PTR 2.3.0: Bear Mount … Pet?

NOTE: As of the 10/24 PTR patch, this bear can no longer be tamed.

Just a few hours ago, Mugungo sent me a screenshot of a level 70 elite bear in Zul’Aman. (And I really hope he doesn’t mind if I post it because I haven’t been able to get back in touch with him yet!) Beast Lore in the screenshot says that the bear is tameable, but more exciting than that — it appears to be a new model! In fact, the Amani Bear hunter pet looks just like the screenshots I’ve seen of the new armored bear mount.

I thought perhaps I was mistaken — I’m rather surprised that Blizzard would use a mount model for a pet – but then Replicant posted a comment that he saw a hunter with this armored pet on the PTR and it does look just like the mount. Now I can’t wait to see it for myself!

In other pet news, Mugungo also sent a screenshot of a level 70 Amani Lynx Cub (which despite the name looks to have a standard mountain lion appearance) and Replicant’s source mentions tameable crocolisks as well.

If you hear more about tameable creatures in Zul’Aman, please let me know!

Edit: More great info from Mugungo:

I have tamed the bear and let me tell you it is not a peace of cake to get to. It is worth every penny of repair bill however, as this pet rivals the amount of tells we used to get about the rfk armored boars. 

A “quick” guide to getting to bear

First of all, when you walk in you will see a guy standing by big wooden doors. talk to him then get ready to fd because a ton of trolls will agro and run in to room. When they reset (you may have to die to get them to reset as they killed me first time) get your pet out. Make sure it is a trash pet. Send your pet at the eltie troll on the right and soon as he agros it run and get as far down stairs as you can and fd. Then soon as the non elite trolls run up stairs, set a frost trap down and run like heck for the middle of the area, on a little island surrounded by water and keep running till you can fd again. DO NOT GET BACK UP they will still come to you. you must wait for them to reset to stand up again. Now, when facing the entrence you should see a path to your left with a pat on it. turn on track beasts and run along path till you see bear boss and on your left will be the bears. stick to wall along left where you can still see bears, and you should not agro them. I have not tested it to be sure but you may be able to solo tame a bear as sometiems the bear groups walk very far away from eachother, however to be safe, try and bring a freind. Set a frost trap and begin taming. Also you can manage to tame 2 elites(same trick works with bloodseeker bats in zg) by freezing one and fearing the other then taming the frozen one. This will sometimes work if you can survive a couple shots from an angry bear, or if you have imp traps. And vuala you have your bear!

And he sent along some more screenshots as well. Click on the thumbs here for a full view of the bear.

36 thoughts on “PTR 2.3.0: Bear Mount … Pet?

  1. Mr. Perfect

    Any news on new and exciting heavy-defense type pets? I love having a turtle who can tank like nobody’s business, so a new model or skin would be a big deal. You know you’ve got trouble if you manage to get your turtle killed…

  2. Mugungo

    lol no i do not mind and i have managed to tame one of these magnificent beasts! they hit like trucks and come in 2s but i got another hunter to help me and they are not immune to frost trap. Getting to these beauties is very very difficult however.

    ill be going on ptr now, so if you wana hear how i got to em, just pst to Mugungotest on the pvp server. (10/12/07 @1049 servertime)

    (also there is a new eagle model creature whitch looks awsome but is sadly untameable.)

  3. Mugungo

    I also forgot to metion that there are new dragonhawks, they look like the goldenorange color of the blood elf starting area accept they are 70. I could not get close enough to check to see if they have caster stats or not. ( i used eagle eye to find em)

  4. Zaklu

    dont worry, i think theyll fix up the bear model lookin to not look like a mount in no time, but id like to have them keep it with armor, like the boars in RFK or somthin.

  5. Anbhas

    Omfg… I’m going to get on the PTR tonight to tame one, just for the sole purpose of if Blizzard decides to change the model I’ll at least get to experience it for a bit.

  6. Mokkramazzra

    new bear, new lion that’s nice and all, but am I the only one that wants a pet fen strider? or how about a kodo? or the wasps from zangamarsh?

    thanks for all this patch info Mania


  7. Maahl

    Mokk, you’re not at all the only one who wants a much broader variety of beasts to be tameable. However, chances are, it won’t be until Wrath of the Lich King comes out that we see entire new families become available. As it is, interesting new models and skins are the most impressive thing we’ll get.

  8. Mordreade

    It looks like a walking prehistoric garage sale.
    “Honey! Have you seen my shrunken head earrings?”
    I cant wait to go “shopping”!!!

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  10. Sez

    mungo showed me how to get one of these, but I had to go to do something, but, seeing I now knew I could tame one, I decided to try it solo. i managed to solo tame one, basically, i kited them to the waterfall on the side of the middle platform, trapped one and feared the other, moved to the very end of the wall, fear ran towards me, jump hit the traped one and scattered the fear as i jumped off the wall, started taming the furthest along the wall, and ended up taming him after taking 1 hit. I then feigned. (Tips, try to stay in range of the one ur taming, and i had some LoS issues the first 2 tries, try walking a bit away from the wall, and use cheetah, if its to far away at the end when ur satisfied its almost done, run towards it close enough to tame it and it should register your in range. This is also one of the most difficult solo hunter feets I’ve accomplished, much harder then killin bosses in heroic SP solo…. However its pretty quick so you shouldn’t have TOO much trouble.) Also if you dont want to respec marks to use this tactic wyvern sting would work very well provided it’s instant now… and theoreticly, you could use intimidation but u’d have to be VERY fast at abandoning ur pet….. and you only get ONE try

    I’ve tried easier ways, but always end up being to close to em and gettin 2hit by a big BIG angry bear that i cant tranq while i’m taming, and please, for gods sakes… (and ur repair bills) WATCH OUT FOR THE DOUBLE SHAMAN PATROL!!

  11. Rasen

    “there are new dragonhawks, they look like the goldenorange color of the blood elf starting area accept they are 70.”

    They’re reusing that skin? I was hoping they’d actually use the black ones that’ve been sat unused in the MPQs all this time.

    Such a waste.

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  13. Azbulldog

    I just solo tamed one, this was after my raid killed the first boss so there was no patrols. I placed an ice trap behind me, used my drums of restoration and ran in, feared the closest one and fell back into my trap and began taming as the second bear ran into my trap, the tame finished and he ran over to the feared bear to attack. Feigned death, revived pet, mend, food. <3

  14. Rasta

    Just tamed this on the PTR. Everyone in my group was commenting on how seeing that bear made them want to reroll a hunter or play their hunter up to 70. It’s times like that which make being a hunter worthwhile :)

    I used a double-trap method, and it went perfectly: just set a freezing trap down, wait for its cooldown to finish then pull the closest bear over your trap. As SOON as this first bear gets trapped, set the trap again so that the second bear will run over it, and start taming the FIRST trapped bear as soon as you place the second trap. You will finish taming the first bear with plenty of time, then you can just run and feign death to get away from the second bear. No kiting, no tricky maneuvers, just lots of armored bear win.

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  16. Gulliva

    i have just tamed this bear with another hunter. when you get down the stairs you need to go right and not left. Go down the next stair and the bears are to the right. the first time we wasnt aware of the pat so died after we had abbanded our pets, we managed to kill all the none elites so the next time we didnt have pets, but could kite the 2 first elites at the top of the stairs 1 round in the room then ran in and fd. if you fail tame the bear the first time then just kite the elites. Really cool pet tho:) GL

  17. justo

    the only problem with the bears is they are at -7% dps compared to a windserpent’s +9% dps. ill be getting one though just because its sick lookin.

  18. Bargmar

    I am a little annoyed that we can tame some things but not others. Owls but not eagles, spiders but not sandworms, scorpids but not wasps, raptors but not pteradons.

    I’m not asking to beable to tame Wendigos or Devilsaurs…that’s absolutely retarded. I can understand why those things aren’t able to be tamed (too big or too smart). But when you have one creature so similar in size and species to another and yet unable to be tamed without any real reason….that’s just ignorant.

    Clearly they aren’t afraid to allow a pet to be tamed if it has no special abilities…hello crab, crocolisk, and hyena. So that can’t possibly be a reason.

    They FINALLY gave us back that cobra model from ZF in Shadowmoon Valley – thus eliminating my question “Why can we only tame -flying- snakes but not regular ones?”

    WTB more pets. I’m sure Blizzard doesn’t like us all having a cat or a ravager. Wanting to add “pet diversity” was the reason they normalized all the damage of pets in the first place wasn’t it? It seems that’s not the case afterall.

  19. Ryno

    Well, what blizzard needs is more advantages to other pet familes. Yeah, some pets have skills only them or just a few families can use, but a lot don’t. Like the bear, what does the bear have that a boar doesn’t besides looks? Answer: Not a whole lot. Gore > Claw, plus a boar can learn Charge. Also, Blizzard needs to make defensive pets viable in pvp, like, say, make the pet’s stats effect the hunters some as the hunter’s effect the pet’s. Like you’d get more health having a bear pet. Or such. Maybe they should lessen up the minus the damage lost on pets like bears and boars and such. I still think different attack speeds for different familes would work…

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  21. Erbodie

    Soooo sad that you can’t tame it anymore. I became the laughing stock of my guild when I dropped a well trained cat after killing the Bear boss, trapping one of these bears we had kept alive and failing to tame it. I would never have raided with a bear, but it would have been for show.

    Oh well, at least I tamed it on the PTR and took a pic proving it…

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