorry, but some of the very cool names they have for them just don’t match up to the look of an owl. Yes, there are Rays, Bats, and Sporebats too. But I am talking strictly birds. I want something besides a different colored owl….. I mean geeeez…..

    Oh and, whats up with the site tonight? It loads veeeeery slow.

  9. Xian

    I hope they go back to letting the bear be tameable. There is the new bear mount that is identical. With the new auto-hide of the pet during mounting it will look like you are mounting your pet.

  10. Rasta

    Confirmed by myself: if you had tamed a bear on the PTR prior to them disabling them for taming, you will still have your bear.

  11. Someone

    @Xian: you can already achieve that in-game… Tame a wintersaber and do the grep grind for a wintersaber mount… :) I read somewhere it’s going to be a faster grind in 2.3 as the quest turnins are now 250 rep each instead of the previous 50, but don’t know if it’s a valid source, so don’t take my word for it!

    Also, it’s a dumb move from Blizz now allowing the bear to be tamed: what could possibly be the problem with allowing that?

  12. Znodis

    The reason they can’t is they’re in a catch-22, because their rule is “We don’t want everyone to have the same pet.” yet they release only a few updated models for old pets, and a few new ones in BC (only 3 useful). Basically, pet fans are desperate for something new. So it goes something like this:

    Bliz: Hey lets make those great looking bears tamable.
    Players desperate for pet updates: OMG new pet! Everyone tame it (including me).
    B: We can’t have that. Make it “cannot be tamed.”
    P: Boo. Now we are even more desperate for pet updates.

    In their defense, they are still very concerned about actual gameplay issues (holy class improvements in 2.3 batman) while changes like this are purely ascetic. But if they don’t want to put in the effort for ascetics, they should have made WoW old-school text adventure. I wish they would throw us a bone. It’s not like bears are the ultimate pet, and the new-ness would wear off at some point.

  13. Someone

    It would be easier for Blizz if they followed a very simple rule: make every beast that counts as such tamable. Period. That would be easy for them, just find out what to give to each family ONCE and every new beast of that family regardless of skin would be tamable with the same stats. No two players are equal and with a wider range of beasts/families/skins to tame, there would be enough diversity in hunter beasts. Currently I’m using a boar because they’re without doubt (until they nerf them!) *the* leveling pet, but I still keep my ghostsaber stabled and the moment they nerf boar’s charge I’ll probably go back to my old cat… Hopefully, they’d have make leveling a lower level pet easier by then! :)

  14. Mania Post author

    Someone: Re: Wintersaber — Not if you’re Horde!

    I actually suspect that Blizzard was less concerned about the cool new model effect in this case, and that instead they had not intended to make the mount model tameable. It is rather a departure for us to have a pet with a saddle one it … However, in that case it would make more sense if they swapped this model for a normal bear.

  15. Dvalin

    Although I like the bear model it does look abit too much for a pet I think, I’d love one as a mount though, does anyone know if it will be a vendor or drop?

  16. Marzix

    i for one, hope i can get the mount!!… my dark war talbuk is growing old and my alt tauren has a kodo already… not a whole lot of choices left since i dont care for wolves. everything else is a rare drop or not usable by a tauren.

  17. Marzix

    hmm, wanted to add something else… if blizzard wont let taurens ride other mounts because tauren are too large… give us a pet that other races are too small for. my suggestion: a thunderlizard or a clefthoof

  18. Concrete

    Re:- Dvalin

    Pretty sure it would be a drop like the Midnight from Kara, otherwise everyone from Zul’Aman would have one.
    As long as they address the issues with the missing skills i’ll be happy. There is plenty variety in game as it is, its just that there is a lot of useless pets (sporebats, hyena’s, spiders, crabs etc) unless you’re in a RP realm where most folk just want to look cool.

    I’m as happy as i could ever be as i’m an Alliance hunter on a pvp realm with Echeyakee at lvl 70 :)

  19. Dvalin

    man that sucks if its a drop, that only means you are either gonna be a) really lucky or b) a hardcore raider to see one drop. I really don;’t understand why Blizzard has to belittle its casual players, I mean I pay the same amount as anyone else s how come I’m not entitled to these special rewards :(

    sorry, rant over.

  20. Maahl

    Dvalin, casual players can still get mounts like Talbuks, Nether Rays, and Nether Drakes–and if you do enough Heroics in Zangarmarsh to get Exalted with CE, you can get a Hippogryff too. There are always going to be raid-only mount drops, because you can’t belittle the raiders either.

  21. Dvalin

    Maahl, raiders get bucket loads of epics and sweet gear for their efforts and the drop chances on boss dropped mounts are so low only hardcore raiders benefit since they are likely to down the boss loads of times. I want a bear mount dammit, from a vendor that doesnt cost silly gold to purchase.

  22. Mania Post author

    I think that has adequately summed up the basics of the raiders vs non-raiders discussion. :> This isn’t really the thread for it, though, so let’s try to stay on track about the bear pet if you don’t mind.

  23. Kristy

    Yeah. :-P Anyways sadly, doesn’t surprise me about the armored bear either. *Sighs* And having the dang “uniqueness” of the mount.

  24. Jayhawk

    You know… this makes it seem that the default attribute for any beast is ‘Tamable’ and that Bliz has to specifically set them to non-Tamable?

  25. Asheer

    The way I see it, if Blizz is afraid of everyone having the same pets then damn their not doing much of a good job on hiding them XD I mean, almost EVERY hunter I come acrossed has a damned cat, thinking they are the ‘best’ pets in the game.

    Yes, on my alt Draenei hunter I have Eche (Thanks to the help of my mom on the horde) But I’m not going all out with him. I’d much rather have a cool, different pet thats away from the norm. I mean, you don’t see MANY high level Scorpids, Spiders, Nether Rays (I can understand why there, casters), Spore Bats (Lack of moves is unpopular) and all the other less common pets.

    I see hundreds of cats, boars and wolves. And thats it, I mean… its not like their even trying to find a pet, rather they are keeping to the popular demand and going for whats popular.

  26. Palladiamorsdeus

    Dunno where you are seeing a ton of wolves at. I have seen a grand total of maybe two other high level wolves on my server. I personally still have Lupos from when I got him in Duskwood, two years ago now. I DO have a cat, but thats for the arena. I want to see family skills for all the pets. Boars get gore AND charge, for gods sake. Give us something for the other pet families. I would love to see crocs get a family ability. It might also be nice to see a few more general skills, aside from bite and claw.

    And for the love of god, give cats a form of pounce.

  27. Ansawa

    I really think the answer to “everyone has the same pet zomg” is just for Blizzard to hurry up and give every family their unique skills. I know I’m not the only hunter of my acquaintance who would drop her cat and tame the next spider (or crab, or spore bat) to come along if they only had a unique skill. Heck, I don’t really LIKE crocolisks, but if their unique skill turns out to be Tendon Rip, I’d be all over them. Or if they go the direction they kinda went with the draenei hunter taming quest and give all crabs a unique version of Thorns, I’d be all over them, too.

    Which is not to say I’ve never tamed a pet just for looks; I mean, despite some of the challenges they present to a beast master hunter, my gorgeous white wind serpent is my favorite pet ever. But I do like if they’ve got some utility as well, and I think everything finally receiving its unique pet skill will go a long way to making people diversify. I mean, heck, look at how many more raptors there are around already, and they “only” got Dash.

    New skins are nice and all, but if Blizzard’s aim is to see people branching out to new families, they’ve got to make the new families worthwhile.

    …not too sad about the bear, though. I’d love to have one as a mount, but if one of my hunters gets a bear, it’s gonna be one of the diseased black bears from the Plague Lands. THOSE are sexy bears. 8)

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  29. Concrete

    Put it this way, dwarfs and orcs will look awesome on the bear, every other class will look just wrong.
    Just get a black bear and level him, then you have a Cringer/Battlecat thing going on! normal Black Bear pet to Armoured Black bear mount!

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