5 thoughts on “Petopia: More Special Pets

  1. Jayhawk

    Thanks for sharing these, Mania. I knew a few of them, mostly the “puff of smoke” as I had a Tauren hunter tame that red lovely. The weird ones were… really weird.

  2. Mania Post author

    Jayhawk: I’ve always liked the poor confused Drywallow Croc. :>

    Brandstone: Unfortunately we couldn’t get it to work. It seems likely that, like the Silithid Protector, Blizzard changed it at some point in the past.

  3. Shellshock (Kul'Tiras)

    I would love to see more pet specail abilities such as “Death Roll” or “Tail Snap” for a croc as focus dump.

  4. Archimond

    There are northrend pets that i know,there are currently spiders,bears,boar,and i think carrion birds.thats all i know,proof is in wowwiki

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