PTR 2.3.0 Information Here!

Since I keep hearing cool new stuff about Patch 2.3 on the Public Test Realm (PTR) — and I keep posting about it! — I thought a summary post that lists all the PTR 2.3 posts I’ve made might be helpful. So follow the links below and learn more!

5 thoughts on “PTR 2.3.0 Information Here!

  1. George

    Nice info and great work on the site, keep it up.
    I’ve spend quite some time on your site looking for new pets during my 2,5 years of WoW.
    Still going strong.

  2. Wombat

    This site has been SUPER helpful to me in my years of playing WoW. I am constantly recommending it to other hunters in game. Thank You most sincerely!
    Ridge lvl 70 dwarf/Sentinals
    Bloodhound lvl 38 Belf/ Nordrassil

  3. Mireka

    Not sure if anyone has posted this or not, but it is possible to MC the grimtotem spirit-shifter and cast the summon spell for the wolves. I managed to get one of these guys on my hunter last Sunday, used the mystical skyfire diamond, bloodlust, troll berserking, and drums of battle, just in case the other three didn’t cover it. Just changed aspects repeatedly to get the gem to proc, immediately had the shammy pop BL and drums, the priest cast the summon spirit guide spell, then i popped ‘serking and tame beast. Also, a good place for leveling these guys is the Writhing Mound in Terokkar Forrest, the death-speakers there are easily ranged down, with no need for your pet. Good luck and good Hunting! :)

    ~Mireka of Whisperwind

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