Drysc on Pet Leveling – They Have a Plan!

Shortly before I went away for two weeks, I posted a little rant about a statement Drysc made regarding how a new faster leveling curve will affect hunters and their pets.

Several people (including bulldazhor in this comment and Zeemboka of Moonrunner, in e-mail) let me know that while I was gone, Drysc posted another short note on the topic of pet leveling — and this one sounds a bit more hopeful. Drysc said:

We have plans to adjust how quickly a hunter’s pet will level if there’s a large gap between it and the hunter’s level. However, it’s still just a plan and not something we’ve implemented and thus are not ready to discuss it.

On the one hand, this is very hopeful! Anything that cuts down on the time it takes to level a pet will be welcome, and some sort of sliding scale that helps you get a pet into the useful range quickly but still leaves the companiosnhip of pets intact sounds like a good plan.

On the other hand … if they are at the planning stage now, it seems unlikely that this will make it out at the same time as┬áthe coming experience changes. So we may be in for a rough few months while all the bits come together. And this doesn’t really address the problems with keeping two pets leveled at once (especially after the experience changes) — since those pets will be fairly close to you in level.

But at least we know they are thinking about the problem. That’s a start!

Edit: Ack! I managed to miss Mugungo on Dunemaul, who also e-mailed to let me know about this. Sorry, Mugungo!

8 thoughts on “Drysc on Pet Leveling – They Have a Plan!

  1. Someone

    Unrelated, but I don’t know if you get to read older post comments, so this will probably more easily catch your attention…

    Some Bugsies I found in Petopia (first ones I had commented on another post, but I repeat all here for completeness):

    1) Pet DB is bugged: searching for pets in a zone containing ‘ in the name (Zul’Farrak, Zul’Gurub, Un’Goro Crater, Blade’s Edge Mountains) will yield no results. Most likely something needs to be escaped before passing on to the DB engine! :)

    2) Shadowwing Owl comes in “size” 66 too! You only list level 67 but I tamed a 66 as well in the same place.

    3) Female Kaliri Hatchling (62, Hellfire Peninsula) is a spawned one but not listed as such in the DB.

    4) The Slave Pens is in the DB as “Slave Pens”

    5) “Deviate Moccasin (20-21 Elite, The Wailing Caverns)” should be marked as “Quest” as they only spawn after clearing the bosses and taking the escort quest from the guy at the cavern entry.

    6) As for #4 above, it may not be critical: The Wailing Caverns displays as “The Wailing Caverns” in game, but is referred to as simply “Wailing Caverns” in the zone returned by the API…

  2. Mania Post author

    Yes, I saw the earlier comment — thanks. I’m hoping to get to these today. By the way, please feel free to e-mail me with lists like this — it’s a lot easier for me to keep track of e-mail than comments. :>

  3. Znodis

    Is it wrong of me to thing that this ‘plan’ is already in effect for some rare cat (a la chase speed, attack, speed, 1.7 pet skills, lightning reflexes)?

    Or maybe I’m just a bitter crab hunter.

  4. batgrl

    I would SO love speeder pet lvling for lower pets – but I just wish they’d give us one more pet stable slot. I have an alt on another server just to lvl up that pink flamingo (Mazzranache) because I think it would be hysterical to have that at a high lvl, maybe even in battlegrounds. However I’m full up with characters on my main server, and my hunter there is a gatherer and needs a really workable pet. So far I’m 30 with the Flamingo Experiment and finding it way too amusing. So much so that if they do let us lvl up pets faster I might just consider giving up one of my main hunter’s ultilty pets for this one. Just for the fun of it. In fact I think that extra stable slot would provide us with a lot more “just for the fun of it” excuses for odd/less useful pets.

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