Drysc on Faster Leveling and Pets

I missed this until I noticed it on WoWInsider, but on Friday Drsyc, the Blizzard Community Manager, took some time to answer some questions about the upcoming faster leveling. I’ve ranted before about what effect this might have on hunter pets, but Drysc had this to say:

[Quoted post from Drakkin of Eternal Core on Dragonblight]
If you get a 30% increase in exp for quests then you will get less rep because the quests will go grey before you can do them all. Hunters will really be messed up because they will level twice as fast as thier pets. So are they going to start giving full rep for all under 60 quests like they currently do for the starting zone quests?
[End quoted post.]

I don’t believe a percentage increase has been stated. Reputation has not been reduced relative to level difference since (I think) patch 2.0, and that applies to all reputation gains anywhere, not just starting areas. I don’t think hunter pets will be an issue either.

Leaving aside the minor inconsistencies (30% was a quote from Tigole at Leipzig, although perhaps the interviewer got it wrong; rep works as Drysc explained except in Draenei and Blood Elf starter areas), I have to admit that I am just a little annoyed about the dismissal of hunter pet concerns. I suppose it’s possible that he means hunter pets will not be an issue because they are naturally synched to the hunter’s XP to level and so it will all work out automatically, but …

Or maybe I am just blowing this issue out of proportion. I guess we’ll see. Eventually. If Patch 2.2 ever goes live …

6 thoughts on “Drysc on Faster Leveling and Pets

  1. shibumi

    I share your concern about pet experience. Without them clarifying, it’s easy to project a scenario where they neglected to take that into account and we have a huge mess to contend with.

    interesting quote

  2. Anbhas

    I just wish I could *pay* for levels 60-70 for my pet. I don’t mind 1-59… but 60 to 70 just sucks. 10g a level sound reasonable? Works for me.

  3. bulldazhor

    From MMo champion:

    Hunter’s pets leveling
    As far as I remember, a blue post said that they wouldn’t do anything for pet leveling once they change the XP gain from 1 to 60, but I guess they changed their mind.

    Quote from: Drysc (Source)
    We have plans to adjust how quickly a hunter’s pet will level if there’s a large gap between it and the hunter’s level. However, it’s still just a plan and not something we’ve implemented and thus are not ready to discuss it.

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