Taming Challenge: Detrafila – Complete

Dezar of Black Dragonflight with his new pet, Detrafila.

A couple days ago I issued a challenge to serious pet tamers on the Alliance side to infiltrate Shadowmoon Village and tame Detrafila, the stable master’s pet wolf. I certainly wasn’t able to do it — the Horde NPCs kept walloping me. But two brave souls did, and sent me the screenshots to prove it!

First was Dezar, a Night Elf hunter from the Black Dragonflight realm. Dezar didn’t give much commentary — he went in, got the job done, sent me pics. I get the feeling that this is all in a day’s work for this intrepid hunter. That’s him, to the right. He also sent shots of the tame in progress (with an elite guard beating on his head) and the tame just completed (as Detrafila turns on his old master).

I also received a note from Gettokiwi of the Stormreaver realm this morning that he too had tamed Detrafila. He included some useful advice along with his screenshots:

So it seems that taming Detrafila is possible, altho sadly after tame, he doesn’t hold any “special” property such as a bark or special dismiss/call back feature. To solo tame this beast, you must fly to the back of the Stables area. Then simply shoot and kite the Stable master away from the base. This will pull the pet, stable master, and one other guard. if you do not shoot the guard, he will De-aggo after you kite the other two away. Kill the stable master and take your prize!

You can see the shots of Gettokiwi’s tame in progress and the tame completed tame completed.

I just want to say thank you to both of these fine hunters for accepting and defeating my challenge — and also for helping me out by verifying that this little wolf can be tamed. Thank you!

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  2. Someone

    Nice job! I thought it wouldn’t be possible to solo as every single time (of around a dozen or so) that I tried (on the PTR), I had that dumb 70 elite bat floating horde bomb me! TBH, I didn’t try going inside the stable as I was already in combat every time I got to land behind it!

  3. Maahl

    If you’ve always wondered about Spot, Visi, then you’ve not checked Petopia very thoroughly–he’s right there in the Wolf category.

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