PTR 2.3.0: New Obsidian Raptor

An angry obsidian raptor!

Greengorilla, a Horde hunter from Blackhand, wrote today to share some more very good news from the Public Test Realms. Seems he was exploring the new and improved Dustwallow Marsh and ran across a new tameable raptor — and not just any raptor, but one with an appearance we haven’t been able to tame before!

Goreclaw the Ravenous has the same look as the (untameable) Venomhide Ravasaur from Un’Goro. Goreclaw is level 39 and neither rare nor elite. You can find him in Bloodfen Burrow, a small one-room cave just northwest of the new goblin town of Mudsprocket in Dustwallow Marsh.

Thanks, Greengorilla, for sharing this great find! And thanks to Blizzard for finally letting us tame this gorgeous raptor.

20 thoughts on “PTR 2.3.0: New Obsidian Raptor

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  2. Ametrine

    Personally, I wish they had more raptor skins without the goofy-looking feathers and beads on them, that didn’t requite a trip to Outlands to get those ugly spiny black-backed ones.

    So far, the only ones like that arethe green-skinned duo of Mottled Scytheclaw in Wetlands and Young Jungle Stalker in Stranglethorn Vale.

    C’mon, Blizz… these are wild animals; why would they be wearing tribal jewelry?

    Give us some variety here. No More Feathered Lizards!

  3. Draketh

    Woot, this is pretty awesome. I for one am not partial to the Outland raptors, but hearing i have a new pet to level up is pretty nice.
    Thanks for letting us know, Greengorilla and Mania!

  4. insufficiently

    Taming raptors seems problematic; they’re supposedly “animals” but they wear jewelry and armbands, and they are intelligent enough to plunder silver from caravans. But I guess as long as I can throw a taming spell on one I will ignore the moral ambiguity :D It is a handsome beastie, and I might take my up-and-coming Tauren over to grab it when he gets high enough.

  5. Avaric

    Yeah, it’d be nice if they gave us a fourth stable slot. I have my frostsaber, and a skettis owl, and I’m saving a slot for a bear from Zul’Aman. If had a fourth slot then I’d get a raptor just because I like them.

  6. Messyah

    I am going against the grain when I say, I don’t believe that hunters need more pet slots. You have 3, which is more than sufficient for what you need. Those 3 being a Tank pet, a DPS pet and a utility pet/ranged DPS pet.

    I always thought that a cool ability for a hunter (or maybe a druid) would be to call on near-by beasts for assistance. That ability would obviously be best for soloing, but still could be fun. Particularly if the beast near by just happens to be Elite. LOL

  7. sandralover

    Avaric you say 3 pet slots but that is not exactly true yes i now at 67 have 3 pets , but that is because at the moment until the expansion comes out i cannot train any extra skills to them from other beasts , when the expansion happens i will lose one of my pets i will have had for several months as iam sure there will be higher skills to learn

    all i want is 3 pets but with the ability to get them higher skills which means 3 stable slots are needed , and as you say 3 classes of pet are out there , at the moment i have my ghost saber a white owl and a warpstalker and i will be sad to lose one of them to train higher skills on the others

  8. Avaric

    #7: Three pet slots may be all *you* need, but I need more. There’s such a huge varity of pets out there, it kills me to have to give up one I’ve worked so long and hard on to get something else. My frostsaber I got at 59, I have no intention of giving him up for anything. The skettis owl I got is nice, and I’m not bored enough with him yet to get rid of him. That leaves me one slot for experimentation, and god help me if I get attached to something else. I need slots for wind serpents and raptors and warp stalkers and and and…

    I could never run out of pets that way. :)

  9. shibumi

    Well, for the pet slot stable issue – I think it would be sufficient to have the ability to stable all your pets, tame one and train from it, and abandon it as needed. Of course, personally, I’d rather have another slot. This is similar to the issue I had with star wars galaxies (before they hosed it so badly I left) – the creature handler could keep so many pets in his/her ‘data pad’. This is a culture that can build star ships and laser swords, but you can add memory to a data pad. confusing.

    here, we should be able to purchase (at the expected outrageous prices that Bliz seems to enjoy foisting on us (5000g for a druid to learn to ‘fly epic mounts’ so the druid can shapeshift into swift flight form). they want to keep the economy in check – and gee, wouldn’t us buying extra stable slots make gold disappear from that economy? ::sigh::

    another reason is well documented here – the time you spent, or, obversely the time you would spend, leveling a pet shouldn’t be wasted. Give us a slot. they can build a guild bank, charge a mazzillion gold for bank slots…

    i checked the raptor in PTR. Nice looking critter. Always was partial to raptors. My first hunter got one at 11 and kept using one until he got his ravager at 63. However, I had the habit of swapping out a new critter periodically. Now I don’t, and the slots would be handy dandy.

    by the way for the mac users in PTR, there is an irritating effect on the left side of the screen … keeps you from seeing and using any boxes opened up there – error codes scrolling constantly. The cure immediately is /console errors 0 – that’s a nice relief from what was unplayable for a while. there’s another fix (I think it’s to wipe the WTF directory and restart, but I didn’t try that yet.

  10. Shinryu Masaki

    That’s awesome! Always loved raptors, and was sad to see that skin wasn’t tamable. Now that it will be, I’ll go get it on one of my hunters when 2.3 goes live. =D

  11. Maahl

    Blaaaaaaargh. Since none of the obsidian raptors were previously tameable, I–a 70–went and got Takk the Leaper. I’ve gotten him to level 67.

    …And NOW they release the raptor color I wanted. Dare I go through the experience of raising another low-level pet clear to 70…?

  12. Hojo

    This is cool for those around that level. I’m not touching it until they fix the pet leveling curve. It’s so awful I don’t know how anyone can do it…

  13. Cgeorgemo

    Well the grind to level a pet isn’t as big a deal for a Survival hunter as it is for a Beast Master or Marksman hunter, since you’re in there hacking and slashing anyway.
    My Dwarf Beast Master hunter I respeced temporarily to Survival to level up one of the red lynx to 35 after I got the first one up to 28 and realized I got the wrong color cat.
    The respeced grind was much easier than the original grind.

  14. Marzix

    i always wanted one of those from ungoro… but couldnt tame it. so i got one of the black raptors in outlands at 66 and named him Grimlock. i dont think i could part with him now especially since hes already 70.

  15. Messyah

    i always wanted one of those from ungoro… but couldnt tame it. so i got one of the black raptors in outlands at 66 and named him Grimlock. i dont think i could part with him now especially since hes already 70.

    Rumor has it that the Dinobots will be making an appearance in the next Transformers movie. “Grimlock mad… Grimlock SMASH!!!

  16. Concrete

    tamed him a few days ago. Looks nice initally but the beads and feathers stick out too much and you’re left looking at a camp raptor who looks likes he’s fresh from Mardi Gras or the Blue Oyster Bar.

  17. Rasta

    Just throwing this out there, from what I’ve observed of raptors throughout this game, they are indeed intelligent creatures, who have a tribal system/society akin to quillboars, but maybe a little bit more primitive even than that. Regardless, they have enough intelligence to adorn themselves.

  18. Ryno

    Perhaps they have beads and feathers because they’re vaguely associated with the trolls? Trolls have the raptor mounts… though it is a poor explanation. Blizzard should have small skin changes (jewelry, light armor, heavy armor, etc.) for pets in the next expansion. That’d be sweet.

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