Taming Challenge: Detrafila

While running around Shadowmoon Village today I noticed a big black Snarler-like wolf named Detrafila over by the Stable Master. Detrafila is level 60 and friendly to the Horde. Beast Lore says he can be tamed (although he has no skills), but since he displays as Gedrah’s Pet I assumed he probably couldn’t. But I am slowly adding untameable beasts to Petopia, so I logged my level 70 pre-made Alliance hunter into the PTR to check.

And lo and behold, I was able to start a tame! So this looks like another case of creature with a <Pet> title who isn’t truly the summoned pet of an NPC. Except … well, I died before the tame completed. Detrafila is surrounded by level 70 Horde NPCs, after all, and attacking them tends to bring the players to their rescue. And I’m just no good at that sort of thing.

So my challenge to you is this: If you tame Detrafila and send me a screenshot either confirming that he can be tamed, or showing the error message you get when it fails, I will be exceedingly thankful for your help. If you are the first person to send me a screenshot, I will make a big deal about it and post your screenshot on this blog with many accolades. *grin*

Edit: Two brave and intrepid hunters have completed this challenge! Check out the pics!

8 thoughts on “Taming Challenge: Detrafila

  1. shibumi

    Definately looks tameable – however, even with my 70 it’s nearly impossible, i figure, unless you are on a PvP raid to distract the two on either side :) I don’t do PvP so it’s more than hard :) and those flying guards :)

    a good taming challenge certainly.

  2. Evione

    Iiiinteresting, I didn’t know there were pets ‘belonging’ to NPCs that could be tamed…

    And off topic, but I just recently found the Petopia site and wanted to thank you for such an awesome resource. I’m a hunter who prefers to choose her pets based on appearance as well. Keep up the wonderful work, I really appreciate it!

  3. Someone

    Well, I gave it a try, since I still had my 2 70 pre-made copied hunters in the PTR, but this is one of those things that I don’t think you can solo! :)

    The elite bat riders float way out of your attack range and drop bombs on you that kick you away. They can even throw bombs at you even before you land! So unless those are busy targeting other players, you’ll have no chance to actually finish the tame as a single kick is enough to break it!

    I had done a bit of recon on a 70 horde hunter first, and was thinking of landing on the back of that (house for lack of a better term!), concussive shooting the wolf, double trapping the first 2 of the 3 humanoids near it that would come, and take the beating from the wolf and the 3rd humanoid while taming. I even replaced some of the gear and used +HP/+resilience as much as possible, but the kick effect from the bat rider bombs is enough to stop the operation!

    I could have asked for help to make a raid there, but it would be enough that ONE single kiddie would AoE or otherwise start hitting the wolf to ruin the whole process, so I didn’t even bothered to try: I don’t think I could find some REAL players in the PTR to group with… Maybe someone on a real server that is on a good raiding guild will attempt that…

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  5. Mania Post author

    Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it — too many Horde to wallop on me and as Somone says, a raid would just make this more chaotic. But I am surprised at how quickly not one but two hunters managed it!

    Zuty: Which boar spirit is that? I’m not familiar with that, I’m afraid.

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