Someone: Soloing Instances

The generically-named Someone, a hunter from Wildhammer EU, has a nice series of posts up on his blog about how to solo instances. Now, I’ve done a lot of instance soloing myself — because I don’t like to group but I still want to see the content — but I generally attempt instances when I am a good 20+ levels above them. Someone’s advice, on the other hand, is for hunters who want to solo instances and still get experience!

Check it out:

8 thoughts on “Someone: Soloing Instances

  1. Someone

    Thanks for the links! It was a nice surprise coming to check your posts and see my own linked here! :)

    As for those wondering about Part III, it will most likely be up tomorrow night after WoW time: I want to try out with an Owl as it does look to make things considerably easier! I’ll still post some tips for those with non-AoE-taunt pets!

  2. Marzix

    soloing is fun in instances, the extra greens and coin is nice… i remember soloing scholo for xp when i was level 62-64. i was mostly trying to get to revered with AD and a couple lifestealing enchants to sell. i was able to clear out the first big room including the succ and reset in less then 30 mins only drinking once.

  3. Rizlar

    Very nice guide Someone and thanks for linking it up Mania. Thinking of speccing BM again on my main char to try it out meself. :D

    I must agree somewhat with Beran though – newbie hunters are not gonna have a hope in hell trying to pull off some of the things you describe (although it may be funny to see them try)!

  4. Someone

    Thks, Rizlar and that reminds me that I failed to give a proper warning: “do not try this on your first WoW char!”, and I’ll do that in a few mins on the first post! :)

  5. Someone

    Soloing Instances Part III is ready.

    And Mania, someone who has hunted so much as you’ve done, can’t possibly be that bad! It does take some good keyboard layout/macros, fast reflexes and thinking, but, above all, a few tries and eventually you’ll get there! I didn’t knew I could pull these until I tried, and neither can you say you’ll fail until you do try!

    Granted, I’ve played other games for quite some years (I’m now 40 years old: should be old enough not to be playing computer games!…), and those have taught me quick reflexes and quick thinking, but ultimately all it takes is some good advice and some tips and a lot of practice!

  6. Mania Post author

    I’ve added Part III the the post for future generations. And you’re right, Someone — I shouldn’t give up on it until I give it a try! :>

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