PTR 2.3.0: New Pets

This post is a simple summary of the new pets I’ve seen/heard about in Patch 2.3 so far. I’ll try to keep it updated as new info comes in.

Dustwallow Marsh:

  • Noxious Flayer (35-36) * Dive 1
  • Noxious Reaver (37-38) * Dive 1, Lightning Breath 4
  • Noxious Shredder (38-39) * Dive 1, Lightning Breath 4
  • All are green and none have caster stats

[edit] Dustwallow Marsh is also home to a new obsidian raptor as well!


Many thanks to the great Mugungo for info and screenshots of the following:

  • Amani Bear (70 Elite) * no skills – As of the 10/24 PTR patch, this bear can no longer be tamed.
  • Amani Elder Lynx (70 Elite) * no skills – A tan lynx cat.
  • Amani Lynx Cub (70 Non-Elite) * no skills – Depite the name, looks like a mountain lion and not a lynx.
  • Amani Crocolisk (70 Non-Elite) * no skills – Non-agressive, looks like a river crocolisk.
  • Amani Dragonhawk (70 Elite) * unknown skills – Orange dragonhawk. (Note: TKA Something says these cannot be tamed.)

Fritti at TKA Something mentions that she found the new eagle model but that it cannot be tamed. In addition, she has some basic info on these additional Zul’Aman pets:

  • Amani Eagle (70 Elite) – Cannot be Tamed – This is the new model that’s been making the rounds (pic via MMO Champion)
  • Amani Lynx (70 Elite) * no skills – A tan lynx cat.
  • Tamed Amani Crocolisk (70 Elite) * no skills – Light green croc (I’m not sure which skin).
  • Amani Dragonhawk Hatchling (70 Non-Elite) – Cannot be Tamed – Orange dragonhawk.

Check this thread in the TKA Something forums for more info.

If you have more info, drop me a line or add a comment!

18 thoughts on “PTR 2.3.0: New Pets

  1. Parras

    And now that I’ve done my flounce, I’ll add it is nice to see a level 70 bear — an odd bear, okay, but still a bear.

  2. Jayhawk

    I doubt the eagle will get tamable (unless they decide it’s either an owl or a carrion bird).
    Looks good though.

    It’s also nice to see some more green wind serpents.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Grayeagle

    there r 3 eagles that r tameable the golden eagle in red ridge mts. of the alliance as well as twilight
    highlands then there is a majestic eagle(bald)in grizzly hills as well as a an all brown one and there is an all white one but can’t quite remember which zone the golden is a lvl. 20 in the red ridge mts.
    and a 85 in twilight highlands,the majestic is lvl.75 -80 i think didn’t really look at the lvl. when I got mine.
    the last time I was on a web site concerning pets they r suppose to be bring out with a spirit one
    but not sure if just wishful hope from readers or fact

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