Petopia: Feeding Your Pet

Petopia now has a page on Feeding Your Pet for younger hunters or hunters that were curious about the mechanics of Feed Pet. This is the first new guide on a new page called Fundamentals of Pet Care which I hope will eventually have a number of extensive guides. For right now, though, there’s just the feeding guide, the old skill training guide, and some handy links to other sites with more information.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

12 thoughts on “Petopia: Feeding Your Pet

  1. Someone

    Also, about pet Happy state, you say: “Everything is good — no feeding necessary yet!”; even though that is true, you might want to add somewhere that if your pet reached that happiness soon before the feed pet effect ended, you can safely feed it again so as to push it towards the “end” of the Happy range. Otherwise, in a couple fights your pet may be just “Content” again. I usually feed my pet from time to time, but if I somehow let it “slip” to “Content”, I then feed it as many times as needed until I start seeing in combat log that the last feed ticks fed the pet for less than the full feed ticks, that is, less than 35 for a proper level food: then I know my pet is “full” and thus will have more time to fight with it until it starts thinking of eating again! :)

  2. Messyah

    Mania – I have a problem and I need your help. It seems that any page you have on Petopia within the sub-directory of “articles” is blocked for me at work. It must be a key word trigger on our filtering system and it’s quite the bummer. Any ideas? (This includes your new “Feeding your Pet” section.)

  3. Mania Post author

    Someone: Thanks! That half-sentence you found was supposed to be about how you can tell when your pet is full. And I’ve added a bit as you suggested about feeding when you’ve just barely hit green.

    Messyah: That’s very odd. I have no idea why that might be the case. Just articles, eh? I’m sorry — I have really no idea.

  4. Mokkramazzra

    Wish I’d had this when I started my first hunter back then… I work nights, so I can only play during the day, which seems to be full of a disproportional amount of ill-mannered children who delight in giving totally inaccurate answers to a new-to-WOW player. If I’d had this info then… well let’s just say I wouldn’t have switched to a warrior.

    How about creating a list of vendor foods and their actual item levels? It would be great to be able to plan ahead what food to stock up on as we go through the levels. I had just stocked up on mutton, only to have my owl level and not like mutton enough to make it worth while to carry anymore.

    Great site keep it up!


  5. Messyah

    Mokk – Just look at the meats a vendor sells and what level they are. The trick is to get your pet food that is within their dietary preference and their level. If you have a level 25 pet and you feed it a level 15 meat, it simply won’t cut the mustard. If you want a simple pet to feed, get a boar. They eat just about anything and everything (again, within their level, of course.)

    Another tip: Work on your cooking. I have found that pets like cooked foods even more. They may not get the well fed bonuses, but it seems to raise their happiness a great deal. Plus, when you get to Outlands (Zangarmarsh), you can learn how to make Sporeling Snacks which is a well-fed food for pets. (20 Stamina I believe. Maybe 20 Spirit as well.)

  6. Corbenn

    For pretty much any food with a “level required” note on the tooltip, the “item level” is 10 levels higher than the “level required”. So Messyah’s example is incorrect — the level 15 meat from the vendor (Mutton Chops) are actually “item level” 25, and will give your wolf the maximum 35/tick happiness until it is level 35.

  7. Mania Post author

    Yeah, it is an interesting thing with item level and required level. I was brought up (as a hunter) to look at required level, but when I started testing this I realized that it’s actually item level that’s affecting the happiness gain. (At low levels especially they aren’t quite synched, so I found some foods with odd item levels to test.) I really do wish Blizzard would expose the data we need to make these decisions in the base UI though!

  8. Messyah

    I was just going by what I have found to be true with my pet. He’s level 29, and level 15 meat doesn’t keep him satisfied very long. It’s the level 25 meat that does. As far as cooked foods are concerned, I know several lvl 70 hunters and they all swear by cooked foods for their pets.

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